Microsoft Azure-Powered Retail IoT Solutions

(Xylophone music) (Crowd murmuring) – We have a solution here from Advantech which is actually which is showcasing a
drive-through scenario as we’ve talked to many of the biggest restaurant chains and quick casual chains, one of the interesting
dynamics is they are not capturing today the data
steam, the voice data stream and the interaction with their customers. And so what Advantech has
built is a scenario where actually not only would their
voice stream be captured, but the response, the
customer service arm, the retail sales rep if you will, will be a bot so it
pre-programmed a set of responses that a bot can use to interact with an end customer and then they capture all of the data and speech telemetry around
what a user’s ordering Are they actually ordering
customized things? Is this user a regular user? So really interesting in
terms of unlocking new scenarios which is powered by Windows IOT. Another solution from one
of our partners NEXCOM. NEXCOM is actually applying
AI in a different way, using computer vision. They have two cameras on their device. One is a camera to look at the customer and that’s really to do
customer recognition. Who is this customer? Are they regular, are they not? Are they a loyal, should we give them a promotion based on how frequently they’ve come into the store? So this is a facial camera
to recognize sentiment about an identity of the customer. You also have a downward
facing camera here which is actually there
to recognize objects. So I want to go buy almonds,
put it on the scanner. All of this is underpinned
by Windows IOT on the retail pause and back-ended by Azures
our retail Cloud Service. I’ll also show you here,
a restaurant solution. So we’ve had over the years,
if you look at how IOT has evolved there have been a
number of point solutions which end customers have had to stitch together. The great news is that, you
know, when we think about hospitality or retail or agriculture, we’re starting to see
portfolios of solutions that are powered by Windows
and Azure and our AI stack that can come together to
deliver a seamless experience. So if we take a look at retail,
we have a customer-facing order-entry tool that’s
surfacing Chrome promotions as well as the menu and really
facilitating orders for customers that are sitting
down at a table can actually place the order. Once this order is placed,
it goes to a mobile point-of-sale device where a server can actually see the
orders and then actually augment those orders and
send them to the kitchen if you will. Order confirmation, we
found in an AI world, is critical to making sure that users feel engaged in the process. You know, users want to
maintain that healthy balance between the human touch as
well as the AI touch and they want to find that sweet spot. So we found that digital
signage from partners like XOGO which will increasingly
have vision and voice embedded into them can
actually serve that order confirmation and will
provide other high-value features such as offers, promotions, etc. in that connected retail,
restaurant, experience. And then finally, as waiters
and servers kind of walk through the restaurant
you actually have on-wrist wearables that are connected. This is a wrist-wearable from
one of our partners ASKI, powered by Windows IOT but is
connected to the same order entry and management system
and can send the order to the waiter in real time. So you see actually the
connected experience across a number of solutions and
how they stitch together to deliver a really high
fidelity, high quality experience that’s great for customers.

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