Mobile Marketing Trends 2017 by Voyager Innovations

Free mobile internet is soaring while smart phone penetration is at its pinnacle now. Only 1 out of 3 smartphone owners have active, always on, data connections. Advertisers can really continually engage their consumers through providing them free mobile internet. Apps are actually the most expensive real estate as of now. In emerging markets, we really only use three apps every single day. That can be: Email, Messaging, and Facebook. The cost of acquisition of downloads for brand related apps is extremely high. That’s why native browser formats, where it can be available anywhere, is actually still something really viable and relevant to marketers. Be it square, be it vertical, be it landscape, it doesn’t really matter anyway. We’re in this stage here in the Philippines where video views don’t actually matter anymore. You always have to measure business impact. That I think is the only KPI that every digital marketer should have. With the rise of IWantTV then came in the Spotifys of the world, the Netflix, the Iflix. But again it’s still in it’s growth stages because of the high cost of internet. Not many people can actually stream it without buffering or without any type of interference. Bite sized content or snackable content is something that not many advertisers have actually maximized. When you say bite sized content, I’m looking at the 15s, the 30s, the 60s not even a 2-minuter or 3-minuter. I’m seeing bite sized content as your tasty video ads. You cook something and you see it in 20 seconds, it’s there. Everybody has a wealth of data now. It’s not really more of how to beat the algorithm or how to maximize algorithm. It’s really more how do you create your own. How do you maximize the current data that you already have. SMS blasts, contrary to what people know, It’s actually one of the most basic forms of bite sized content. It is one of the most powerful mediums that deliver one to one brand communication. 97% of the time, a text message is read within 5 minutes.

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