Modern Tips For Small Business Start-Ups

Ten top tips for small business Understand why you are starting a small
business Starting your own small business is an incredibly rewarding enterprise
you must bear in mind however that it can be a very hard road to walk
down you must always remember why you decided to start in business yourself whatever the motivation you must find a
way to remember the reason why when things get tough what is your point
of difference one of the motivating why factors for
starting your in small business or start-up maybe that you know that you can do it
better than other businesses you’ve worked for when he going to do that is different
your competition what is your main point of difference
going to be during your research stage you must take out your competition to
see if am where there is a gap in the market it may be a customer service issue a
cost issue or any issue that you feel is lacking in
your field you must check out the competition I know that my competition check my
business ask it is vital that you do all the proper market research before
you invest time and money into your idea don’t directly
steal from them know keep your integrity at all times it’s
very important how are you going to structure your
small business make sure that you get the structure
view business right there are pros and cons in every
business structure accompany partnership all sold trade a all have benefits depending on what type
of business you want to be that all have tax implications and
liability implications insure that you speak to your business
lawyer and accountant to get the best advice depending on your
goals now and for the future law rules and regulations ignorance of the
law is no excuse you can be liable for something that you
didn’t even know existed make sure you are fully aware all the
laws legislation rules and regulations in
your chosen area business this is true with both the
federal level and on the state level check web sites
like ATI I seek and reliable business web sites
to get all the right information if in doubt and you can afford it go and
see a small business lawyer to ensure that you’ve done all love the due diligence you should
check up on employment law taxation law Corporations Law if you
decide to become a company workplace safety and health and safety
among others you are the boss act like it you are in charge of your
own destiny now if they’re any problems in the business
it is up to you to sort it out if the matter requires to put in an all
nighter then you have to do it you are the boss you need to lead by
example don’t expect other people in employees to do
something that you were not prepared to do yourself all that you have not done with your
eyes closed a thousand times before the idea of a passive income when you’re
in a small business is like a unicorn it’s a mythical
creature that doesn’t really exist no one is going to love your business
like you do do not accumulate debt unless your accountant says it’s okay
don’t worry your accountant will never say that it’s
OK this is a tough one because it depends entirely on the business and the economy however for every
success story there are hundreds of thousands of small
businesspeople in entrepreneurs who have lost the shirt up their backs
to banks and moneylenders if you can build your business without
borrowing money or becoming incumbent under debt or bad lease then it is probably better
that you do take time off it is really important sometimes you will need to dig deep and
do what needs to be done we’ve all pulled all nighters all worked
seven days per week but this type of work for most is
unsustainable it is really important that you take
some time off and actually be of there is no point in taking some time
off and then having your head at work the whole time be present with what you’re doing right
now and forget about work it’s not going anywhere it’ll be there
on Monday when you get back Google mindfulness meditation to help
you gain the skills needed to find some peace and stillness inside a put a link below surround yourself with great people it is really important in business to
surround yourself with good people lose the negative people in gossip
spreads from your business and surround yourself with great people
there are thousands have great highly profitable small businesses that
don’t follow that horrible cutthroat corporate way of doing things if you treat people properly you will
get the best out of them and they’re more likely to take some
ownership if they’re all get business advice and ongoing training if you are not getting better then you
are getting worse I never really understood what this meant until a few
years ago basically Olivia competition could be
learning new skills developing existing skills further and
broadening their skill set if you’re not doing the same the newer
dropping behind get more organized if you are lucky
enough to be in a business that uses administration software then if you can afford it use it it is
really important that you use more than outlook Google email and calendars in
your business doing the tasks longhand that a good
software can do can take up a lot of time and you may
end up not even doing them click the links to follow us on social
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42 thoughts on “Modern Tips For Small Business Start-Ups

  1. Great tips here.  Especially the one about using software to perform shortcuts with.  Skype is great to talk and collaborate.  Not only that, you can do video chat, have meetings on Skype, and Send Files.  What other apps or software would you recommend for a Small Business?

  2. Another great tool for small business owners is SendTree (–offers the ability to send mass text messages to customers (e.g., special offers) and employees (e.g., weather, change in schedules). Not free–but reasonably priced, professional, and reliable.

  3. This video is full of great tips that should be very helpful to many small businesses. Thanks for sharing!

  4. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover starting house cleaning business try Pycanta Office Cleaning Protocol (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  5. Thank you so much for this.  It looks like going into business for myself seems like the only option, but I've always known that running a business is not my forte.  Your video was a very helpful, easy to understand place to start.  Thank you!


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  8. I love the tips given in this video! The presentation is great too. Thanks so much! I have two contributions to make.
    1. Turn your hobby into a business
    2. Test your products/service

    Many people who want to start a business believe that they need some "Drop Down From Heaven" idea before they get started. But the reality is that only a handful of people can create an opportunity based business. It requires a huge amount of skills that can take many years to acquire.

    However converting your current hobby into a profit-making venture can work for most people. One good point is that the love for the hobby creates the passion that makes it possible for us to persevere until we succeed!

    My second point is about testing your product to ensure it is market fit. Why start a business that delivers a service no one wants to pay for? Or a product/service that doesn't solve a problem? Therefore test your product/service before launching. Lean Start Up by Eric Ries discusses these and many other great ideas in detail.

    There you go. Hope my additions helps.
    Again thanks for the vlog.
    Boomy Tokan

  9. These are incredibly helpful! I also believe that protecting your data and processes is very important. Services like Nerdio's IT and PrivateCloud features help business owners to sleep soundly at night. Looking forward to more valuable videos like this!

  10. good advice,don't hire friends,do pay injury insurance people hurt themselves and bring injuries to work,respect competition don't knock down sugestivly detour to your best matching products and don't be shy to tell truth economy and top sell all day truth is good

  11. Best advice and idea a top business owner gave me was to get the right system and software. He suggested and I never looked back!

  12. Many thanks, I have been researching "top ten ideas for a business" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Bavordcon Business Bohemian – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

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  14. Hey,

    Amazing Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other methods

    Thanks again

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