Morwell Garden Supplies – Yellow Pages Small Business Success Story

Your father started something, you think
thats great if you can just continue it on.. you just feel great
sort of self worth from it. My name is Michael Ryan, Morwell Garden Supplies. Super: 96% of Australian businesses are small businesses
You know I think when you’re self employed, you always seem to ah,
push yourself.. We get a lot of different people coming in,
we get some real funny characters and some real serious people
some wives bring their husbands in, they don’t wanna do the garden,
but the wife wants to and there is other cases, it’s the opposite
way round. I’m sort of forever looking at trailers when
they go in and on to the weighbridge, and make sure they’re loaded
securely and so we don’t want anything falling off: otherwise you think
– oh geez, a tell tale sign is a bit of sand down here, a bit of
sand back there next thing the sand is leading back to us! Just
like Hansel and Gretel in reverse (laughs). You just never know what somebody ís gonna want in their garden
beds. Well we’ve been with the Yellow Pages for
probably, 43 years now? Started off with a small ad, and over the
time we’ve just progressed to a much larger ad in full colour.
Creating a website for our business has been really important in
helping us reach our customers. It’s there for anyone to look at.

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