Moving from “trapped in my business” to “integrating work and life as one”

– Yes, that was me up
until seven years ago. You see, I built a very successful conference and event management business. It was profitable. It was growing. I was running million dollar events all around the world. Only problem was, I was
spending very little time living life outside of that business. I was trapped working in the business. I was working seven days a
week, up to 12 hours a day, and consequently, spending
very little time living life outside of the business. The business was my life, and then I made three
life-changing decisions. Decision number one. After reading a book called “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. And incidentally, I still don’t believe there is such a thing
as a four-hour workweek, but I like the concept of
setting up your business, so you can operate it
working from anywhere. So decision number one,
I decided to transition my conference and event
management business to be able to operate
working from anywhere. Decision number two came about in 2012, when I had a bit of a life
change that saw me a single man, and I decided that was a great opportunity to put the Working From
Anywhere concept into practice. You see, I’m a mad keen cyclist. I’ve been to the French Alps before. I promised that one day, I would
go back to the French Alps. So I decided that I’d book a month to the French Alps in May 2013, and I’d come over here. Yes, I’m here again, and
that’s another story. And I’d come over to
here to the French Alps, and I’d operate my business from here. So, that’s what I did. I booked a month, I booked
an apartment for a month. I packed up my bike, my bag and my laptop, and I come over here
and I set up to operate my business from here. Left a staff member back in Australia, and come over here. I rode my bike, I operated my business, and nothing went wrong. It went so well, that I decided that the next year, I’d
come back for two months, and the year after, I’d
come back for three months. And all this time, I was
operating my business. I was organizing those big events, and I was organizing some big events whilst living over here. Cycling, hiking and just
hanging out in the French Alps. So, that was decision number two. And, that was the big life change for me. It not only changed the way I worked, it actually changed
the way I live my life. I started integrating
work and life as one. It was absolutely life changing. And that got me to decision number three. You see, I’d come back
from the trips over here, and I’d come back and I’d see
my friends, my colleagues, other people with successful businesses, in exactly the same position that I was. They were trapped working
in their business, doing what I call
deferring life until later. So, I decided that I wanted
to help these people. I made it my life purpose
to help these people and to share the carpe diem spirit, and help them transition their businesses, so they can spend more time living life outside of their business. And that, is where my
business, my new business, Working From Anywhere, was born. I then, for the next four years, went about developing a program. A program that, at the
time, I didn’t realize was going to change people’s lives. The five-step Work From Anywhere Mastermind and Mentoring program, that finishes with an experience at the end of every program, and that experience is, a
seven-day carpe diem retreat here in the French Alps. So just last week, we had our
very first group of people that have been through the program, come over here for the very
first carpe diem retreat. They come over here. They operated their business. We had workshops, we had
carpe diem discussions. Even had a carpe diem discussion
way up in the mountains. We hiked, had an e-bike ride. We just hung out here in the French Alps, experienced the French Alps whilst they were operating their business. Biggest point of discussion
during that week, was the difference between remote working, and integrating work and life as one, and how integrating work and life as one has changed their lives. So, that was it. The very first carpe diem retreat, and the very first Work
From Anywhere program. Carpe diem, seize the
day, every single day.

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