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Hi, this is Ismael from go2 tech, today we’re going to see how to move your WordPress site from one host to another, we can start by
opening the cpanel and your admin panel on your site this is the site we want to move, and
this is the destination site, so we want to move to, first step we download the site to our local machine,we can do this do this by
going to file manager ->select your domain that you want to transfer, click go
highlight all the files in the folder and click compress, give it a nice
name something like mysite and click
compress files, once the file is compressed click close refresh and you will find the file, double click and you will start downloading now we go to the second step, is to
export our database, we do this by going to PHP myadmin find our Database, we
check them all then click export, make sure it’s quick then click go, after its
downloaded we go to the next step replace all the old URLs in the database
with the new one this is an important step as we will change all the URLs in the database with the new one, we can use find and replace in any text editor, make sure that you search for all formats of URLs with www and without, with
HTTP, using HEX values for special characters, and so on, we replace the URL with replace all, save file and close we go to the next step we create the new
database for our website, we do this by going to the cpanel ->mysql databases
we type our a new database name call it destination, click create database then go back, we make sure it got created we create a username a user for the database, there’s
limited characters here, so we just call it ‘dest’ instead we do some password let’s make it ‘something12345’ repeat the
Password ‘somthing12345’ it should be stronger than this but just
for demonstration purposes click create users and once the
user is created go back, now it’s time to connect the database with the user,
select the user and select the database click add give it all the permissions, click make
changes, go back let’s save the information we just created for the
database so we can use it later this is the database name when the user is ‘dest’ .. yes and the password is I think
‘something12345’, we will make an error in the password so you can see what happens if you put the information wongly, now we upload the database that we modified
to the new one, we go to PHP myadmin select the database, click import, choose
the database from your local machine click go, it takes a couple of seconds once it’s done you can check that all
the tables have been imported, just to check go to WP options and make sure
that you have changed the url successfully, next step we upload the
files of the site to the new location we go ‘File manager’ in the cpanel, select the new URL and click upload, select the compressed file we
downloaded at the beginning, once it’s done we extracted, close and reload, and
delete the file now next step we have to modify WP
config, click ‘code editor’ then we replace the information we saved now the password is wrong but just to see what happens if you put the wrong information this is the database name the user and
the wrong password there is an ‘e’ missing, now scroll down
copy this link and open a new window on your browser, paste the link, Refresh couple of times and copy all the strings, and replace them in the wp config file click save, now let’s check the website there should be a database error, that’s
because we put the wrong password now let’s go back and fix the password and
see what’s happening save, refresh and the site opens. the last step sometimes the links will not work
correctly and for to fix this we log in to the admin panel ,and the new URL and we put the password and login we head to settings and then to permalinks and just
click Save Changes, at this point you can go back to plugins and activate your
antivirus and caching plugins and that’s it thank you for watching if, you have any
questions please leave it in the comments below

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