Mtek Digital: How should a small business approach online marketing?

(mouse clicking) – So Greg. – Yes, David? – How does a small business
tackle online marketing? – The same way a small
business tackles any problem. Hard work. There are lots of solutions. – So, are you talking about, like, billboards, and bus benches,
and flyers, and YellowPages? – Billboards, and bus benches, and flyers are sort of traditional
marketing 15 years ago. Modern marketing, well, let’s be honest, customers spend their time
searching for products online. They don’t waste time
staring at billboards. They waste time staring at their phone, when they’re at a red light, or when they’re riding a bus, or, frankly, when they’re
at home watching TV. So, the best bang for the buck is pretty much always
gonna be online marketing. Depending on the channel, you can access different market segments, you can access different demographics, and no one place is perfect for every
business or every product. So, there’s a bit of digging around you have to do to find the right answer. – So, on that note, I’m thinking that, you know, people who saw
that as a cost savings as soon as they canceled their YellowPages and their bus benches, and billboards, that was a big mistake. They should be budgeting an equal amount, if not more, towards online marketing, because otherwise, they’re like, “How come people can’t find me “on that first page of Google? “How come we’re not showing up?” – And that’s why. Because marketing is still marketing, wherever you do it. As the market has shifted away from print, and radio, and television, over the last four, five years, that budget should have been maintained and put into new marketing tactics. Sadly, a lot of small businesses, when the recession started, simply said, “Well, I’m just gonna keep that money, “and use it for operations,
and I’ll have a website built.” The website isn’t enough all by itself. There needs to be something more. – The website is a tiny fraction of your marketing budget. – And if anything, it’s the foundation for everything else you need to do. Because, ultimately, you gotta
drive customers somewhere, the website is where
you’re gonna drive them. The question is how you’re
gonna get them there. Online marketing services that purpose through blogs, through video ads, through Google AdWords,
through Facebook posts, through Twitter posts,
through boosted posts, or sponsored posts on any
of a number of services. That’s where the budget should be going. – Absolutely. Make sure that you guys
are reviewing your budget. Make sure that your website wasn’t built five years ago, either. That’s a mistake. – For us, a mistake? Or for them a mistake? – For everybody it’s a mistake. – I think so too. Hey, I’m Greg from Mtek Digital, if you liked anything you
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