MunchEye: How To Leverage It?

Hi everyone it’s TJ here with Online Success. Welcome to today’s video and this Channel. Today I’m going to show you an awesome website and tool … that you can use If you are in affiliate marketing business. It’s called MunchEye Welcome back! if you like this video and … channel a please click like button below this video and hit that subscribe button… and of course thanks for supporting this channel. So let’s go back to our topic MunchEye. It’s free to use and you can just simply type in And you’re there. So this website contains all Internet marketing launches or … product launches. It’s like a calendar where you can see which products will … launch in the near future and on which networks such as … ClickBank jvzoo or Warrior Plus. So basically you can plan ahead with this one and make … your marketing campaign around it. Right here you’ll it says. big launches and all launches. So right next to big launches, there is a questions mark. and if you click on it. it will say that big launches are from vendors with a good reputation in the … community who consistently do high profile big launches … that get a lot of attention. so basically it represents the biggest launches happening in … this Internet Marketing Space. It’s not a representation of the size or success of a business, simply whether the launches are likely to be big and from reputable vendors. I’m gonna go back. so you have all your big launches and all launches … listed by date so if you’ll look into fill your calendar with launches. Throughout the year. This is a great place to come. If you want to plan ahead and see what’s happening in January. You would just click on that name and see more … information about this product so for example. It says 23rd of January City Donovan eyeslick flash-sale … so if I click on that It will …. you will see the information … about the vendor as well. Maybe you bought a product from that vendor before Or you have promoted that vendor before. So you would want to sign up for their alerts right here … where it says click here to receive launch alerts from Cindy Donovan So every time they are launching a New Product You’ll be the first one to know so this is what you can do for … every vendor and every product Set on the right side you will see the information important … information about this particular offer. You can see that the date they are launching at what time. At what’s front end price what’s your commission … percentage and you can see the JV page – basically the … page where you will get all your promotional materials like … email swipes banners videos if they have one. Or any other material that you need and also you will see the … affiliate network from that it will be offered on so this one … will be on ClickBank. So if you go back to the homepage so basically what … you will see it shows you the selling price and the … commission that you will receive as you know there are … different ways to make money one of those ways being is … per sale which means that you’re going to get paid per … sale, but whenever you see front … front end offer. It’s also likely means that they’re back end products as well. In a lot ofcases you will get paid percentage on a back … and offers as well. so usually where you will find … that will be on their JV page, just like this one. This is where you they list all of their back end products and how you get … paid on those products. On this page or tab right here it says events you will see all … the events that are listed with Muncheye You can actually search. Like for particular month and see where they going to be. Are there any little events in your area for example … depends on where you live. As you see there are many events listed here, mostly in the US, but a lot of these are abroad … as well – Hungary for example What’s really great about this that you can attend events… any of these events and network with people in your industry. an you can actully get help or advice in building your business. So if you click On any of these events for example this one West Coast e-commerce. You will see the information. about what this event is actually all about when it’s so … that they will be 28th of January next year. Location, what’s the price to attend. for a lot of these events you will have to pay in order to get in But this is a for e-commerce in a retail so if you’re in … eCommerce business. This eventually will actually serve you well. And you can read. additional info About it right here. Okay so basically what I want to show you as well as this Evergreens tab if you click on that it willbasically show you the products that are good. Forever. Those are actually the product … with which you can always make money. whether they are in or out of the season, it doesn’t matter. As you can see some of these products pay you really well … for example this this one right here… it gives you 50% out of $997. Which is really really good this one here as well. 50% out of $697. As always you can click On the product and see the info about it their JV page, the affiliate Network and what. This Evergreen all about and what are the bonuses. You can receive. Basically that’s MunchEye for you. Tthanks for watching. So as always if you liked this video please hit that like button below also Subscribe to our Channel because I’ll be making more … videos like this one in the future. You can always go back to see our previous videos. See you in the next one. Take Care!

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