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There’s no doubt that small business has been doing it tough especially here in Perth over the last few years the landscape changed The business we think we’re in is really a subset of a much bigger picture We’re in the marketing business the visibility business Getting noticed business the attention grabbing business We want clients and what we want to know is where can we find qualified prospects? Traditional marketing has become obsolete and this is threatening the viability of a lot small businesses So what’s the solution? involved It’s a myth that the strongest survive. It’s the adaptable that survive thrive and prosper I’ve seen this first hand over the last couple of years We started a small local business here in Perth driving it from zero to sixty five million dollars But it seems like the whole landscape has changed in the last Few years I’m seeing businesses in our space small local businesses that what they were doing five years ago Literally isn’t working today New-age marketing is like a foreign language to most of us when you get to spend wrong It hurts big time and many small businesses just can’t take the hit of getting it wrong, too often We literally burnt hundreds of thousands of dollars Figuring out, what works and what doesn’t in the whole marketing spend there is a better way, and I want to show you Introducing my business genie we will Perth’s #1 results-based small business network. Our community will connect you with hundreds of proactive local businesses with specific targeted strategies to generate high-quality prospects and the resources to convert them in to higher Producing clients inclusive referral marketing repeat business upsells effective branding dominate your social media niche affiliate multiple streams of income within the network. Our network can add six figures to your bottom line and It is doable we call it networking on steroids Let’s Connect

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