My Business in Thailand Profit or Loss Vlog 17 Part 1

hi guys Simon here again so this blog
and it’s going to be several parts and we’re going to cover businesses my
businesses in Thailand successes and failures and I’m going to have to put a
bit of a story to it to explain as we go along and it’s going to be over several
parts as I say because there’s a few businesses I’ve done tried and this time
I’m going to put some pictures in as well and hopefully get that right in the
editing today I’m filming I’m trying my new gopro session for camera put on the
old tripod straight away I’ve noticed with the using the app that the session
only does wide angle and medium whereas my GoPro 4 there’s other features as
well narrow and but Amy other wonders more so running off the app control it
remotely and working well so businesses remember Emily if you see any my
previous vlogs you’ll know some of the path but basically Meredith I woman
awesome land in Thailand and that entailed strip of land from in a village
from the main road of rice fields and a long strip and on the front part of the
strip when we first built bought the land I built a concrete building now the
idea of this concrete building I’ve done it in such a way that is not pretty but
it’s basically it’s vertical concrete posts lock breeze block walls in between
each one wouldn’t trust roof timbers and normal industrial roof
tiles put the electric in put water in put a basic shower toilet in the back
corner and I built a room inside so it’s all open plan inside with our sj’s and
one steal right right in the middle so it’s pretty much every plan i will put a
room in the corner 10 foot by 8 foot just breeze block walls with the door
false ceiling tile floor and an aircon and that room was to be our base for me
otherwise when we went to Thailand so we had somewhere to stay well we were
building our house over the coming years so this building I’ll put a picture up
on there now and as you can see it is basic building and that’s on the front
towards the front of my land with an aircon unit for the bedroom CD icon on
the Left yesterday’s but size-wise you can see it’s a fair size 10 meters way 8
didn’t cost a lot because at the time this is 10 years ago the exchange rate
was really good it was like 75 bar to the paint which was amazing and we
bought the land of the right time as well so business my wife her sister and
the sisters husband and two kids come from this village so they are living at
this point in a shared house next door on another bodoland we built this
building and then I thought rope will start a business and this is for the
Thai extended family thing again if I can get some income for them when we’re
in the UK the wife hasn’t got to give so much first salary to other family to
look after them so right business one what we did snooker
so we put the smoke signals out in the villages around we were looking for
snooker table and within a couple of days a table came up to 10 kilometers
away in another village a full-size snooker table in a cowshed I’m not
joking it was in a cowshed and they were cows it was called off but within
template that was low the case so we went to look at this table in the
evening it’s quite dark and it’s like so I paid 400 pains no I didn’t ya knows
less Knar I paid twenty thousand bar so it was 300 pounds of time with the
exchange rate 300-pound full-size snooker table with a couple of cues and
a set of balls and it was in a case yet so you can imagine the state he was in
so my wife’s sister’s husband I think tamed is nicknamed him Michael everyone
in the village I’ve given English names to make it easier for me so Michael
quick phone call to a friend of a friend and who’s a snooker table pool table guy
he came along with a pickup truck and our pickup truck disassembled it we
moved it to this new club and then the next day sorry to the building I later
nicknamed it and snooker club so got the table there and this guy for 4000 bars
help move it set it all up recover the cloth we covered all the cushions
completely revamp the whole table got it leveled fantastic and this table was for
slates tons of lake bed between four pieces so totally built it put it in the
club and within a couple of hours we had another call from another table
available it was a 10 foot three quarter and this one was 10,000 bar so that was
105 he can of the phone okay we put a second
table in off we went with this guy grab the table I was low easy to move and
again he set it up flying fists for three days and about two and a half
thousand bath so there we are concrete building to snooker tables in this
building in a village and my village is safer Bangkok or the south of the bridge
over the river kwai comes with an average heading towards white hidden so
it’s only left so it’s either and down a bit and in this village there was no one
with snooker pool or anything so we got these tables in and we realized that
there’s a possibility we could sell a few beers and soft drinks as well so my
idea was this business is to try and help the extended family so Michael ran
it with his daughter and later on another lab from the village within a
couple of days we were overrun we couldn’t believe how many people wanted
to come and play snooker and the way it works in Thailand with snooker you pay
per frame so for instance the full slowest table we were charging 20 bars a
frame and the smaller table we were charging ten bars again and Michael
would control that the frame would end he’d get the money for the next frame
and set up and off they go again and people were buying beer soft drinks kids
were coming into town on the smaller table and within two weeks we were up
and running from 11 in the morning till five the next morning every day it was
just unbelievable I couldn’t believe it like we looked the profit at the end of
seven days and seven nights for the first year I was clear in 7,000 bars a
week and this is in a village and that was a lot of money to make from a couple
of tables now you guys can do the same model if you’re in a village or a side
of a time you can put a table you can put in a case yet and people will pay
and you’ll make money and you’ve only got a dimensions as reeve five six
months you put a new cloth on and get the tables flat and strength up
everything for a couple of thousand bar now you could do this in a bar as well
you know him potato wherever if you had a bar with room for an American pool
table my bar I had a American pool table 6 foot I think coin-operated 20 bus
again 10 Bart went to the person that owned the table the company that looks
after it 10 bar to the bar so that it is it does take now if you add a bar that
you could put several tables in and make it a full bar or a snooker ball more
unlikely pool bar if you’re in a bigger plane and you can you can make some
really good money and again the kickbacks from the beers etc snooker the
biggest new clubs around Thailand tend to be aircon carpets really nicely done
out and you’re not going to compete in that arena in the tanks but in the
villages you put a snooker table full-size you will attract a lot of
people down side again on youtube I can’t really say but we had to pay
somebody to stay away and remembering it’s illegal to gamble in Toyland so you
put two and two together as you can work at eight it was a bit of a cost there I
think it was 500 bar a week and the snooker worked now
but I built this building 10 years ago so back in 2006 still got that building
but now only one full-size snooker table why because as soon as you start making
money and doing quite well especially in a village people not so much get jealous
but they realize that there’s money to be made and also the guy who’s running
your sling club depending on how popular he is if you upset some people there’s
big early try and go elsewhere so two years into our snooker to table system
somebody went along further in the village and put a table up and then a
couple of months later somebody else and somebody else and now I think there’s
five snooker tables in our village and it took all the customers away and so
from making really good money suddenly it just to nothing but for the last
eight years we’ve still had that table and it still ticks over it spin as its
if the Prophet a week is now 1000 bath take our electric and mentions 800 bars
a week profit but it’s just SAT there in their building doing nothing so still
profit and that 800 biol weekly goes to immediate family as a salary number 12
for them so there’s some money come into them we’ve still got the building we’ve
still got the snooker table don’t really sell beer anymore because people tend to
bring their own and it’s just evolved into that cycle building with the
snooker table would I do it again if I went back or when I go back to the
village if I made it up market put a second full size table in no just one
actually I’m a seating area with a big screen TV builds a better bar area and
nice floor in plaster the walls ceiling lighting and made it a club stroke bar
you could make money in a village but I don’t think it’d be worth it for the
hassle you would get so if you want a business with snooker and port in the
village by a table stick it in a case yet you’ll make money forever but it
won’t be a lot of money so I put it down as success because it has brought in a
salary for my in-laws there and the first two years we invested the money
the profit we built some rooms at the back of the snooker club two bedrooms a
kitchen bathroom extended the roof of the back and made that my wife sister
the sister the husband Michael and two kids their home and they live their name
and they’ve lived there now for seven years rent-free free home and that is
excellent I mean that’s brilliant so I look at it as a success the snooker club
and that is the first business I’ve done in Thailand so this video is already for
teammates so we’ll move on to part two and that will be car wash and I’ll put
some more pictures up when we get onto that one so thanks for watching part 1
snoop club success yes I’m going money a little bit and hopefully you can work
out from that whether you fancy joining wife and I part 1 over

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    I have seen your vlog about sending money to Thailand nice one.👍

  2. Those people you talk about having to pay to let your business keep running are they a government thing or are they more dangerous than that.

  3. Did you ever take any money from the snooker business or did you give it all to the in laws? I assume it was your money that set it up?

  4. Just wanted to let you know I'm a 24 year old guy that's super into the Pattaya scene after visiting recently and everything you say I take as "words of the wise" and I give you much respect.
    Really enjoying your content and clicked that sub button for future vids! Hopefully soon I'll have my own bar and you'll be the first I call for a beer! lol

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