My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 18 Part 2

hi guys welcome back simon here so part
two business in thailand profit or loss well today is carwash so back to the
part 1 snooker club two years doing really well making money everyone else
copied in the village and that’s pretty much the end of it for though it still
takes over so i’m going to put some pictures up here next to this so you can
get a better idea the first picture is where they extended the roof on the club
and made three parking bays now that’s so once the cars wash they can put the
card in there and polish them and dry them and the second picture is the ramp
we bills which is a concrete ramp so if any of you have ever gone to a car wash
in thailand you’ll know that they go over the car depending on which would
serve as you want but they’ll go over the car underneath the car inside the
day there’s a really good job average price in thailand is about 200 bar 300
bar down to 100 bara quickly and cost for this ramp and the extent in the roof
was pretty much soaked up from the prophet of the snooker so i didn’t
really have put my hand in my pocket for those bits but i did for the jet wash
compressor the water container and got other bits and pieces so i probably
spent two thousand pound extra on the couch and again it’s in-laws running it
so Michaels running it again with daughter and we employing a couple of
lads from the village so that definitely goes in good standing with the village
and so we started this up we actually register the company and put it all
above board there is one other at the time of this there is it was another
carwash three kilometers away but it wasn’t really it wasn’t always open and
mixed reviews so we thought okay let’s try this so yeah put signs up got it up
and running and it soon became very apparent that it’s a labor-intensive job
you can only do so many cars in a day so in the first six months we were probably
doing 10 cars a day which is a lot considering and there was profit there
just about covering the cost of the salaries electric water and all the
other bits and pieces but it was it’s very easy to lose customers with
something like a car wash because you know yourself if he cars not quite right
you you probably won’t go back there again and then the staff was struggling
with the long hours and so things started to go wrong pretty quick people
were getting bored and it just didn’t take off as I thought it would which was
a shame because we put quite a bit in our effort into getting it up and
running and so all-in-all another carwash opened up again copied and the
the one that was there already he suddenly got more staff and got started
getting busier so if we just threw the towel in after about a year the only
good thing it is now I’ve got a free car wash for my cars and bikes
but that defeats the object so a business i would say in the right place
with the right star maybe on a main road and the ability to push lots of cars
through every hour yes you could make money but it’s hard and it’s still going
to your staff and how good they’re so that was a fail did I lose money in yet
I think a broke even and I still got the jet washing all the equipment so yeah
the concrete ramp of the front I now occasionally high rates for people to do
servicing on thing I do oil changes and things they borrow that throw me a beer
or something but we’re probably pull that day and you notice on the roof
extension of the building we use wooden struts underneath to hold that roof up
so that I could easily take that down if needed or if I want to make it permanent
I can easily build around that and change into something else which i have
got plans for in the near future especially when i get 0 is gone on
living there the one business i’m looking at will drop in there really
well so there you go car wash no good for me tick so it still occasionally
does one or two cars but we’ve pretty much is given up on it so that was a
failure and i’ll leave this video short the next one business three fishing lake
and how i got on with that and that’s an interesting one because one of my top is
used tropical fish and fish keeping and fishing so yes I have high hopes for
that one but there’s been a few problems along the way
so part 3 is fishing lake see you on the next one

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6 thoughts on “My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 18 Part 2

  1. That ramp would be good for doing oil changers. How about turning the car wash into a mechanical repair shop and employ some handle locals to run it.

  2. I was wondering what the ramp was used for. I still think if you had a good mechanic that you should keep the ramp . I know you said your wife has her eye on that so you have to keep her happy.

  3. I have an idea for your village when you go back. You should start a chamber of commerce there to try and keep the rest of the guys from stealing your ideas and helping them with gettheir own businesses off the ground. I don't know if that would work or not but it's just an idea.

  4. What about starting a small Laundromat business in Thailand? Are there a lot of them, in particular in smaller towns/villages? seems like it could be a low maintenance business, no?

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