My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 20 Part 4

hi guys so I’m here again so businesses
in Thailand fail and when I’ve done a few now blocks and this can be probably
the last one on the basis for now I mentioned the last vlog that was going
to do about caves the one the new business I’ve started I’m going to leave
that one for now because I want to get some more facts and figures together
over the next couple of months but at the moment it’s looking like it could be
a really good business so dropping onto my last presence eventually I’ve got
going is chickens and basically there’s two types of chicken farming in Thailand
that I know of you can obviously real chicken and sell them for the food chain
and I don’t like that idea and then what I’ve done is I’ve got babe 35 chickens
and we’re just free range and just for the egg production and I’ve broken down
and have a look at the numbers and it basically work sites for every chicken
you make one pound a month net profit so thoroughly check is 30 pound a month
which is okay it’s a few more items into the pot to help with the extended family
on our myself and it’s a very little of keep with the chickens its equivocal
business if you excavated it to a few hundred chicken or even a thousand
providing you put the rights cheeking troops in place or free-range and right
fencing to stop stray animals snakes lizards things straight dogs coming in
and getting your chicken you could make a good living off it I think and so
those are the few businesses I’ve been playing with and tried why do I try them
it’s to generate two comfort my wife’s extended family and
hopefully for me to gain income when I’m living in Thailand without touching
their small savings and future pension the when i move the tile out later this
year I will be trying to more businesses one for my wife and that will be animal
fee wholesale because we’ve got room in asleep but we’ve got some contacts so
you know food feed for all the cows in the village and other animals and things
so it’ll be should be a good little turnover business she gives her
something today and me one of my hobbies is motorcycles so I found a source where
i can buy second-hand motorcycles very cheap that need a little bit of word to
them and i think that i could sell them or rent them on into a tourist areas and
just make a few Bob with those so that’s going to be one so I’m looking forward
to take room with and then the fish fishing lake as well could end up a
little more work there than here that’s crazy one other thoughts just in case
any of you are asking what are the sort of businesses could you do in Thailand
talking the ones i had a go at and i’ve done that a lot of thought think about
it rubber trees are 13 in general you can you’ve got none you can plant trees
and grow them for a few years and this a good profit in would enjoy that but you
looking at a 10 year plan properly for tree but people doing it pig farm a lot
of people talk about pig farms but don’t fancy it but again there’s meant to be
money in it worm farms don’t know what the money’s on those really big things
Frank choices you can get seven franchises in Thailand like coffee shops
and motorcycle shop it’s a good one for a foreigner you get a premises and you
you buy a motorcycle franchise which isn’t expensive I believe and you sell
brand new for instance hondas and you get commissions and you get the money
off selling as finance and you can have your side partner as the front person
for that business and you sit in the background and I believe you can make
some reasonable money of that little loads of other franchises but the coffee
shop seems to do quite well that’s all going to location location and that is
about it so I hope an insight into my life and the little businesses has
helped one of you with some ideas or maybe save you some money or makes money
but it’d be great if it has if you’ve got any questions or comments drop them
in below one question I got for you guys if you watching I’m looking at possibly
getting the drone and I put some links in underneath to the Phantom drums I’m
looking at if any of you’ve got some suggestions complete novice never had a
drum so not sure which way to go about it but any of your advice will be be
helpful and I’ll be great again if you could give me a thumbs up maybe or
subscribe for future blogs on doing that’ll be good as well and that’s it
for the business vlogs thing cause enough keep it going and thank you very
much for watching and I’ll see you on the next block bye for now Oh

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