My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 73 Part 5

hello everybody welcome back or welcome
back to me on behalf of a home so this is the first video I’m managing to do
since I got back quick updates two weeks here before I went to New Yorker with a
wife on holiday we have 99 subscribers whilst I was on holiday for the two
weeks it went crazy one reason was I think a boy array so Thank You K boy
array for the two shades X name and people just found the channel we’re now
up to 1700 plus subscribers like this can I want to say hits potty I’m
struggling there to keep up with all the comments I will always try I read all
the comments and I’ll try and answer as many as I can but it’s getting a bit
crazy now welcome to all you need to to you new subscribers hey welcome to the
channel if anyone needs to get in contact with private messages or
anything like that just email me and that’s the gist typing Land of Smiles
Thailand at you can get strings for me if you want private
messaging links so this video what we’re talking about today this is one of the
business videos I do this is number 5 I believe it’s an update and will cover my
little micro businesses in Thailand and a couple that are coming up got a couple
more new ideas for the new subscribers you’ll see we’re a bit sort of sporadic
and all over the place for the videos at the moment I will be trying to
categorize them and maybe we’ll go into a format we’ll do a bar video once a
week and business once a week and we’ll try and split it up maybe to make it a
bit easier if you started putting the playlist together so trying to make it
easy for you guys it’s just 70 plus videos now already we’ve already been
going to Emily turns on weeks which supposedly
automatic right so updates on the businesses
I’ll put a link in at the end but to the other business videos I’ve done and so
car wash originally that first year at the car wash degrades then everyone in
the village copied me and now there’s even another carwash pops up within
three kilometers it’s hardly done anything the last month
in March I’ll be you know twenty thirty pained which is nothing a couple of days
on bass so I think Christmas when I get over moved to Thailand probably going to
close the carwash down and up on a picture up here somewhere the concrete
ramp you see there that I’m going to get rid of I’ll keep the equipment’s clean
young cars and bikes and links and we’ll make use to the front of the that land
with something else other ideas but building you can see there that moves us
on to the snooker we’ve got the full-size snooker table in that concrete
building again first year brilliant made loads of money now four or five people
in the village of copying got sanding Sables however one has closed him didn’t
pay certain people to stay away and got closed down so we’ve that in March as
she went up and we got few of the old customers coming back so that’s picking
up that’s always going to stay with me because I like snooker and Paul it might
not stay in that building this full-size table but I’m always going to keep that
so that picked up in March that was good really good what else
chickens right so we were down to thirty five chickens in February beginning of
March animals are getting in world dogs snakes whatever we lost a few so 35
because of the space at the back we decided although it’s good to learn that
we’re moving on to the this other business so
we gave the 35 chickens to one of our neighbors who is a lovely lady she was
helpers with the chickens anyway and so we we’ve given the chicken she’s made a
bit of a making a bit of a business of it bubbling in free eggs we might
restart the chicken business once I’m there because it is quite lucrative as I
said before pound a month net profit off each chicken providing they don’t stop
laying which is through stress and things and animals getting in and it’s
building the right type of chicken coop or free-range area for them whether the
snakes and bits and bobs targeting but I do like the other chickens might even
try and get another bit of land at the side and put alone chickens we’ll see
definitely worth a look at that one now you might in the video I put up
yesterday this is the new case yet it looks like it’s just for one came ooh me
the story two years ago we bought the white cruising K which I believe is a
milk cow item nothing about case but I have an allergy to animals with long
hair and certain oil in their hair and cows make me sneeze and The Hague makes
me sneeze so I don’t get too close to them but we bought mo me offer an aunty
in Kansas in a brewery two years ago when she was a calf and some blood on
the picture at the end is my step-brother it’s like a cell I adopted
him sort of thing he’s brought mo me up and lovely okay but we’ve got we built
one cow shed at the back of the land I haven’t got pictures of it I’ve got one
picture of basic picture here I put up we actually that holds about eleven cows but also held the chickens at one end as
mother bits so we decided to build this second cow building momi got room one
the end of the front there is another room in to hold another three four kegs
in the middle and then it goes around we’re going to put a safe room and
concrete the inside make sewing keep all animal feed and some tools and things
that you know expensive stuff so it’s secure and then behind that we put the
drunk seating so few people commented what’s that yeah it’s just an area we
can get back five or six of us can get drunk and Ike the one side you can throw
a fishing rod into the lake bit at the side what you just get drunk away from
the house away from prying eyes is it’s a it’s a little open man cave so we’ve
got that building MoMA’s in there now and but the cave said that you haven’t
seen the previous one say ten or eleven case I’ve bought I think was six caves
at the moment there’s two more on the way it’s going to be eight and this is
the new business I decided instead of keep making businesses where everyone in
the village copied me and we ended up losing money we’ll copy them so with me
and somewhere yeah and it’s a plan where you you buy the cows you fatten them up
performance sell them on I think it’s going to be a ten percent net profit but
we’re only into month one at the moment coming towards you in a month one couple
more together and if it works I’ll put another case yet up get another I don’t
have another eight cows so a total of sixteen where every month was moved for
sell 4×4 and that should be a little bit of an income there but it’s what the
title was a lot of carry farmers as a couple of subscribers on here we’ve got
a much bigger operation and so I should be talking to them trying to learn some
stuff but the cave thing yeah it’s definitely the way to go to get an
income for a few of us over there that’s why that case yep winter
we keep putting buildings up everywhere I tip with the cost on there that was
about a thousand pound to build that building and I’m going to have to buy
some more land for more buildings and crazy business ventures so yeah that’s
the case there’s going to be money in the case I think and that’s mainly and wish I’ve been looking at the wholesale
for when we get there she’s on the back by own food cattle feed all sorts of
different feed animal wholesale we might do that in the building where the
snippet a place I can put a partitions in there and we can food wholesale for
her to do that’s looking very possible we found the sources where we can buy at
the right price the one person mentioned we’ve put the cow shed right next to the
one lake it’s deceiving the pictures there’s about a four meter gap there we
did put a drain in buying the cow shed for waste things to go away to the field
next door like a fishing lake it’s going to be a fishing lake in the future I’m
not going to my pond I shall need to take a photo out for you my pond would
just left now after all the lizards at all my 2,000 fish we’ve let the pond
just go to natural blood for the picture it’s looking really nice actually it’s a
natural pond not sure what to do without you my leaves upon my own converted to
swim pool but officially next to the cow shed that definitely going to be one on
there fishing and then someone mentioned that
the care waste we can start a worm farm so there we go
there’s another one a worm farm to get the worms sell the worms to the tide
people come fishing and also fee for the fish I had to grow them up for bigger
fish mmm possibility I’m not going to get my hands dirty we care waged to make
worms definitely not so yeah that’s it March that was the update so we spent a
bit of money with the K shed and buying some cage we lost to go on the car wash
Snickers doing okay the other thing I haven’t mentioned
is another business that I have had will have again birds so I’m going to put
some pictures up here about a year and a half ago some of me with built an Avery
bird Avery next to the hag speed to close today’s
and we bought a load of budgetary guards but regards yeah they’re eighty but in
Thailand from wholesale markets and they sell for about 150 200 baht each they’re
easy to breed we bought about 50 we’ve built the Avery we extended the a
redoubled the size of this we got up to about 100 buttery guards within a few
months we started selling them and making a profit really good I love birds
all of them working well then put another picture now we bought a couple
of these little parrot things called NOK gal some form of parrot they’re
expensive 20 pound each but they sell for sixty pound each when you’ve grown
them up and they quite good for breeding so we bought couple of these so in the
Avery also we were putting some bits of wooden things we made some we spotted
this broken tree cut the branches we put in there just threw it in there this
tree rooted really quick I study growing up and along came a hand of God or
whatever one night huge storm lifted the Avery up put it on its side and it was
tugging the ground a good foot into the ground he’s to me to stir wood verticals
lifted the whole thing up and that tree that was in there growing and yet
hundred birds flew away and the parrots lost money well no because we sold quite
a few so we were close to breaking England but it was a brilliant really
good interesting business we’re good enjoying it so what we’ve done now is
we’ve started to build a metal structure Avery a big one as well
between the house and the pond can’t find pictures as know what I’ve done
with them and we’re going to build a big that I mean the metal structure said its
inch by inch metal square tubing welds it all together we’re going to have
proper strong wiring stuff we’re gonna make a nice Avery keeping animals out
and we’re going to try on a bigger scale with the birds
definitely so that we’ve started building the framework anyway that’s
pretty much done but can’t find the pictures I think those like for next
month so birds we did well with them we lost a lot kind of keep going you’ve got
to keep trying in Thailand all these little micro businesses hopefully the
add up to just a little bit of an income so I don’t have to touch my savings and
retiring at 55 I won’t have my government pension for another 12 years
or so so what money we’ve got it’ll have to last so we need these little micro
businesses to just give us our food and living you know we’re not gonna try
living like kings and queens we quite happy in the village living there on you
know basic foods and stuff occasionally have Western food and once a month I
like to get down to Hawaii no charm for a weekend to catch up with some friends
however this YouTube channel is taking over it keeps growing and growing and
growing I’m gonna have to come up with some ideas to be different as a Thai
vlogger when I’m there and I have got some ideas different stuff thinking
about anyway I’m rambling again I’m sorry the that’s a business update for
March so up and down good or bad more things to come and quite a lot of you’ve
asked for this this update so I hope that answers your questions factors
agents or questions on the comments I need to do a Q&A but I don’t know do any
of you guys know how I can print out all those comments and work out the
questions and moderator I apparently only the moderator and I don’t even know
what one is quick shake Cory now somewhere on my
channel there I’ve got a PayPal button that says my wife eats 10 meals a day
please donate some money for her good buy me a beer that was put up just ready
for tying number Along Came Cory dumped some money in my PayPal account which I
kept there so I’ve just spent that money Cory thank you so much I’ve ordered a
green screen setup and Andy write his channels listed below is giving me some
help on how I go about with a green screen and all that so that’s my
learning curve for the next couple of weeks
green screen next thing I need to get is a external microphone quite a few you’re
commenting about the volumes this canon g7x mark two cameras lovely indoors
microphones not brilliant I think I used it on holiday just for pictures not for
video nice camera but a lot of proof 500 quid is expensive for what it is I don’t
know what to do about cameras in here we’ll see the GoPros were better on
holiday yeah so next thing is gets a microphone an external digital
microphone about $100 so they’ll be the next thing when I can afford it and you
have the things I was thinking of that’s it tonight again welcome to all the subs
sorry for rambling there will be quite a lot of videos over the next month coming
on all sorts of subjects those of you interested in the bar scene I’ve got a
cut look really good bar storage tips videos coming
I’ve just got to sit down and make all these videos literally I’ve got a list
of about 40 very time-consuming and my editing I’ve got to get better I know
anyway any questions comments drop below and thanks for watching I
will see you very soon I’m sure and I’ll just say boy for now
be good be safe Clara

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58 thoughts on “My Business in Thailand profit or loss Vlog 73 Part 5

  1. wow Simon congrats your channel is growing up really fast 🙂 Always amazing content.

    I just out from Thailand but i like to hear your stories and experiencies. Cheers

  2. The big forums have moderators , same as in written exam they oversee the rules . There is a need for them on the forums , as far as I can see the only function one would serve for you would be to screen the comments section . Be careful your ideas might get copied before you can even implement them your self if you stick them all on YT , just a joke but still . Kev in Thailand did say be careful what you wish for you might create a monster . Really good channel .

  3. With milk cows you can make butter, butter milk , cream, as well as milk to drink also. Sell the cow when too old to milk for steak, burgers , & other meats to eat. You could slaughter for your own freezer to eat later also.

  4. Just keep doing what you're doing as its obviously working. In just a few weeks you have more subbies than the infamous Twitchy who's been going about 6 months. I agree with Stephen that 2 vids a week is enough. Don't flood your subs with 2 or 3 a day. Store content up so that you can take a break from recording.

  5. I was thinking of ways to make money on the gf land.I think I try to grow a big garden with fruits and veggies.I got a lot of experience in growing a garden but most of that comes from when I was young.I am not sure what will grow the best in thailand or what time of the year to start growing certain things.I guess there will be a learning curve on that.I try to stay away from raising animals and they tie you down to much.Would be nice to have fresh eggs every morning.

  6. As for your cow's breed, it is mainly raised for beef BUT of course it can be milked as can any female cow. In your market it could be used for either. I hope to have a beer with you when I get to Thailand as I would love to own a cattle ranch over there.

  7. Keep it up mate. You have information alot of these other 'experts' will never have. Stay WELL clear of the Youtube wars (a la Geoff Carter/BKK 112 – they don't rise to it, they don't bite..) 2000 subs in basically no time at all, says all. Keep doing what you are doing! Great info and content.. Best, GH

  8. Simon, I'm a new sub. Was in Thailand 30 years ago and had a great time. Some of the nicest people in all of south east Asia.  Don't work your self to death. Two or three videos , tops, a week is enough to entertain your viewers and give you a some what normal life. Cheers from Seattle!

  9. It must be really frustrating when you pump all this money into thailand yet you are stuck in the cold, grey and miserable UK. In the beginning did you ever worry that you were being taken for a ride. As in if you stopped sending your farang wages to Thailand your extended thai family would suddenly disown you??

  10. sorry to hear about the birds.. I love em too.. what about Myna Birds are they legal in Thailand…I read something about them in the past.. just curious…

  11. You sound like me, one business after another but never give up. Now I'm full time ebay and doing better than any job I've ever had.

  12. ever here of raising fish in a cage like net incloseair that flout around the pound I fist read about it in mother earth news and you can even use road kill to feed the fish the fly larva by putting wire cages over you fish cage and the larva fall into the cage to feed the fish buying fry or babie fish to raise in thailand mite be ruff but the warmer the water the faster the fish grow and if you could find fish for fish tanks and ship them abroud you mite make some money (mother earth news) old hippie mag from the 60 d's check it out ! you have to watch out for what they call turn over where O2 less water comes to the surface and can kill you stock because they can't get out of the cages to the 02 rich water good luck !

  13. Hi Simon. Just keep doing what you're doing. Nothing wrong with the vids as they are. You don't ramble, you just tell the stories how they are. No need for bullshit false excitement. Keep it up. Cheers.

  14. Suggestion about audio, consider using a second camera, phone or small audio recorder close to the person speaking to capture better (louder) audio, then just replace the worse (softer) audio track during editing with the better track. Snap fingers or clap hands to create a sync point at beginning of audio recording for use during edit process. Interesting small business ideas, thanks.

  15. Cattle is an interesting chose. Will you have them for beef or milk?

    Local Thai beef is usually very poor but don't know if that is down to breed or climate/environment or a combination of both.

    Are you trying to get reasonable quality beef from local breeds or using quality foreign animal stock?

    Also, beef to Thais is well behind pork, chicken as a meat option nevermind fish. That is obviously down to the qulaity of beef and price but as a result makes it unfamiliar except for very few.

    Thais, though, from my experience are quickly converted to cheese. I could imagine you could produce with the unique feed and environment a unique cheese not only for thais but even export. Obviously that would take a lot of investment and expertise but something that I have thought of before.

    Apologies for the questions but as a country boy at heart interested in how you plan on producing a decent product and bringing it to market.

  16. Wouldn't it be better to keep the concrete ramp for fixing vehicles . Maybe that could be your next business there if you can find a good mechanic or just someone that's good at fixing cars.

  17. Simon, what do you do with the waste from the cattle? If nothing, have you considered selling it as fertilizer? Maybe dry it out and bag it up. I had an agriculture teacher back in high school who said, "They can use everything but the moo!"

  18. I  love  this  part of your channel  these  micro  business  ideas   are  great  reminds  of my father in laws schemes  cheers

  19. Don't ever stock a lake with fish, the locals will take the lot, i think a good idea for you would be to buy a bull and start breeding, then you have not got to buy them.

  20. Never give up never give in! Please keep up with these great videos! Never mind the nay sayers, they have no sense of adventure! You said 1900 sub, It as 3027 when I subbed! Found you through Graham Brair's UTube channel

    A little diddy for the dreamers and sceamers. Never give up, never surender. Your a hoot Simon, I get a kick out of all this, hang in there boy and keep dreaming.

  22. Interesting video about business in Thailand, I agree that it is almost pointless to build something as within a short period of time someone will copy it. Which is what I found with a coffee shop.

  23. Steel aviary? Will get very hot. Be sure to add a fan or two. A garden hose with tiny holes to spray a mist to keep them cool..

  24. Simon, Thanks for the videos. I note you mention you have taken your wife to Spain. Did you have to get a Schengen visa for her, or does she have a British passport? Regards

  25. pigs and rabbits are better, cause 3 months on a pig to reach 100kg then slaughter, and rabbits multiply quicker then most animals and taste better then chicken

  26. Can you elaborate on these people who need to be "paid off" how much, what you should do, where they come from,etc?

  27. Get an Anatolian Shepard. They are guardian dogs bread to protect the animals. No more prediators and you can be a breder.

  28. Chickens will eat the fly maggots that hatch in the cow manure (helps with fly problems) and free food for chickens. I think ducks clean up after chickens, but not sure. There's probably something that cleans up after that and so forth. Lot's of business opportunities all wrapped in one venture.

    During the winter months when the grass is dormant, I calculate my beef cattle consume hay at around 10 cows to 450kg of baled trinicali grass hay and 30kg of 33% protein mineral blocks per week. The mineral block isn't needed if the grass is green, but will always need salt, about 1kg per head a week, in my case is what they consume when the weather's hot. Good luck and thanks for the stories and info.

  29. Hi Simon, good look with the cows mate – just wondering what you are paying for a calf and the price you sell it at 4 months later, cheers.

  30. Where in UK are you from? I'd love to live in Thailand's 'middle of nowhere' Growing my own fruit & veg but I think my med's would be expensive due to type 1 diabetes.Is it true that dairy products are expensive? You should make cheese if that's the case but load it up & sell it elsewhere so the locals don't know & can't copy you.With so many subscribers you could build a couple of chalets & rent them out to subscribers -like a wee B&B. Lastly, this is not a slate on you, but do your realise your subtitles need to be redone? They make no sense as a lot of the words are incorrect.x

  31. Simon well done just came across your vlogs listened to some of your mistakes in building your house do not consider mistakes its all a learning process even when you cover everything you will always get a snag list when I was building I had civil engineer on site to check out all stages prior to start and even at that he would arrive late jobs were started you would then have to redo it at your own cost lost a lot of money at this not getting what you pay for if I was to do it again I would live on site manage things myself Trust but verify Best Wishes Thomas

  32. Your channel is the best little business you can do, apart from your time its risk free, little business for the wife is good as it will keep her busy and keep good face in her village.

  33. Hi Simon great vlog. how about putting up a Gust house. and charge people to come and experience village life.

  34. Hi Simon, I have totally enjoy these videos. Regarding the villagers "copying" your established business (it's human nature to copy what works): Warren Buffett says look for businesses that have a wide "moat". In other words, some kind of business that requires some kind of extraordinary "effort", knowledge, money or "technology" (not necessarily computers or internet) that cannot be duplicated easily. It's this moat that "protects" you from others diluting the market for your business.

  35. No doubt labour is cheap in Thailand. But man would love to do my carpentry in that country. I'm sure that would be interested. Goodluck with all your ventures

  36. Simon
    Your a bloody stand up have a great voice and equally a great personality.. that's why ya channel doing well brother..
    Very helpful as well…
    Please remember to just be yourself and enjoy your self mate ..
    God Bless from New Zealand…

  37. A corn cob crib silo would make a good bird cage and they are cheap it's just basically a cattle panel cage with a slanted cylinder roof and it bolts down to the ground

    They were extremely popular as cheap silos in the USA until recently and they are all over tornado ally so they have to at least be decent

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