My Business My Health | Davya Dyce (Part 2)

I currently don’t have health insurance for two reasons. One of them is plainly, a lack of knowledge. The second reason is a lack of urgency to gain the knowledge if that
makes sense. My name is Davya Dyce and I am in the special events industry and I am an event producer. Event production is tons and tons of fun. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. From planning the family birthday party to quarter-million dollar events that I plan, so I’ve come a long way for sure. It’s a lot of energy and you definitely kick into
gear and you stay in that gear and just go, go, go until the event is over pretty much and then the next day you sort of put everything together and have it make sense for your wrap-up. So it’s a lot of running around, it’s a lot
of planning, a lot of coordinating people, it’s tons of fun. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It gets stressful at times but that’s part of the job. I do tend to put health and wellness on the back burner a lot of times when I’m working. Like I said, you really kick into gear
and you stay in that one gear from the time you start planning an event until it’s done. It just takes every morsel of your energy so a lot of times…I’ll give you an example. Sometimes when I’m on set, I oftentimes forget to eat. I don’t know why I do it. I know it’s not good but when you’re passionate about something you tend to sort of be “all in.” It is what it is. My main job as the owner of Zahzi Inc. and a senior event producer is to bring in clients. Literally I’m on the phone all day
calling people, getting people what they need. Sales and pitching… In the unfortunate event that I’m ever sick or unable to work or unable to you know stay glued to an iPhone for an entire month my business would severely be effected because as a small business, I drive this thing. You can imagine how that would be
detrimental to a business that relies on bringing in clients. It’ss always like, right here in the back of your brain…like an abyss or like a black hole or purgatory. I would consider it purgatory because you always think about “What if?” you know what I mean? That one time
you get a headache you think is this a headache or is this a brain aneurysm? And you like, “what if this happens?” What is going to happen to me? I don’t want to think about that. It’s scary. Another sort of emotional feeling that I have attached
to not having health insurance is I am a leader of a company and I set an example for my team and the
people that you know, ride for me day to day. If as the leader you’re not taking care
of yourself, it kind of sets a different mood for everyone
else and God forbid something did happen and
everything that you bring to the table day-to-day you know sort of gets cut off I’d really need to start thinking about health insurance and you know, what my plan B is going to be. The entire industry so convoluted. You hear so many different things or packages that you should get or HMO or PPO. I mean what the Heck even is that? Or you know, the ACA and Obamacare and all of these things and like, 80% of small businesses don’t have health insurance and they’re not gonna be affected by ACA but they could be and it’s like there’s just so much information and it comes from so many different viewpoints and so many different biases that it’s almost like you have to sit
down sort through it all. Every young person, why don’t we know about health insurance? Is it because older people have to go
through the motions and they’ve been sick a couple times and a have to learn it or… those are the types of things I ask myself. Like, why isn’t this something I know? I mean, I can code programs and do all kinds of difficult “brain thinking things” but something simple like find out about health insurance then get some is something that I put off. I don’t want initials or acronyms Just tell me what it is and how it affects me and how I can get it. You know what I mean?

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15 thoughts on “My Business My Health | Davya Dyce (Part 2)

  1. Was it just me or all of you passed on the message about this You Tube video to every single one of your frinds!

  2. Hey Abigail – we're all alike in so many ways. It was my pleasure. Huge thanks to Cigna for giving the "outsiders" (those without health insurance) a voice.

  3. We all need that sometimes 🙂 Just as we all need clear uncluttered dialog on health insurance. That's the first step!

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