My Business Story and What YOU Can Learn From My Journey

– In today’s video, I’ve
decided to do something a little different and share
with you my business story, so everything that I’ve gone
through in the past two years when I first started my business. So the ups, the downs,
the mistakes, the wins, the ugly and the pretty, I’m gonna share it all with you today. Hey guys, welcome back to
another episode of Just The Tips. My name is Trena if you are new here and I help creative
business owners like you get started on YouTube. Typically here on my channel,
I’ll go through, you know, tips, strategies, advice
on how to use YouTube in your creative business but I wanted to share with
you my business story. I get asked this quite frequently, and I feel it’s so important
for us to be transparent with our business journey
because a lot of the times we see people being successful, right? Maybe they have been in
business five, six years and maybe they caught a great break but we really don’t get
to hear what goes on behind scenes and how they got there. So just a brief recap of my education. I went to college straight
out of high school. I got a Bachelor’s of Science in business with a concentration in marketing and a minor in public relations. I got my full-time gig
about six months after that. I did a few side jobs in radio
and I forget where else I was but I got started working
for the Department of Defense doing some human resource stuff. It wasn’t typical human resource stuff and it just was not my thing. It was not a healthy environment. One good thing that came
out of that job though is they paid for me to get my
master’s degree in business, so I also have that as well. In 2015, after working
at my job for five years, I had my daughter, and while
I was off on maternity leave for four months, I started
to realize how unhappy I really was at that job. I mean, I knew I was unhappy
but having that time off and dreading going back, not only because they
leaving your baby at home, or at daycare, not home alone, but knowing you have to go back. I somehow fell into the online
world of creating courses and this whole new world
that I’ve never known and I started to drink the Kool-Aid. I watched a webinar. I convinced my husband, “Guess what? “I’m gonna make the same amount of money “that I’m making in my current job “by starting my own business online.” I knew I could do it,
just follow the steps. In December of 2015, I quit
my job, walked out the door, and started January 1st. I instantly dug into creating a course because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to have a
course, create passive income, followed all of the steps. I did joint venture webinars. I did my own webinars. I did everything they say you should do. I released my first course in May of 2016 and (crickets chirping) I think I had six people sign up and one of them was a friend of mine. Instantly, I became crushed. I had spent five months up late working, creating this content, like
really following these steps and it was a flop. Also, during that time,
I got my first client. She reached out to me on Facebook and she wanted to get started right away. We had our first call, she was excited, and then dropped off
the face of the earth. Not really, but she
couldn’t make the next call. She didn’t want to reschedule. She’d already paid. All of a sudden she wanted her money back. I didn’t a have a contract in place, so one mistake that I
want you to learn from, always have a contract in place. So, after some dispute back and forth, we dealt through PayPal,
that’s how she paid. She ultimately got her money back. So that was really a
learning experience for me. So then the first six
months of my business, two major fails, right? Enough to make you question
what are you doing. So in June of that year, I took time off. We were going to the beach. It had been a dream of my
husband’s to go the beach for two weeks, so we
went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for two weeks,
and during that two weeks, I had another potential
client reach out to me. We talked on the phone, we thought about how we
were gonna work together, and she ended up being the
lifesaver of, not only getting the
chance to work with her, but learning from her, learning more about the online
business world from her, and really getting in contact
with a lot of connections that she had for me. So one of my big takeaways
for you during that time is connect with people,
whether it’s coffee dates or whether it’s through Facebook, or any way you can connect
with other business owners that are doing online stuff
or doing things similar to you because you’re not, you’re
going to feel alone. You going to have times where
you feel like a failure. Trust me, there’s times every single day I feel like a failure,
but having those people that I connected with, having those people that I can reach out to definitely
helps keep me motivated. So after that summer, I really
spent time working with her. Like I said, she got me in
contact with some other people as well to start working with, and I just kept pivoting my business. I knew my first course didn’t work so I decided to change it a little bit, tried to launch it again
at the end of the summer, so in September. No biters, no bites at all. So I didn’t even forth
with the complete launch. I just scrapped it instantly. The third launch that I had, I was getting ready for Black Friday, and I had a mini-course
that I just pulled out of the full course that I created at the beginning of the
year and pitched that with I think it was a video idea package, and that got some traction. That got me some clients
as well, but nothing big, no big break. And then in December, it
was time to have the baby, but what was really great
is through the connections from that first client that I had, not the nightmare client
but the dream client, through her, the connections that I made, they made other connections and those people were signing
contracts to work with me as I was having a baby. So I started 2017 with clients excited for what was to come,
but I had a newborn, right? So the first three months
of 2017 were tough. Figuring out this new life with a newborn and a two-year-old, plus we
were living in a tiny apartment since we had sold our house
really fast unexpectedly. So the beginning of 2017 was really tough. I had clients, but honestly,
I probably wasn’t working as hard as I should on those clients. Just having a baby doesn’t mean, you know, to eat, sleep, and poop. There’s a lot going on. And in 2016, when it all broke down, I basically broke even with my business. Luckily, I wasn’t in debt with my business but I didn’t make much money. So I started to think a lot. Do I go back to work? Do I apply for jobs? What am I gonna do? Where is this business going? But one thing that I did know is that I was willing to
change, I was willing to evolve. And so as you are working
with your business and something is not
working, change it up a bit. Don’t get stuck in one thing. Keep evolving your business. Keep pivoting. I love that scene from Friends where Ross is yelling
for Chandler to pivot. – [Ross] Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! – You just gotta keep pivoting. Keep seeing what works. Now here we are at the end of 2017. I revamped my course
that I created in 2016 that I thought I was gonna
make lots of money on. I released it to a select few beta people. So I reached out to some people that I knew wanted to do YouTube that I thought would
give me great feedback and asked them to take part
in this course, you know, for free, as long as
they gave me testimonials and feedbacks. I reached out to them. They really helped me craft
my content, evolve my content. So then in the summer, I
released that beta program as the first time, the introductory
price of my new program YouTube Boot Camp, and
through that program, I had some amazing girls. I was able to really get
great feedback from them. I was able to see some of
them release YouTube channels and they are doing so amazing, and I would not have
gotten to this program idea had I not gone through all
those failures in the beginning and I wouldn’t have got
there if I just quit, if I just went back to work. It takes a lot of persistence
in this online world and it’s tough. There are days where you
are going to struggle. There are days where
you’re gonna feel like you’re not doing something right, and I still have those days, right? But you need to have
people to reach out to. You need to keep growing
and keep learning. Then in October I took
everything that I learned from those two launches
that I had, the beta, and the introductory course
and had my best launch yet. I’ve reached my goal number. It was a five-figure launch and
it really made me feel good, but with that, you also
have that quick dip again, and you think, “Okay. What
could I have done better? “How could I make more money?
What’s next on the list? “What’s next? What do I gotta do?” As I continue to grow
and evolve my business, I just want you to understand that it’s not always rainbows and
butterflies and unicorns here. I have bad days. I have days where I don’t
want to get out of bed. I have days where I feel
like what am I doing, scrap this whole thing, I’m
gonna go work at a coffee shop. So as you are growing your business, as you are figuring out your path in this entrepreneurial world, just understand you’re not alone, that sense of failure or
that feeling of failure that you’re having, it happens. The best way you can combat
it is find some friends. I loved doing my weekly accountability with my business friends. I have a mastermind that
I talk to every month. Having those people that understand what you’re going through
and can give you that support and can give you, you know,
that confidence and say, “Hey. Here’s maybe what
you need to change. “Here’s what I think you’re doing well.” That is key in succeeding
here on business. And so, I just wanted to
share with you my journey. I want you to know that
it’s not an easy road. A lot of people you see being successful, you’re seeing them at step 10 and 11, whereas you may be at step two and three. So don’t get discouraged, and don’t think you’re
doing something wrong. If something’s not working,
change it up a bit. Pivot it. – Pivot! – Just a little bit to see if
a slight tweak can change it ’cause that’s really
been able to make changes in my business. And constantly educate yourself. You’re never going to become
an expert in something because it’s constantly changing. How many times has Facebook changed? How many times has YouTube changed? Find other experts to learn from. As they’re learning, you
can learn from them as well. Keep up to date on your
field of expertise. You can’t just say, “Hey,
I learned everything “there is about Pinterest,”
and quit learning. Pinterest is always changing. This online world is always changing. So continue to educate yourself. My question of the day for you is, “Where are you having a hard
time with your business? “Is that feeling like a failure,
feeling like an imposter?” Let me know down in the
comment section below. If you like this type of video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up and you click that
circled subscribe button because every week I’m
posting new videos here to help you create a YouTube
strategy for your business. Thank you so much for watching
and I will see you next week. Bye.

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21 thoughts on “My Business Story and What YOU Can Learn From My Journey

  1. Tank you for inspiring and sharing your story with me. I've always felt like a failure but when I sit back, look back and refocus, I notice that I am not. Whatever I do even though it seems like there is no reaction (crickets) still, I've learned something. Maybe this didn't work because of this and that…So, I've learned to never feel and focus on things negatively because they only make me feel negative about everything else. Especially that I work with dogs, I need to be positive and share that positive energy with those who surround me. I've just launched my online dog training course as well, today. At the moment, I hear crickets but time will tell. If no one shows up, I learn that I need to change or rearrange things. I know what I know and want to share, just need to find the right way to share that. Never a doll moment when you are an entrepreneur.

  2. Great story – I started watching another channel of yours first b/c it related more to our type of content. I was happy to find you in this niche. Our struggle is mostly finding time to continue putting out content. Anyway, if you ever need another Beta tester for one of your courses, I'd be interested.

  3. Omg your story is inspiring to me. I recently quit my engineering job to pursue my business but I do feel the anxiety and feelings of being alone like you mentioned. It is so incredibly cathartic to hear this.

  4. Thank you for sharing your business story with all of us! I also feel like a failure and that it would be easier to just work for someone else, but your story showed me (and probably others too) that we are not alone in this entrepreneur journey. Again thank you Trena for inspiring me on my business journey, I know this year I learned a lot from you ever since I found your channel back in April/May.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Seriously Trena, you inspire me to keep going in this whirlwind of an adventure in video and business. I am so glad to have worked with you and can't wait to keep learning ❤️

  6. Love the importance of connection in this story. I can thank so many clients for referring other people my way! Thanks for sharing this, Trena! <3

  7. 😍😭😍😭 I’m not crying. You’re crying. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed, friend. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you. 💜💜💜💜

  8. You are a brave woman, it's not easy to share your fears and failures 👍🏻….loving watching your videos. Inspired

  9. I love the outer banks of NC! I live in NC and it’s the most beautiful part of our coast for sure! Love your content so much!

  10. Trena. THIS is gold. This message actually might get me through the holidays without dusting off the old resume. Getting busy — creating my first "Opt-in" page this morning.

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