My LAST QANTAS 747 review | QF128 Hong Kong to Sydney (Business Class)

hello everybody welcome to one world flyer
and today’s trip report is proudly brought you by my mom today she is
flying the third last Qantas Boeing 747 service from Hong Kong to Sydney in
business class starting from the first of December
Qantas Hong Kong to Sydney service will no longer see 747 but a mixture of a330
a380 and Dreamliner as mum holds a OneWorld emerald status
she can use the fascinating Cathay Pacific the pier first-class lounge
please enjoy her lovely shots in the lounge how are you today not a long time ago if you’re flying
from Hong Kong to Australia you would face a second security check process at
the jet bridge but this is no longer the case which means you can bring water and
alcohol from duty-free into the plane surely this is a excellent news for
anyone flying from Hong Kong to down under Mum’s seat today is 1A right at the front
of the plane as many of you know the queen of the skies has a nose those
interestingly shaped making the business class cabin or first class in some other
airlines somehow like an inflight lounge here we have a charming crew preparing
welcome drink for everyone in this teeny tiny little cabin so this is 1a as this is an overnight
flight every seat has already been padded with mattress which is very nice
any noise cancelling headphone a set of PJ’s a blanket and a pillow are placed
on every seat so mum decided to have a walk in a second business class cabin
before takeoff when you sit down the tray table is
located next to you and it’s not very hard to take it out my mom got to amenity kits because
she loves them and the crew is happy to give her another one hello mommy enjoy the takeoff of a 747-400ER
powered by four general electric engines before I show you the food here’s the
menu to kick off the traditional in-flight
meal you get a pack of pretzels and a drink for starter it’s a bowl of salad and a
plate of roasted duck salad which didn’t taste great according to my for the main
she got wonton noodles it tasted all right but mum said the wonton skin was
thicker than a book now it’s time to sleep moms are great
sleeper and unfortunately she missed that our brekky she had a great sleep obviously and
she’s really grateful about the baby sitting at 1B didn’t cry thank you
very much for watching this probably my last Qantas 747 review ever I hope you
enjoyed it as much as my mum enjoyed her flight to Down Under
see you next time

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21 thoughts on “My LAST QANTAS 747 review | QF128 Hong Kong to Sydney (Business Class)

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  2. Nice video mate! That's a pity that Qantas will be no longer using the 747 for this route… The cover of the menu looks familiar… It am quite sure it is great barrier reef in Queensland…

  3. @One World Flyer And Jayden, you still haven't commented on our vid yet, I still cannot see it, please comment, Deniz, me and Veer are still waiting, we've been waiting for a long time! please comment now when you have WIFI again here:

  4. Another great lounge walkthrough and inflight review. It is going to be a sad day when this gorgeous airframe disappears from our skies. I am Hong Kong bound tomorrow but am flying SQ.

  5. Jayden! We are still waiting for your comment on our QF127 video! We will soon be making the video about tracking your flight this Thursday! Comment now!

  6. So sad to see the 747 Qantas aircraft being sent to the graveyard!! Glad your Mum had an enjoyable flight and the QF service is always good!!

  7. Words fail me….you want donations to travel the world in luxury? most of us suffer cattle class and cannot afford to support your life style – how about some reviews that show the misery of economy?

  8. You are going back to Hong Kong on December 6th and I am going to make a video about your flight that day and don't forget to talk about me in your next video

  9. We made another video about your coming QF127 flight. Please watch and leave a comment before you fly!

  10. Me: made a promise to myself to only fly the airlines with one world
    Next year: accidentally flied airlines with star alliance

  11. so sorry my comment is late….great video Jayden. sad that the 747 is becoming a rare aircraft to fly on. great video and Big regards to your lovely mum

  12. Very cool video and your mum nice. You could fly on B747 with your mum. Pity the Qantas stop fly B747 to HKG. Not many B747 in airlines fleet. TG still fly B747 as LH and BA.

  13. So many complain about the return to Australia- the service might be there but food offering is lacking. Love the jumbo and Qantas experience… thank your mother for taking the time to share it with the world, another fab and very detailed vlog. One day I’d love to star in your vlog! 👏

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