My Lead System Pro | How To Use MLSP to Build YOUR Business

– Hey everybody, this is
LeahRae from and special treat for you today, we’re gonna actually
walk someone through how to leverage a system like MyLeadSystemPRO to build some other type of
opportunity or online business. So with me today, I have Chris. Chris is just getting
started with MyLeadSystemPRO, excited about what he sees
but needs a little help on how to use it to build something else, to build another opportunity,
another business. So welcome, happy to have you
here with us today, Chris. – I am glad to be here. – Excellent, excellent. So, tell me a little bit
about what you’re looking to do with your business. – Actually, I’m looking to, I’ve went through a lot of ups and downs with learning how to get the word out, marketing to other people and I’m actually trying to find a way to where I can help
somebody skip some of that. It’s the most frustrating
thing I believe out there and if you can skip some of those and get the right training,
the right background and everything, I think it
would help a lot of people. That’s my goal. – That’s awesome and I think
you’re totally right with that. We’ve felt it ourselves. Wanting to get results but so many people, instead of telling you
the real way to do it which is hard and takes time, which is why you don’t
necessarily get that upfront, they give you different things that you might get a result
with and you might not. And for someone who’s really dedicated. it’s frustrating because all that time, you could’ve been doing
this real marketing strategy and no, you wouldn’t have
had immediate results but you could have long-term
built a solid business. So, I totally get what you’re saying and I think a lot of people
who have the right mindset, who know this isn’t
just a flash in the pan, I need to make money today in order to stick with a home business, those people can appreciate
learning the real strategies, what actually works
because, for Todd and I, we went from not being
able to make any profits in our business to a seven-figure business in three and a half years or something. So, but we had to get the right strategies and then we had to work hard. The biggest piece of advice that I can probably give you doing this and that you can pass on to folks as you’re building your tribe
and stepping up as a leader, is to not have and
expiration on your goals. Not have that expiration
date on your dreams because if we had had that,
we would’ve definitely quit. We thought that once we got started and started taking action,
because of all the hype-iness that’s out in the market place, we thought well, if we get to work, we can be six figures in six months. We know how to work hard. – Yes (laughs) – It took a lot longer than that. but then it grew
exponentially way past that but if we have had that
expiration date of six months, we would have quit. It took us a couple months
to make our very first sale and then it took probably
about six months from beginning and taking solid consistent action, but six months to even get to 500 dollars a month you know, and it just, it slowly, it’s
like you’re rolling you know, pushing that boulder, right and eventually momentum will take off and it’ll go much faster
but it takes a lot of effort to get it moving and so I really want you and I want, and for you to
pass this on to others as well because that momentum, once it
hits, it’s beautiful, right. It’s so worth all of the effort but too many people never get it going. They never push hard
enough on that boulder to get things moving. So I think it’s great that you
want to help folks do that. Now with what Chris is
doing in his business, he is promoting an opportunity. A way for people to make money from home which is great, make money online and MyLeadSystemPRO, that’s
actually why we first found it, is that we were trying to figure out how to promote an opportunity. How do you promote
something to get for people to make money online. How does this work and we didn’t understand
anything about marketing. We didn’t we didn’t know
the basic definitions even of a capture page, lead
magnet, email marketing, stuff. We had no idea what
people were talking about, an email autoresponder, we’re like, email? Like, we didn’t get what anything was. So quick definitions for anybody who’s at that starting point, your email autoresponder is the system or the tool that you use to
email out a big list of people at once, critical to an online business. Capture pages is a page that people just put their information in. Name, email and if you’re
savvy, phone number because you can always speed
up sales if you call people but that’s a capture page. A lead magnet is where you
give something away for free in exchange for people’s
contact information. So the basic strategy of online business with attraction marketing and
what you’re looking to do, you want to build an audience and there’s a million ways to do that and we’ll come and talk
about pros and cons of some different ones so
you can choose a strategy but you need to build an audience, provide that audience with value. Start generating leads from that audience and then you’re gonna be
able to make some sales from that audience. Okay, so build an audience,
engage an audience and sell with that audience. BES, right and so that is the basics to attraction marketing. A lot of people get started, especially in the home business world and they just go on Facebook
and blasts all this stuff but they don’t have an audience yet and they’re like, well why
am I not making any sales and you’re like well,
who’s paying attention to anything you’re doing, nobody and you’re just pitching them and spamming and no one wants that. So instead, switching
to building an audience that’s interested in your type of offer. So your type of offer is an opportunity. So you want to provide value that speaks to someone looking for how to make money from home right, how to make money online. How to make this thing work because there’s a, that’s a random concept that a lot of people
have that you can do it but very few people know
actually how to do it and that’s where you can come in, is to help people to learn how to do that and by doing so, you’re
building an audience of people who are likely to be interested in your offer which is great. So this is for your
circumstance in particular, looking at an opportunity. Other folks, maybe you’re doing e-commerce or something else where they’re, maybe they’re, we have a
friend that does skincare with e-commerce so you know that, very natural skincare. So her audience would be natural folks, women who like natural products and like to pamper themselves a little bit and take care of themselves. So that, you have to understand who’s likely to be interested in your product then you provide value to that person and then you
walk them through the process. First capturing your information, building that email list
and then working them through a sales funnel and
offering them your paid options. So, that’s the general overview. I can actually walk you through, I can share my screen, show
you some stuff with an MLSP that’s done for you, that’s gonna help you get
started right off the bat, how does that sound? – That sounds great. – Okay, perfect. So this is MyLeadSystemPRO. Right in the back office,
when you first log in. Now one of the very first things and one, what we really like
about this for beginners is the done-for-you stuff because as a new marketer, there’s a lot of stuff to learn. Copywriting, how to put
together a capture page, creating your own giveaways,
all this kind of stuff for a lot of people is
deer-in-the-headlights, they freeze and they don’t do anything because they’re just
overwhelmed with everything that they should know and do. So that’s why I like
what they offer here is because they give you stuff to use when you’re first starting then as you learn and
you develop your skills, you can start doing
your own version of it. You can start adding your own spin on it. So under the my website tab
here in MyLeadSystemPRO, there is the system campaigns. This is the most important tab for a total newbie just getting started. This offers you a way
to build an email list to start generating leads when you don’t have any free giveaways or lead magnets, anything already created. If your offer, if your
niche, if your industry is about making money from
home, learning how to market, any of that kind of online
home business stuff, you can use this as is to start generating
leads the very first day that you sign-up. Now if you’re doing something different, you’re doing e-commerce, you’ve got a physical
product you’re selling, you’ve got your own digital
products and different stuff, this might not work for you, but for a lot of people,
they’re working with programs where they’re offering
an opportunity, fabulous. You head over to the MLSP system campaigns and you scroll down and all of these things are free giveaways that you can offer to generate leads. Now, one thing that I always use and I mean you can see we’ve, we generated 10,000
leads from this one page and it’s definitely not our top thing. We’ve only, maybe every few weeks we might send it out or something. We use it very minimally,
but it’s very effective. Every single week, MyLeadSystemPRO
does a live webinar, Well, as an affiliate for them, you can or even just as a customer, you don’t have to be an affiliate, you can offer this free
value-based webinar. These aren’t sales webinars,
they’re value-based webinars where they offer free training for people to learn how to do Facebook marketing, how to do YouTube videos, how to do whatever the topic is that week. So you can go in, this is a
preview of what the page is. I don’t actually know
what next week’s is so Live demo, teaching people how to create their own digital products. This is hot, this is, you
want to make money online, you want to create your own products. If you’re just getting started, you’re probably not there yet, stick with affiliate stuff for now but this is something that
people who are interested in how to make money online. You’d agree right? This is something they’d
be interested in attending, a free value-based webinar, right. – [Chris] Absolutely. – Yeah, so this is a
great thing to promote. So as you’re building your
audience on whatever platform, social media, YouTube,
blogging, podcasting, whatever, you can, every week it changes,
you can offer them access to this free webinar
and you grab this link. Grab your, and it’s cookied to you which is important, grab
that and that’s the link that you provide them. They get signed up then
they get registered. They get value that you
didn’t have to create, which is important. You didn’t have to do any setup, you didn’t have to do any of that stuff. You just give them a link, they register, you generating a lead and
now they can you know, you can call them up, you
can bill them your email list So you’re building you
know, that list of people that you’re marketing
to on a regular basis and like Todd and I for
the first two years, we slowly focused on making
sales through phone calls and you may not want to hear that and I know a lot of people
in the internet world think that that’s crazy, but guess what? You can make, the fastest
way to make money online is to call your leads. Why is that? It’s simple, because everybody who’s going to make a purchase, they need
to know, like and trust you. Your emails, your videos, your posts, all that kind of stuff,
that builds your know, like and trust factor with your audience but it takes time, right. The very first video they see you, they’re not like necessarily whipping
out their credit card, oftentimes it’s a process. When you call somebody, there’s a media, there’s a connection to a real-life person and you can immediately build that know, like and trust factor. You can figure out what their story is, what’s happening for them and you can offer them a solution to whatever problem that they’re facing. So this is what I would suggest for you. And we’ll talk about
where to put these links and how to market them but just for the general picture
here, the general picture, take, you want to market,
offer these free giveaways as a way to generate leads. Make sure that you are asking
for a phone number okay. Now, there’s a catch-22 here. When you ask for a phone
number on a capture page, people are less likely,
that the percentages of opt-ins will go down. Understand that, but
the people who opt-in, are much more qualified. Now when you’re looking
at an opportunity offer like what you have. you need
to ask for a phone number. You need to have a
conversation if you want to grow significantly when you’re offering an
opportunity in particular. So ask for a phone number,
offer these things. You’re gonna start generating your leads. Now, every week, you
should email your list, the whole list at least a
couple times a week, right. One of them can simply
be the weekly webinar. Hey guys and they watched last week, maybe that’s how you generated the lead and this week you’re like hey,
there’s another topic, right. It’s all Facebook lives or it’s all about Instagram or whatever. Market, sent that out to your email list, you’re continuing to nurture, feed that list good information, building your know, like and trust factor and then you can also send them out when you’ve got a new blog post, when you’ve got video or you did a new Facebook
live or whatever. You can send them out content as well and then eventually as you get better with your email marketing,
you can put up offers in front of them, do just
some different stuff. So that’s one half of
it, your email marketing. For Todd and I, for the first two years, we just saw email marketing as a bonus. Like, if we got sales through that, that was great, but our
core strategy was calling. So you get the lead, you call them up, introduce yourself and figure
out what their story is. So are you, I saw you know. So say they checked out this webinar for building your own
digital products right, or maybe let’s say Instagram, we can talk about that
one a little easier. Saw you were checking out
our, hey this is Chris, I saw you were checking
out our Instagram training to help you market a
business on Instagram. Just wanted to follow up,
see what you’re working on and how we can help you out. I always say we because there’s two of us but how I can help you
out and get them talking. Then you can ask, so do you currently have an
opportunity you’re working with or are you looking for
one because you get both. You get people who are just interested and maybe starting a
business and you get people who have one who just don’t
know what to do with it and you can serve both which is what’s great
about MyLeadSystemPRO So you generate the lead, you figure out are they
looking for an opportunity, fabulous, you’ve got a great one you can send them to, right. So you get them to agree
to watch the video, you send them the link to watch the video, you have a scheduled follow-up, you follow up really close. I actually have a video that, I’ll put an info card
up here for everybody that actually teaches you how to actually do those phone calls. So I’ll make sure that
that’s there for you if you want to get more into the script and how to actually handle the
phone calls in the follow up because that’s important but that’s great, that’s someone who is
looking for an opportunity. Now for the person that isn’t
looking for an opportunity. You can make crazy amounts
of money on the people that say no to your opportunity and this is what people don’t understand when they first get started. Very few people join new opportunities. It’s just the way it is, right. It takes longer to build that rapport and you know, they say one out of 10, and in my experience that’s
if you’re good, right. If you’re really good, you
can make maybe one out of 10. Most people get a lot
fewer numbers in that, especially depending on your price point and who your target audience is and all that kind of stuff. Normally, if they said
no, nine out of 10 people, what do you do? You just keep them on your email list and hope they change their mind someday and decide to join, right? You’re missing out on a way to monetize those nine out
of 10 people, those leads. Offer them something else
that can be helpful for them. So if they already have
an opportunity, great, how’s that going for you, right. Are you generating leads, do
you know how to market that? Are you making sales? nine out of 10 times,
they’re gonna say no. They’re being honest and so you can offer
them my MyLeadSystemPRO. It has an affiliate program,
affiliate marketing. You just offer it to them, hey we got this great
system, teaches you how to do you know, generate
leads, quality leads of entrepreneurial-minded
people, blah, blah, blah and get them in front of that opportunity or in front of that video for, to be a customer of the system to help them grow their main business but that’s when you have two
very solid income streams but you have one target audience because I get this question all the time. How do I build my main business if I’m doing all this MLSP stuff. Complete wrong way to think of this. You are building you and
your online presence. When you generate your lead, that’s when you decide you know, what direction you want to go. On the front end, everything is just you. It’s all about you and building your brand and your business. Once that lead is generated, you can push them towards an opportunity, you can push them
towards a tool, a system, something that solves some
sort of problem for them, whatever it is. So when people come and ask me that, I look at them dumbfounded,
like it’s all the same. I am my business, it’s all about me. I have multiple options
and where I steer people and how do I decide where to steer them, what’s going to help them. If I only have one thing
to help people with, I’m gonna try to fit
you know, a square peg through a round hole all the time. I’m shoving people into something that it really isn’t a good fit for them. When I have more options, I
can truly serve them better. Say well, this is great but
not where you are right now, this is what you need instead. This is how I can help you
and so it’s a really great way to serve people, to
build two income streams at the same time and to build your brand. What it’s really all about
is building your brand. Once you have that brand, you can have virtually infinite
number of opportunities on the back end, right because your front end
world doesn’t change, it’s all the backend stuff that changes, does that make sense? – [Chris] Absolutely, yeah. – Okay, any questions I want
to just went through so far? – Actually, I got one,
when you generate the lead and there is the lead that actually gives you a phone number, how long do you wait before
you make that first phone call. – I call that same day
but I typically try not to call within that first hour. If I don’t have an option,
I’ll just call right away but I like to give them
an hour so before I do because then they have had the chance to have gone through
some of the information. So if they opted into a webinar, if they are recording a video,
whatever, a PDF download, I’ve given them a chance to
at least take a look at it. Not, and you know, some people,
they opt-in to everything, it goes into their email and never open it and that’s okay (laughs) because I’m still gonna call those people and I’m gonna remind
them what they opted into even if that conversation
doesn’t go so well, guess what, now what are they
doing when we got that phone, they’re going back to that email. They’re gonna look at ours
compared to everything else that they opted into
and never opened, right. So that’s a great question, but yeah, I give them about an hour in
a perfect world and do it. You know, we’re at a different
point in our business now. We are no longer calling leads but when I did, I would typically take, it was usually evenings
and I would call a lead between, and central time zone in the U.S. Between four and nine. So all day and night,
we’d be generating leads because we didn’t do, I
know a lot of people get into like the Facebook
hustle and they’re networking and they’re doing Facebook lives and doing all this kind of
stuff, but they’re really, it’s work intensive just
to generate the leads. Well, we like to do more
more leveraged activities. So we focus on Instagram instead, we focus on Twitter,
YouTube, things that we can, yeah it takes work, but
you create the content and then people you know,
opt-in on their own, great. You’re not out there interacting with individuals to get the opt-in. So you know, we had all
that marketing stuff that we would do during the daytime, setting all that stuff up but then the leads just
came in on their own and I would have a set time every day where I would just call
whatever lead came in. You know, at the beginning
is one or two leads a day and then you know, as you keep going going then you’re up to 10,
then you’re up to 15. Numbers-wise, just to give
you a little perspective. When we’re really heavy
into calling leads, if I had 15 phone numbers to call that day and they were all organically generated, because we we could run ads but the numbers were worse on the results. On paid advertising, we
found that our organic leads, leads that just came in because they found our Instagram feed, they found our Twitter
feed, our YouTube videos, whatever those were much
higher quality for us. So if I had 15 numbers to call, I would generally get
a hold of five people. I’d get five people on the phone. Of those five people, four or five of them I would get them in front
of some sort of video to sell them a tool or an opportunity. You know, then not everybody picks up and there’s you know, it keeps going down from there on that, getting actual signups
but I could get two, three signups a day from 15 leads because they were really
high quality leads. Does that make sense? – [Chris] Absolutely. – Okay, so that’s the actual like, lead generation email marketing
calling the side of it but you have to start
somewhere before that, right because if I give you a
link, you’re gonna go, where does anybody, where do I put this, how do people find it, right. So you have to build
an audience somewhere. There’s a lot of options and I’ll kind of break down
the main options for you and kind of give you the pros and cons. A lot of folks do just their
personal Facebook profile. They network with people,
they build relationships, they go into groups and
build relationships there, maybe they make their own
groups that they work in. There’s a lot of stuff you can
do on your personal profile. Pros of it, very low tech skill, right. You really don’t need to
learn any technical skills. The cons, and it’s always a hustle. I feel like it’s always,
you’re always grinding, you’re not you know, that
Facebook live that you did today isn’t going to bring you
people a month from now. That conversation you had today may or may not have been
fruitful but it’s not, if that one person doesn’t
ever end up buying anything from you, that was just that one person. It doesn’t you know,
reach new people and build or anything like that and so it’s very grind
intensive but it works. I know a lot of people that have built significant
businesses from this and a lot of really good marketers who’ve gotten really,
really good at networking and doing promotional-type posts and just they crush it and that’s great but for me, I don’t like
it as a main source. What we always did is we focused on more leveraged activities and then if I had more time, then I would do some of the Facebook hustle. It was like an added layer that I could do if we were in a run or we
were pushing really hard or I just had some extra time on my hands. So that’s how we always do Facebook. You can you paid on your
business page on Facebook. Business pages are paid to play. You have to have an advertising budget and you have to be
skilled enough to run ads and unfortunately, Facebook
is getting harder and harder and more expensive and more
expensive to run ads on. So just from a year ago to today, there’s been drastic changes
and drastic increase in prices. So it’s not something
that I would recommend for a new person getting
started, it just isn’t. As people get more experienced,
they get really good at copywriting and (mumbles) their funnels and everything are really good then yeah, go ahead and play with some Facebook ads and boost whatever you’re
already doing but I, it’s definitely not strategy
I’d recommend for someone new. Where I actually started was Instagram. Instagram is awesome
because it can do a lot of the personal touch stuff
with like Facebook cam but you’re also building a long-term asset of a huge audience. So I think at the day of this recording, we’re at like 36,000 followers or something like that on Instagram. So we’ve been, because
we’ve been building it for years, right it’s you
know wasn’t a you know, something that happened quickly but it was a long-term
asset that we built. I’ve made posts you know,
I’ve been posting regularly, every day but I actually could add on, I could layer on additional
hustle of actually talking with people and networking with people to get more leads at the beginning. So it works really well
as a beginning strategy because yes, you’re
doing more the long-term ’cause you’re setting yourself
up well for the long-term but you can also add a little elbow grease to get more results at the beginning because when you work on
those long term strategies, they don’t give you a lot
up front necessarily, right. There’s something that
worked really well long-term but upfront, you’re probably going to be working for quite a while before you start seeing
some returns on that. Instagram offers an opportunity
to hustle a little bit and talk with people to you
know, speed up those returns. So Instagram is a great option. We actually recommend a
lot of people to Instagram. Twitter is also a great option. We really, we use automation
completely on Twitter. We don’t actually go in and tweet. We have everything set
up and we really use it as a syndication method
for all of our content. Our blog posts, our YouTube videos. We use it as a way to send
that out to the masses. So Twitter’s been a
backbone of our marketing for a long time just
because it feeds you know, We use it to, well, our
other stuff feeds it I guess and it pushes it out to the masses. So we have 160 or no, we I
don’t know how much it is, over a 100,000 followers on
Twitter between a few accounts. So, it’s a great strategy
to complement other things. So other things, what would that be? I love YouTube, I can’t say it enough, I think it is probably the best place for starting out today. Why, because it’s not just a place you can create content like this but you can, it’s a search engine, right. New people can find you
whereas if you compare that to Facebook, it’s rare that someone who’s not already following
you is gonna see your post, like that’s not normal. It’s part of their algorithm
right, if you’re a follower. So you’ve had to connect first and then they can see your content whereas YouTube’s the opposite. People are finding your
content on their own and then making the connection to you and I think that’s powerful. Yes, it takes work and it takes gumption because not a lot of
people have the courage to turn on that video and start recording. So, but it’s worth it. We have a friend of ours that went from 14,000 followers last January, I mean a year ago January
and in a year’s time, he is now up to over 300,000 followers on YouTube subscribers
because he hustled it out. He started cranking out videos
and he learned what kind of videos got on the most subscribers and he just really tuned into that and ran and he made, I’m not gonna
say much made last year but he did really well (laughs). So, I mean the the
growth potential is huge. Yes, there’s work but beyond
the search engine part of YouTube, we also love it
because it’s evergreen, right. It serves you long-term. It’s not like having a
one-on-one conversation with someone and if they
don’t buy or purchase ever from you, it was a waste of your time. I did a YouTube video
and someone two years from now can find it
and become a subscriber or opt-in to a capture page or whatever. It can serve us long-term. It’s like building up
assets in your business with every video that you create
and to me that makes sense. Now Todd and I had probably
a different perspective than I think a lot of folks do when they start a home
business or an online business. A lot of folks just
want to make money now, I need to make money now, I have to make this
work and they have this, they’re like so money hungry. So they go for the quick
win that’s not going to do anything for a long-term and that’s just what they have to do. While Todd and I always had the opposite. Like, well we know we’re
in this for the long haul. I don’t need to get a sale today. I want to be able to build a
massive long-term business. And because we had that mindset, we focused on things
like blogging and YouTube and Instagram instead of Facebook. You know, we did those things because we had the
long-term picture in play and we didn’t need a short
win to just keep us going. Podcasting is also something
that is really an awesome way to do evergreen content. So between YouTube,
podcasting and blogging, those are the three main
evergreen content strategies that you can work with
that are available today. I had no experience doing
podcasting but I do like to listen to podcasts and I know several people who are very successful with them. So some folks don’t like
video but they like talking and they got a good voice,
great, start doing podcasting. If that’s your thing, I would definitely suggest
following Pat Flynn. He’s got great training and
just he’s all about podcasting. He’s a great podcaster. As someone who needs to figure
out how to do all this stuff. ‘Cause if you say, well I’m
gonna start doing YouTube, well then how do you
actually are doing it. Well, follow our channel because
we’ve got a ton of videos that’ll teach you how to do this at but MyLeadSystemPRO teaches
you all the strategies as well. Okay, so under the training tab, there’s a training library and this has virtually
everything under the sun, even mindset and
scheduling and everything. All of that stuff is all here. How to work your email list, how to use those Wednesday
webinars to generate leads. How to interact and prospect people. How to do blogging, Facebook
challenges, Facebook lives, see all this stuff here. So if you want to learn
how to do these strategies, the actual how-to
nitty-gritty, you just go here. It’s really simple and you break it down. So what I would do as a new marketer, I would open up, so Instagram. I went to the Instagram
one, I’d open up the video that was teaching me
what to do on one side and I had my other screen opened and like had two monitors
or I split my screen and I’d have Instagram up or
I’d be on my phone doing it as I went through the video. So I was implementing as I
was going through the training because that’s a huge issue for people. You could look, I mean there’s
a ton of training here, massive amounts of training and what people do is they
sit here for four hours, they go through two or three videos, like some of the really big ones, different pieces of video topics and then they’re like,
okay now what do I do. Now you’re just overwhelmed and you’re not gonna do anything. What you need to do is
choose your one strategy that you’re gonna focus on, go through that training and as they’re telling you what to do, how to set up your profile, how
to put in your website link, how to, creating your first post. All of that stuff, you
need to be doing it, pausing, do, pause, do,
pause, back and forth. That’s how you really learn how to do it. Doesn’t that make sense? – [Chris] Absolutely, yeah. – Okay, so out of that information, which I kind of just
rolled at you (chuckles), what questions do you have for that or do you have some ideas on
what direction you want to go? – Actually, I’m looking at trying to get from Facebook to Instagram. I learned by accident that
I can’t post any links on my post so I’m trying
to figure out the best way to you know, I know that you know, I do lifestyle posts and things
like that on the Instagram but how do I get the you know, if I’m going to do one of the trainings, how do I get that link onto Instagram so people can click on
it and register for it. – Yeah, I’ll show you. So this right here will
teach you Instagram, okay. So this will walk you through how to do it but in general, I need
to pull up Instagram, to this edit profile. You hit that edit profile. Right here is where you
put that website, okay. – Okay so, but then I
would have to change my, if I’m doing the you know,
trying to teach people how to do the YouTube,
will I have to go in there and change that every time to whatever video I’m putting out? – So are you promoting, wait, using the Wednesday night webinars? – Wednesday night webinars or you know, anyway you look at it. – Yeah, until you get to 10,000 followers. Once you get to 10,000 followers, you can actually use stories
and swipe up in stories and then you can do whatever you want but until you get to 10,000 followers, you have one website
that you can leverage. So we don’t really change this now, we keep it exactly where it
is and I just use my stories if I want to send people other places but when I was beginning, for the website. If I wanted to, it was Wednesday morning or Tuesday and I wanted to promote that Wednesday night webinar, in my post I would tell them
what they’re going to get by attending the webinar, telling them to click the link in the bio and I would have swapped that link out. So I’d have the main one
that I’d have there most of the time and then if I want to promote something else temporarily, like a Wednesday night
webinar or something else then I would just make the switch. Just make notes for
yourself on your calendar or whatever that could change
it back after you’re done with that, promoting it okay. – [Chris] Okay. – That makes sense? – Absolutely. – So we’ve got a clear plan to go forward. You know how to leverage
the current tools in MLSP to build a different opportunity, correct? – [Chris] Yes. – Awesome, that’s my goal because a lot of people get confused. It’s all the same, you are your business, you can use these tools
to generate your leads and then you can do whatever you want. Build whatever business
you want with those leads. So awesome, I’m happy that we were able to help you out today, get
you going on the right path. Now I hope this was
really insightful for you and how you can leverage tools
like within the MLSP system to build any type of business
and that’s just a fraction of what MLSP has to offer. To learn more about MyLeadSystemPRO
and the great system that got us started online
and helped us become who we are today make
sure to click the link at the top of the
description to check it out. Chris, just wanna thank you
for being here with us today. I think this is a great
lesson for a lot of people. Now, please know that
we are rooting for you, we are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if you’re new, you gotta subscribe so that we can help you do that. Make sure to say hi in the comments so that we can welcome
you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from Head over to the next video
and I’ll see you soon.

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