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Hello! guys and welcome back again in my new video and today! welcome to a life changing opportunity its all about UDAX and ACECLUB.IO about UPDATES,ANNOUNCEMENT AND TESTIMONY learn before you earn so watch my full video presentation so you learn about this before you join and earn in this life changing opportunity platform Hello! are you one of those people who wants to earn extra income online if yes, click the subcribe button and click the bell too to keep you updated for my next video which you can earn all about myself okay guys for who doesnt recognize me My name is Aiza B. Mercado and i am 25 years old right now and i am IT expert and i graduate in course of IT track okay,i am a full time employee and being a youtuber is only my part time or online advertiser and im one of those lazy to wake up early and tired ride everyday ride in LRT, DRIVE or whats so ever and im tired of work that was given from my boss and also im tired of low salary thats why i do business and thats UDAX im so thank that i meet UDAX okay, #1 i make this as my additional income so.. you know guys.. if its not enough or,your income is not enough monthly you must make a way to have a source of income and do a sideline too and its very applicable for those who want to retire want to resign or,to go back way home to philippines so,example your a OFW UDAX can help you ! ACECLUB and UDT token here it is one of a good thing here is you can earn while at home okay,for those who is not familiar in bitcoin okay,UDT is a type of cryptocurrency so,lets start introducing bitcoin bitcoin is a cryptocurrency it is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank so, in-short bitcoin can use online and no need of bank to transfer money and what do you need to transfer bitcoin? none other than a BTC wallet thats all you need when ever you are in globe luzon,visayas,mindanao or international you can use bitcoin it thats is what its like in our UDT token okay, if you can recall 9 yrs. ago a 1 bitcoin only valued about $0.008 but now the difference of 1 btc value before to now is $7223.90 see bitcoin is a long term investment and lets say if you buy 100 bitcoin before now the amount of bitcoin is this and now your already a millionaire or a billionaire okay, ill intriduce first a bitcoin a like platform so,what is UDAX? here UDAX is UNITED DIGITAL ASSETS EXCHANGE okay, UDAX platform exist almost 2 years and it is cryptocurrency exchanging platform UDAX do a buy and sell and we can trade different cryptocurrency here okay, this is are the CEO’s of UDAX this is Dr.bobby lieu as you can in different picture of UDAX seminar bobby lieu is always present here this is is Amir a pioneer of litecoin so,UDT is so positive because litecoin is successful and what is the next successful in our UDT token and Richard Wand and Nicholas Ng are their advisers so here and you already know that UDAX platform exists for almost 2 years and they decided to create their own token and that is the UDT token and this a short term of UDAX token so its called UDT token its official release in market is September 18, 2018 okay in our update it has a specific date when will introduce the UDT token and it has a initial value about $0.30 UDT token is a trading token so if you buy UDT token it is a long term investment so guys if youre thinking that this is free it is not free so the minimum amount is $100 okay, were set P55=$1 thats why $100 is equivalent to P5,500 so the amount of UDT token you can get with this price is about 333 UDT token $500=1,666 UDT token $1500=5,000 UDT token and the highest investment here is is $5,000 and you can get 16,666 UDT token alright, so.. how to to earn using UDT tokens and here the question will appear that how to earn using UDT token okay, UDT token is.. trading tokens so.. all we have to do is to buy low and sell high means you will buy low value of token and when it rise its price you can sell it so.. in UDAX we will sell and we will exchange or trade because.. because UDAX only can use UDT token because they are the one who create this tokens so you can sell it automatic or you can sell it on your desired price okay guys example our initial token price is about $0.30 and you avail $500 which you can get 1,666 UDT token so example guys in a few months, in a few days from now the value of a UDT token is become $3 so your 1,666 UDT token ill multiply it by $3 because it become its selling price so you can have $4,998 so your investment is only P27,500 right and in a few months you earn about P274,890 All of us start at a little you have to be patience to see a cryptocurrency grow and once it grow you sell it at last and thats how it works and thats how we earn here at UDT token after September 18 UDT token will change so if the price of it before will be not same as now cryptocurrency is like a stock exchange okay, for example if the value of dollar is low or it down thats the right time for us to buy , right! example P45 per $1 then after that you see the price increase to P50 and that is the right time to sell it to the money changers so when the time you buy the P45 and you sell it to P50 at that time you already earn P5 see without doing anything you just wait it to increase to sell it in a higher value so that is how it work too in UDT token you will buy in initial value about $0.30 and once its out in the market expect it will grow and you can hold it as you can until you sell it or until it increase its price so, in trading of cryptocurrency is either you will buy again its either if you hold it until the increase of value or its either you withdraw it all in and thats how trading works okay in here inviting is just a optional but what if yo ulike to share this opportunity to others its introducing our marketing site or marketing arm which is the ACECLUB.IO so guys in UDAX their we exchange our cryptocurrency and here in ACECLUB.IO here we register herea new members here we buy UDT tokens also we can upgrade our UDT packages here you can see your Direct,Binary & Matching Bonus and you can see here your whole team structure because ACECLUB.IO is a multi-leveling marketing here you can see your withdraw earnings via BTC how much is earnings in invite okay #1 is direct referral and 10% is our earnings or 10% commission depends on what package did our invited guess bought example $5,000 bought by your invited guess and whats is the 10% of $5,000 is $500 is your direct bonus earnings here 10% is $500 so, in $1,500 10% amount is $150 direct bonus so $500 whats is 10%? $50 direct bonus and the minimum investment is $100 and the 10% commission in our invited guess is $10 direct bonus and it not last just from our commission invites okay #32 is pairing bonus 10% on the lesser leg okay here is the explanation here and because were multi-leveling marketing we have left and right leg okay! so here its you okay so in your left leg you have 5000 volume and in right leg you have 3000 volume so its said 10% on the lesser leg so where is the lesser leg here? is it 5000 or 3000? so all of us already know that $3000 is the lesser leg so how much we can earn here 3000 x 10% you will earn 30$ immediately so what did you just do you just share this ACECLUB.IO you just share UDAX you just share UDT token and how to earn here and they just avail a package and thats it and this is your commission for your sharing of opportunities here at UDAX alright! so it will not last just something like that we have a matching bonus so what is matching bonus this the “INVITE” OF your invitations thats it means if your invited guess invites another one lets say about $100 okay how much is your earning “1%” you just receive 1% from your invited direct referral bonus and whats did you do “none” because your referrals is now sharing another they invite to get investor and you earn also so..ill share my 1month experience working with ACECLUB okay 1 month i earn>.

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