My New Business

In My New Business, you’ll find really
useful information if you’re thinking of working for yourself, or if you’re in the
early stages of setting up your own business. There’s also information for
you if you’re already running your business and still need a helping hand. Whatever stage your business is at, My New Business has the answers to help you
to plan it, start it and run it. The site has lots of advice guides,
videos and tools, plus other learning resources, like tutorials and case
studies, all of them are aimed at helping people like you to get their business
started. They cover everything from coming up with a strong business idea
and developing it, to identifying and reaching your customers to turning that
idea into a successful business. Perhaps you’re planning to buy an
existing business or a franchise, if so, we can help with that too. We will help
you to prioritise your tasks. We will also explain the steps you must take to
comply with the law, the things you should do to help your business get
ahead, and the things you could consider. For example, you will find tips and
things like the different ways you could fund your venture, plus guidance on how
you should write a business plan, right through to all the tax and legal matters
you will need to think about. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your
journey to working for yourself, there’s information to suit everyone. “There are
so many challenges when it comes to planning, starting and actually running a
business. It’s a bit of a minefield and there’s so much information it’s hard to
know where to start. With My New Business it just makes it very clear, very concise,
and you can follow a journey step-by-step to get the information that you
need.” You can browse the site to find advice and guidance specific to whatever
it is you’re currently trying to do, or would like to know more about.
You can use our three checklists – these are dedicated to providing support
exactly when and where you need it, helping you to plan, start and run your
business. Maybe you have a business idea, or perhaps you are in need of
inspiration from our pre-start checklist. If you are ready to take the plunge and
need help getting your business established, our start your business
checklist will lead you through the steps, including finding and managing
money, to choosing premises and hiring staff. Then our running your business
checklist is there to guide you as you accelerate your sales and growth, and
also to explain what help is available. Each checklist is a collection of
bite-sized guides, videos, tips and tools. Use our help to get ahead and find out
how other local entrepreneurs have made the transition, and the support they have
got along the way. My New Business will guide you through the process of turning
your ideas into a successful, well-run business. You can find financial
assistance and advisory support in your area, and for your type of business, from
business support organisations across Northern Ireland. Use the events finder
to search for local training and workshops on topics including finance,
tax, sales and marketing. You can also find details of upcoming business
networking events. “To plan, run and start a business without My New Business, I would describe it similar to doing an exam without going to class. Yes, you
could sit the exam, but are you going to pass it? Probably not. Go visit the
website, spend 10 minutes on the website and you’ll see what value it has. If you
spend 10 minutes, you’ll end up spending 10 hours. It will really help you in terms
of your day-to-day running and long term planning of your business.” To get even
more out of the site, you can choose to register. It’s quick, easy and free to do, and it lets you save your business time and money
as we will work for you, keeping you up-to-date with the latest business
support and expert advice. Put simply, My, New Business will help you decide if
working for yourself is right for you, and guide you through the process of
turning your ideas into a successful, well-run business.

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