– [Gary] Staphon. Got these for four dollars. – Get the hell outta here.
– [Gary] Garage sales, baby. Trying to tell people. – Four dollars?
– [Gary] Four dollars. What? – In Jersey?
– [Gary] In Jersey. My size too. It was funny I saw them, I was
gonna buy them just to give to like somebody to flip.
– [Tyler] Yep. – [Gary] ‘Cause I saw a 10 and
I knew I was gonna kill ’em and then I looked at
them I’m like, “Oh, a 10.5,” I’m like eh. (“Unstoppable” by This Is Wolff) (“Beauty In The Struggle”
by Justin Stone) Monday morning,
feelin’ pretty good. Lot of stuff going in the world of business but especially on my mind is very
massive decline of retail. Retailers, retail locations. We’ve had more bankruptcy in
the retail sector in the first quarter of 2017 than we did
in the entire year of 2016. I think that’s
just the beginning. I think we’re seeing that
the, not the collapse but the recalibration of
retail in our society. Rents are overpriced for the
reality of the traffic that is being deployed as we continue to
go more and more e-commerce and as brands get marginalized and more
and more players coming to death of a thousand cuts
and so I think it’s a really interesting time and I think
it’s an absolute preview to what’s gonna happen to the
television commercial industry. You know with every
OTT player, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and I can’t imagine the Facebooks and the Googles of the world not
getting more serious about it. Apple, obviously, Planet of
the Apps, like original program, supply and demand,
fragmentation. Bottom line is the money
that brand spent on television commercials and on banner ads is going to collapse
over next five years. VaynerMedia is going to be in an
incredible position to pick up those opportunities and I continue to
be on the aggressive offense to structure my
company, hire the talent. Couple people I met with
recently that I’m about to hire that are just straight ninjas for
2021 but 94% of the agencies in the market
wouldn’t know what to do with them in 2017. So excited about that. Got a lot of stuff
going, just the way we’re rolling on our side. You know, really good
on this Monday morning. Cool, right? Bought ’em at a garage sale. – [Other Tyler] This weekend?
– [Gary] Yeah. – [Other Tyler] How
much you pay for ’em? – They wanted 10
but I got ’em for 4. When they want 10, you
offer 2 to set the tone. Too many people are
like, “What about 8?” Settle on 9. I go 2 to startle
them and see what happens. (“Beauty In The Struggle”
by Justin Stone) I genuinely believe that our SMB VaynerBeta P&L can be in the ballpark of (censored) dollars next year. So, just from all directions. On the flip side, just looking
at the feedback and things of that nature, it’s real.
It’s very real. I think the answer for something
that big is we have to have it integrated but we have to
think about how to integrate it without it slowing us
down or creating too many, what we’re trying
to do here, get faster. Anyway, it’s big. It’s real, real big. ‘Bout to change the
small business world. Small business ’cause I know
there’s a lot of entrepreneurs by definition companies that can afford
$25-30,000 a month to change their business
but that could change it big. About to crush it. Taylor.
– [Taylor] This is insane. – How are you?
– Amazing. – Real pleasure. – [Tyler] Two hours
of shadowing with you. – I love it. Taylor, it’s a pleasure, man. – [Taylor] Kind of like
what can he call you in for? It’s like so much
that you come here for. That I need to pick up.
– [Gary] Yeah. – [Taylor] Business
is going really well. – [Gary] I think it
comes, as long as you’re executing on your ambition.
– [Taylor] Yeah. – [Gary] You know, like to me,
I don’t think I can call people out so easily if, I think I can call
people out all the time because my ambition for what I want to
accomplish is so great. – [Taylor] Yeah. – But I think my
ambition’s crazy. – [Taylor] Yeah. – Where I’m at right now,
99% of people won’t get to. So, I’m always scared to make
sure that people know, here’s what I don’t like. Don’t tell me that
you’re gonna buy the Raptors and work like that.
– [Taylor] Yeah. – Tell me that you
want to have a good living. Spend time with your
daughter, travel the world. Well then all of a sudden
you can get into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.
– [Talyor] Yeah, exactly. – So I think that’s the thing
that I want to spend more time clarifying for people. Which is like, and
I’ve been saying it, right? Don’t let your mouth
outpace your actions. I think that when
I meet people, we jam, I want to make sure they’re
reminded that I’m not gonna, you know… People are like,
“GaryVee, call me out. Help me.” I’m like,
“Well, first of all,”– – [Taylor] I know, yes.
– You’ve seen it. Like but first help me
like what you want to happen. Because for $70,000 a year you
could live like a ridiculously happy life and
do a lot of stuff. Like people don’t get it. Like price list,
and where’s the beef, and just do it,
that’s what matters. Creative is the
variable of success. The problem is you need to make
$50-200,000 videos for Facebook where the media the
amplification of a million is worth like 5-6 million
on television. And you need to make four of
them because Doritos means something different to a
45-year-old African American woman with four kids in
Manhattan than it does to 17-year-old Ricky in
Texas, in San Antonio. People don’t get it. Let me rephrase, people get it. The world is, the corporate
world and agency world isn’t built to do the work that’s
actually driving business today. (“I Just” by Justin Stone) I’m not kidding,
I don’t want to hurt feelings. I’m trying to be kind here. Let me explain. When the market’s
good, everybody’s a hero. You know, what you’re gonna
hear for the next 40 minutes is I don’t know when
your economy gets soft, if ever, but if it does, you’ve
lived through ups and downs. – [Man] Yeah. – I want to give you tools
that will allow you to navigate. I think of myself
as a wartime general. I like being a
businessman when it’s bad. Wine Library,
my first business, VaynerMedia, this business,–
– [Man] Yeah. – both in the first
two years of me operating, the economy collapsed. – [Man] So Gary, the
reason why you like operating in shit, tough markets is why? – ‘Cause A-players win more.
– Right. – [Gary] When times are good,–
– [Man] Yeah. – [Gary] B’s and C’s
and D’s get too much. – [Man] Got you.
– [Gary] Got it? Because there’s a lot of people
who are watching right now that are taking the
money they’re learning, they’re getting and they’re
over-leveraging themselves. They’re buying homes and cars
and watches instead of investing in their business, saving money
so when things hit the trash, you know, if you saved a million
dollars in cash if you’re really good at what you do
and the market collapses, well all of a sudden,
property that was $3 million, might be $1.5 and
$1.5 might be $480,000. You then take that million
dollars and you deploy it. And when things go back
up you’ve made real wealth. Instead when times are good,
people out here are buying vacations to Maui and
buying better cars and buying a bigger home. Over-leveraging themselves,
getting too many mortgages and then they get caught.
– Yeah. – I love that winners
win and that losers lose. I love the
meritocracy of business. And in real
estate over the last, forever, and through my 20, 30
years professionally that I’ve paid attention to, and
I say 30 because as a kid I started studying stuff. You clearly see the
pattern recognition. Notice the stories of all
the people that you respect. It’s when the Great
Depression and during collapses, that’s where all
the wealth is made. – [Man] Yeah. Yeah. – [Gary] So how do
you position yourself? How do you build your brand? How do you build a marketing
engine for your organization or your agents or
whatever you’re trying to do. I’m a businessman, anything you
say I’m comfortable in answering because that’s what I do. Alright, Passover which
means it’s time to go home and do the family thing. So, hope you got
some good stuff today. Maybe that last interview gave you some good stuff, right? And that’s it. Holiday time. See ya. (“I Just” by Justin Stone)

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