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– You should do this.
– Okay, why do you think that? – Because the products are
not the variable of success. The knowledge of understanding
how to communicate to– Yeah! You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (upbeat music) Somebody was cryin’ this
morning, I was on Twitter, they’re like, fuckin’ Instagram, not getting the reach anymore. us artists are gettin’ fucked, can’t get as many people seein’ it. Now they want us to pay, mother fucker, fuck Facebook and Instagram. I replied to ’em like, shit’s free. (laughs) I’m like, what do you mean
they’re taking away your shit? It was, it’s free. (laughs) They’re like, oh, I didn’t
think about it that way. (laughs) Here’s the biggest thing about that, the only that are listening to
you are other losing players. The only other people that
are cosigning your excuses are other losers. – I always have, state of
my mind, future every day. Like I know a lot of people say, oh don’t think so far into the future, but I feel like I have
to because I wanna see what my self is like five
to 10 years from now. Like my biggest problem– – Real quick, being thoughtful
about the future’s amazing, but not letting it cripple you is the key. – Yeah, ’cause my problem be I would think so far into the future I would start worrying about stuff, and stuff that I wouldn’t accomplish before I leave this earth years
from now that I want to do. – It’s great to have ambition. But if you cast too much
judgment on yourself on a day to day on how
you’re reaching that ambition you’re gonna cripple yourself. The fact that you understand
that that is your perspective means you’re on the cusp of fixing it. Only thing that I’ve ever seen
really work in this scenario where your DNA and your experiences has made you look half glass full, pessimistic versus optimistically blind, is to fundamentally surround yourself with optimistic people. You gotta cut out
pessimistic and negativity and you gotta add on
optimism and positivity. It’s as simple as that. You guys should be lookin’
around at each other and whoever else isn’t
here and like in order, who’s the most optimistic, and not, don’t, there’s a real fine line
between delusion and optimism. I’m gonna be in the league, but
they’re not even practicing? (laughs) – Story of my life, man. – So, that’s delusion. I’m gonna be in the league
and maybe you don’t see it but you see them at
least doing free throws five a.m. to six a.m. every morning before they go on the bus. Yo, at least he’s trying. And the more difficult
your circumstances are the more likely you’re around pessimism. My number one piece of
advice of leaving here is whoever the most the most
optimistic person is here become more friendly
with them, straight up. – You taught me about patience and I know ’cause it took a long time
for you to get back to me but I knew once you got
back to me it was so like, it was unbelievable, I was like, this man finally got back to me. (laughs) This is unbelievable, but you
just taught me like the game and everything you said, I
didn’t understand it right away, like I just needed some
time to think it through but once I watched more content, once I understood I was
like, yo, I got this, and that’s how we got back here
today so I’m just grateful. – I love you man, that’s one
of my favorite clips ever, just like watching your
eyes, we were right there, just your eyes, it’s the
best man, it feels so good. It’s so real, like that
advice I gave you is real. My believe is that if
you’re a great drug dealer you’d be a great business man. I just believe that
’cause it’s the same game. There’s a lot of drug
dealers that suck at it. (laughs) Look at my man Moose. He’s breaking down these bags into nickels because he’s making more money that way, and he’s chincing, he’s actually
making three dollar bags but he realizes that
everybody at the school doesn’t know the fucking
difference and doesn’t care. He’s smart. So, if you’re good at or
if somebody’s good at it, they’d be even better at
flipping sneakers, or gear, or going to the thrift store and flipping, because it’s the same fucking move. And then when you have the freedom of being not scared to get caught, now you’re fucking move fast. Now you’re a fucking entrepreneur and everybody thinks, you know, people are putting you on a pedestal. (laughs) – I love him, I love ’em! (calm electronic music) – [Woman] Every year since 2016 we’ve been in excess of 2.5
million, it’s gone up each year. – In top line revenue?
– Yes, I think. – Sales, cool.
– Yes. Yeah, that’s the other thing too, is like my questions are
gonna maybe seem a bit basic. – I don’t care, I’m basic as fuck. Do you know how many Harvard
Business School people have ever built a business
doing 2.5 million? A lot less than you think. So I promise you, you’re not basic. The amount of humans
that have walked around that do 2.5 million in sales is low. – Okay, thank you.
– I mean it, and the second you understand that, and the same way with him
why you’re working at, like, this is real, that’s why I’m pumped, this is why I love how the world evolved. It’s much more for like, that’s real. – [Woman] Yeah, thank you. I mean, my husband’s told me
that too and he’s my partner, and he’s like, you don’t get it, and I was like, I feel like
we could be doing more. – Well yeah, that’s for
sure, but it’s not predicated because you didn’t go to business school or you don’t know the, I still
don’t know all the terms. – [Woman] I said in an
email to Nick the other day, I was like, I have to Google
half the things that Gary says ’cause I don’t know what they mean. – You ready for this? I think I Googled them
first seven years ago. (laughs) Like, my mom and sister
are always out there like, where the fuck did your vocab come from? I’m like, osmosis, ya know.
– I love that, repetition. So yeah, so we’re doing
well on Amazon but I think, to be completely transparent,
I’ve stayed in that game because it’s comfortable
and I’m good at it. Like, it works, obviously it’s
working and so I’ve been– – What’s your gut tell you? It’s starting to not gonna work soon, like what’s your gut tell you? You’re leaving too much on the table? – [Woman] Yeah, my gut tells me that I’m avoiding actually pushing myself and doing something that
I’m afraid to do because I’m sticking to what his
proven to be our way positive, that is comfortable and so I’m just like staying in the safe space
of like, I wonder if I– – Well, do you wanna build
something that is seven million? – [Woman] Yeah. – You sure?
– Yes, 100%. Our goal this year is do to 10 and I know that’s
aggressive, like I get it. – It’s not aggressive,
it’s just arbitrary. – [Woman] Should I, I truly believe if I put my mind into this, I can do our social media, I can learn it, I can get good at it, I can understand it. – You should definitely do that. – [Woman] Well, let me finish though, I think I’ll ask better questions and when I’m hiring someone
I think I’ll care more, but is it like, hey
listen, that’s the ego, you need to drop that
and you need to delegate? – No.
– Why do you say that? – Because you need to know what the fuck you’re talking about, it’s your business. I’ve consistently stayed
consistent on this which is, if you don’t know the craft how are you judging the
people you’re hiring. – [Woman] You also said here though in another one of your videos you’re like, hey, you need to have
100 people doing 80%, that’s better than just you
trying to do 100% by yourself. – That’s different, sure,
everything else you’re doing, you should give away. – Yeah, and I do.
– Good. I just contextualized it for you. How are you gonna find
those seven hours a day to get great at social? You’re doing something now, I assume. – [Woman] I’m not. – Why, ’cause it’s no autopilot? – [Woman] So we have people packaging. – I got it, so what are you doing? – [Woman] Nothing, that’s why I’m here. – Well, good. – [Woman] ‘Cause it’s
like I’m either gonna pour myself into adding
1,000 more products in the next like 90 days
or I’m gonna do this. – You should do this.
– Okay, why do you think that? – Because the products are
not the variable of success. The knowledge of understanding how to communicate to
the end consumer are. There’s nothing more important than being close to the end consumer, nothing else matters. There’s another big thing
that’s gonna happen, you’re gonna make 1,000
way better products after you’re done with this ’cause you’re gonna be in the trenches and not in a fuckin’ siloed ivory tower. You’re gonna have much better
intuition on the product. – [Woman] We’re not trying to be Walmart, we have a really awesome high
quality, high design products and our value proposition
is just so much more but how would you think about this issue? – I think you always have
to listen to your customers but your customers are
always gonna say that. Listen and synthesize and
make decisions, right? Like, that’s why both
listening to your customers to develop product is right
and also whoever said, if I listened to my customers I woulda made a faster horse,
is right, they both can work. It’s big data, people love
to talk about big data. Big data’s very cute, what you do with the data is what matters. You could stay the course
and keep your brand affinity in the right place and win, you could lower your price,
and that was exactly right, it was a 10% swing that totally changed the course of your business. You could lower your price by 10%, nothing different happened, and now you’ve just given up 10% margin and maybe even hurt a little brand equity. They’ve all worked. Listening and then the beauty of business. Business is talent. How many of those people have you called? ‘Cause I’ll tell you what I’m good at, and I don’t know you two, it’s one thing to read it,
it’s another thing to hear it. So maybe you take 50 of those people and you actually call ’em and you put in those 50 hours, or those 25 hours on 50 people, and then you say, now I’ve heard it, they’re full of shit, I’m out, right. Or, I’ve heard it and, fuck, there’s some, I believe as leadership
there’s something there. That’s it, there is no
right, it’s contextual. But you’re listening which is huge. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching my video on YouTube. I wanted to jump in here at
the end because I’m working on a ridiculously important project for me and I have a funny feeling you can help. If you drink wine at all or know anybody that drinks wine at all please go to right now and sign up for a subscription. Whether it’s a three pack,
whether it’s a six pack, or whether it’s a whole
case of each for the year, if you drink 36 bottles of wine a year or give away 36 bottles of wine a year please sign up for Club Empathy. This project means the world to me and I could really use your support. (calm electronic music)

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