My Wife Worries Too Much The Work in Business—The Work of Byron Katie (subtítulos en español)

My wife worries too much. The Work in Business. The Work of Byron Katie I complain about my wife because she
doesn’t have compassion with me I aslo complained about my business partner because he doesn’t show respect How many of you have had the thought that someone isn’t showing you the respect you deserve You thought those were your thoughts, that is pure ego those are our thoughts It doesn’t feel like that No, it doesn’t feel like because ego is really identified as a you The you believe you to be and in this case
you’re the one that has not been respected that´s your identification Yeah continue I complain about my wife again because she’s always critical and never positive That’s old, isn’t it? that’s very old I know that for a long time, so that’s true and the next one I complain about my wife because she worries too much Ok, find this little yellow card. This is a business course She has her own business and I have too If you’re not getting along with your wife or your husband when you before you go for work, doesn’t it affect your business day? Yeah, it does so, read that one again I complain about my wife because she worries too much I´m gonna follow this card, ok. Your wife worries too much, is that true? She could worry more or less, so it’s not too much Ok, your mind it opened up so continue to consider your wife worries too much Can you absolutely know that it´s true, that she worries too much? No, because when she worried she does it anyway Ok, so what’s going on here. Remember the answer to the first two questions is only one syllable so your mind, you know it’s like trying to protect itself, ego trying to protect itself It’s not right or wrong, it’s just about noticing so let’s start over Your wife worries too much, is that true? No Your wife worries too much, how do you react, what happens when you believe that thought? I get irritated I feel a lack of optimism, sometimes I feel depressed I want to shout out her, I do actually shout at her I even get mad at the children, when she’s, when she is expressing her worries so that´s how I react and I want, I want to go away and go outside and be alone What I´m experiencing now is your courage You know you have, your really it seems to me thoroughly answering that third question How do you react when you believe the thought you see those images In that same situation who would you be without the thought, she worries too much? This is a the question some of you experience compassion because you really can see that person look into their eyes and listen to the words that they’re actually saying as she worries and worries you hear her words? you see her eyes? who would you be without the thought, she worries too much? the thing is she phoned me this morning because our eldest daughter is sick and she was really like what should I do, should she go to school, how should I be with her and then I felt I’m not sure if it’s compassion that I could be with her on the phone with her worries I could really care for her worries Yes I´m not sure if it’s compassion, it feels like caring Yeah It’s like being in contact Yeah Intimate connected yeah yeah rather than distant worried and distant and wanting to hang up very different I just had done The Work. Yeah It seems to work somehow so with the thought you become worried and without the thought you can hear her and it doesn’t become all about you so, let´s turn it around She doesn´t worries too much give me an example in that situation where she wasn’t worried too much well, what we are authentic or fair or would you told us what she said on the phone and I didn’t hear a worried woman. I heard a woman asking you what did she do about this situation what did should she do with the dog She was asking you questions Yeah she may have been worried but what we do know is you were worried That´s right. I was worried I was worried, maybe I have to go back home and I can´t be here and I wan to be here Yeah. I was worry too much so you projected onto her, she was worried I don´t know if she was or not but she didn’t say so I just thought so She was asking you questions that´s what I hear you say She was investigating How should I handle this situation Yes and calling someone she respects I´m not sure about that that might be true Well, if someone’s asking me, asking me questions at least I’m still in the contest If you perceived your wife, when she calls you as being worried You´re going to take that into your business world People are going to say what do about this what I do about that what do I do. I don’t know what to do what do about this And if you´ve really done your Work You’re just simply hearing questions That´s all I can recognize this because now it’s more about my wife but I can also recognize this when with business partners or clients or whatever and within business Thank you, well done I just spook to my wife She was really upset because I didn´t phone her at the time I had agree to phone her so, thank you for this experience because It did really help me today to listen to her in a different way I hear her worry because she was worried for me what what’s going on, why don’t you phone me, what’s happening to you Are you okay, that’s what she actually said WOW, that sounds like love making Yeah I wanna go home now This really works, you know

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