National Small Business Week 2017

Hello. I’m Linda McMahon. Welcome to National Small Business Week, and
thank you for joining us in celebration of the true engines of our economy, the nation’s
28 million small businesses. As Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, I am honored
to be their advocate. National Small Business Week honors the innovators
who take a risk on an idea, invest in their communities and create jobs. Their skills and creativity not only support
their own families, they make our neighborhoods vibrant places to live and work and fuel our
nation’s economic strength. Many of you are entrepreneurs, and you probably
don’t ever take the time to congratulate yourself or give yourself a pat on the back. Who has the time? But you have earned our thanks and our praise. We as a nation want you to succeed. Because when your business thrives, our community
thrives right along with it. Small businesses are responsible for two out
of every three net new jobs in the U.S. each year. More than half of all Americans either work
for or own a small business. As an entrepreneur myself, I feel a tremendous
responsibility to each of them. Like all small business owners, I know what
it’s like to take a risk on an idea, manage cash flow, navigate regulations and tax laws,
and create jobs. My husband and I built our business from scratch. We started out sharing a desk. I remember the early days when every month
I had to decide whether I should continue to lease a typewriter or if I could finally
afford to buy it. Yes, that $12 a month really made a difference
in our budget. This week, we honor the entrepreneurs who
make tough decisions like that every day, sacrificing short-term perks for long-term
gain, investing in their futures, turning their vision into reality. We celebrate those who challenge the status
quo, the risk takers and innovators who look for new ways of creating products or serving
their communities. We salute the courage and persistence of those
who don’t always get the attention or appreciation they deserve. As I think back on my own journey as a small
business owner, I wonder how much easier things might have been if we’d been aware of the
many valuable services SBA provides. My hope is that as more people learn about
the services SBA provides, we can continue to revitalize a spirit of entrepreneurship
in our country and more people will have the confidence, skills and resources they need
to succeed as small business owners. As they succeed, our economy and our nation
succeed, and that’s something all of us can celebrate.

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3 thoughts on “National Small Business Week 2017

  1. Small businesses should definitely be supported since they are the engines behind our economy, create jobs, and support their communities. Every chance I get, I'll spend my dollars at the small mom and pop businesses because they deserve the support. Running a business is very stressful and challenging. Small businesses must make marketing one of their number one priorities, because getting little to no customers will cause them to go out of business. The companies that win are the ones whom have the best marketing strategy. Having great products and services aren't enough, because if prospects don't know they exist, they will sit on the shelf collecting dust and all that expertise will go to waste.
    Support Local Small Businesses Everyone!

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