National Small Business Week 2019 | Texas Workforce Commission

Hi, I’m Ruth Hughs, Chair and Commissioner Representing Employers for the Texas Workforce Commission. This week at TWC, we are pleased to recognize National Small Business Week — a week that is very
important to us because small businesses are the backbone of the Texas economy.
TWC offers many resources for small businesses that allow them to start, grow
and thrive here in Texas. We would now like to take a moment and highlight a few of our Texas, homegrown small businesses that have taken advantage of
our “SKILLS for Small Business” program. We are proud of their hard work,
determination and perseverance, and we want you to hear their success stories. Hello I’m Tyler Martin with PALS Home
Health. I’m the CEO and CFO, and we are a pediatric home health agency. I am Courtney Brandon. I’m our HR manager and E2 is a marine transportation
company. We have tow boats and barges that carry liquid cargo all over the
Texas coast. My name is Neil Matthews. I’m the general manager here at Shell
Machine Works. The company is a machine shop through and through, but we are trying to
make the leap into a world-class manufacturer of different oil and gas
components. Anything that comes in off the street that somebody needs modified,
we’re here to help with. “SKILLS for Small Business” is a program that supplies grants to small businesses so that they can educate their employees. There are different leadership classes, mainly. I’ve also had coaching classes. Respiratory training and BLS that have allowed our employees, our field staff, our nurses to
increase not only their skill set but the opportunity to make more money. You don’t necessarily need a college degree, you don’t even necessarily need a high
school diploma. You just need a good work ethic, and a desire to learn and
grow. I love being able to see people grow and able to see our employees go
from, you know, guys that are really not a lot of skills, as far as machining or
anything like that no college, being able to come in here and go from sweeping the floor to running a machine to being a leader. A guy could join and make
$12.50 an hour and it’s not crazy that in five years, he could promote all the way
up to a wheelhouse and become a pilot or relief captain or captain and make like
$140,000 a year. Small businesses are important to Texas
because they are the lifeblood of Texas. Small businesses make up a huge portion
of the economy in Texas, and they continue to grow, and that’s why Texas is
a great place for small businesses. I think we have a really cool culture here
in Texas. We have a really supportive government that has services and programs and grants like “SKILLS for Small Business” that they can utilize. We have
low taxes. I think we’re all really able to work together and build each other up.
We have really good communities here in Texas, and I just think it’s a great
opportunity for anybody who wants to try. Thank you for all you do for the great
state of Texas. Happy National Small Business Week.

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