Nevada Week S1 Ep31 Web Extra 2 | Raiders Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses

♪♪♪ (Kipp Ortenburger)
Let’s talk about
things are better here in
Southern Nevada. We have the
Raiders coming; we have the stadium
being built right now. I know when the bill
was initially drafted to bring
construction on, there were some
requirements as far as minority-owned
businesses. Ken, what did we have
within that bill? (Kenneth Evans)
Yes. The first thing
I want to say in the spirit
of full disclosure is I do happen to sit
on the Las Vegas Stadium Authority
board and have been. In fact, I was just
reappointed this past December for another
four-year term. The reason why
I’m pleased to be in that position,
and I tell people I’m blessed
to be in a position to be a blessing
to others, is because Senate Bill 1
stated from the start that there must be
participation by small businesses,
and then beyond that, Senate Bill 1 also
stated that in the case of the Raiders stadium,
there needed to be a community
benefits plan or community benefits
agreement created which would stipulate
beyond just the 15% local small business
participation, that we need to
make sure that during pre-development,
construction, as well as the
ongoing operations, all members, all segments
of the population in Southern Nevada
should benefit from that project. -And I read recently
that we have currently over one million hours
of minority-owned business hours
within that project, I think is the figure.
-I’m not sure. One thing is I try not
to quote statistics unless I have
my finger on them, but here’s
what I will say. Based on the statistics
and the reports that have been
provided to us, yes, we’re more
than meeting the mark in terms of employment
as well as business procurement for minorities
on the stadium project. ♪♪♪

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