Newbie Makes 6 Figures in Online Business with This ONE Strategy

– Today I’m gonna teach
you the number one strategy from international speaker, six figure earner, number six
top affiliate in Builderall and international digital
nomad, James Neville-Taylor. He is crushing it in the online world. He’s actually really new, this is my first time getting
to meet him in person. I’m excited because he’s doing something that I think you can all benefit, no matter what your business is, no matter what you’re doing online. This strategy can help
you crush your sales. What’s the main strategy? What is your big thing, James? – So, the main strategy, the groundbreaking thing, which
has never been told before, is email marketing. (chuckling) – Shock! No, but I think it’s so
underestimated today. People think of all these
sexy traffic sources and all this kind of stuff. Well, traffic is great but people need to see
your offer how many times before they actually purchase? – At least seven,
usually seven to 11 times before they even think about purchasing. – Yeah, even if you’re really
great at generating traffic on social media or ads, they’re going to need
seven different exposures before they pull the trigger. So, how are you going
to get those exposures? Email marketing! – Email marketing. Re-targeting, re-emailing
over and over again. – We’ve done videos, I’ll have an end screen on this, guys, about how to build your email list and start doing that. So, this video we’re going to talk about the actual emailing. Like, what do you send, how do
you craft a followup message, a followup series, that sort of thing. For someone who’s just
starting to build a list, they’re just starting to generate traffic, where should they start? What’s the starting point for
actually emailing their list? – The starting point, you should always have some
kind of automated followup when you first start off. So, something that introduces you. If you don’t have a story yet you don’t have any success
to speak of or anything so just introduce them to you and be like the reporter
on something else. So, something that you’ve just learned you may want to share with someone. Of course you don’t want
to be stealing ideas, you always want to give
credit where credit’s due. So, if you don’t have any
success or experience yet you can always draw from other
sources and other people. But the first few emails should always be relationship building,
introducing yourself, telling people to white
list your emails is huge because otherwise you’re going to end up in the spam folder a lot of the time. And just basically giving them some value and letting them get to know you. And then after you’ve done that then you can start sending
out offers to your list. Start sending out offers and like I say, at least seven to 11 times before most people even
think of buying it. And on the odd occasion
people have seen what you’re offering before and
see what you’re saying before and they might buy on the first email, but generally it takes
at least seven times. – Okay, awesome. So, say you’re just
setting up your very first automation followup series, what’s a good number of emails that you should set up in
there? Let’s break this down. So, maybe the first two
are relationship building, and you know, what that looks like, and then how long of a series, if you’re just getting started, what would that look like? – Just getting started I would say you don’t really need that
long a followup series. I mean, some people have
a really, really long sequence that’s explaining their story, that’s explaining what
they’ve done online, but I don’t think you need a really, really long followup sequence. Like, five to seven days for
people to get to know you, for you to drop some
value and stuff like that is more than enough I think. – Okay, awesome. So, you generate a lead, they opt in, you generate a lead, they kick off the automated series, five to seven days, after that point, what are you doing with them? – Well, I have a longer
automated followup series now. Obviously I’ve been writing
emails for quite a while so I’ve taken a lot of my daily emails and then incorporated them into
my automated email sequence. But when you’re first starting off I would say email every day, even if it’s just about
what you did that day and what you learned. You should always be writing
at least one email per day, ’cause that’s how you get better at it. You start being able to tell stories, you start being able to incorporate stuff that happens in your
life into marketing messages and stuff like that. So, definitely email
absolutely once a day minimum. – So, once they’ve gone
through the series, then we’re looking at sending
just daily broadcast messages and just getting good at communicating. And like what he said, it’s important. You’re not just trying
to craft a sexy pitch in your emails, you’re trying to build rapport, you’re trying to build a
relationship with your audience. And that’s key because
they’re not gonna buy from you if they don’t know, like, and trust you. So, you know, we give tons
of value to our lists. We’re always sending them YouTube videos, we’re sending all kinds of good value and then every once in a
while we sprinkle in an offer. Because we’re not hitting
them day after day with offer, they’re actually willing
to make a purchase when they see something because they’ve gotten so much value, which is so important.
– That’s it. That’s it. And it’s also important to remember to tell stories when
you’re selling as well. If you create a email
with the subject line, so and so’s making $25,000, I can guarantee that’s pretty
much going in the trash. No one’s gonna read that,
no one’s gonna open that. But if you use a catchy headline which is intriguing and
then the email goes into, I’m not saying use clickbait, ’cause clickbait obviously people will get very angry with that and it’s unethical. But something that weaves
into your actual email message which is catchy, memorable, then you’re gonna get a
lot higher open rates, you’re gonna get a lot more people that are engaging. And
if you don’t do that you’re just gonna mishmash with the thousands of other marketers doing the exact same thing. That used to work 10 years ago, you could say like, oh,
this is this, this is that but there’s so much hype and there’s so many people
doing it it’s died off. – Right. No, I totally agree with that and I think one thing, a little piece of advice I give from my own experience writing emails, is I’m a doer. I’m like, I got kids, I
got all this kind of stuff to do in my life and I gotta
get through my tasks each day, and so I’m like a cross it off the list, get it done, shoot off
that email, whatever, and all too often, especially at the beginning, I would shoot off an email only afterwards to realize, well, that
title, that subject, wasn’t really that good. Right?
– Right. – And I’d see it and my
open rates would be sucky for that email, so I would encourage you
to take a little time. Like, write it out,
write out your headline, and then don’t send it. Like, just sit for a
minute and give yourself some thinking time. Like, okay, is there a better way I could put the subject? ‘Cause the subject’s really
the most important part ’cause if they don’t open it, that email’s useless. Absolutely. So, any advice specifically on the subject of an email? – Definitely make sure, like I said, don’t be clickbaity and weave it into what you’re promoting, what the actual body of the email. You don’t want to say one
thing in a subject line and then completely different in the body. – Needs to be congruent. – Yeah, absolutely,
congruency is very important. Try and make it as congruent as possible. And be creative. Invoke curiosity in your subject line. So, that’s the main
point of a subject line is to get people to open. That’s the number one job that it’s got. And then the first sentence in an email, the main purpose of that should be to get them to read the second sentence, and the second to read the third. And then I think there’s a statistic, it’s something like if
they read the first 20% of your email, there’s like a 90% chance that they will read it
all the way through. – Wow, that’s interesting. That’s a really good statistic. So, if they read the first, how much, 20%? – 20%, yeah. – Then they’re 90%
likely to read the rest. – Yeah, the entire thing. – As an email marketer, which you all should be, building that email list
and starting to do this, focus most of your time on what? The first 20%. – Yeah. Yeah, exactly.
– Oh, that’s interesting. That’s a really good tidbit. Golden nugget right there, write that one down. First 20%, most important. – And following on from what
you’d said a moment ago, about leaving it a little
while and coming back to it, I learned from, I don’t
remember who it was, so if I find out I want to give credit, but I found out from someone that if you write an email in the evening and then come back to it the next day, it gives you a fresh
perspective, a fresh mind to look at it in the morning. And then sometimes when I’ve done that, I’ve come back to it the next day and I’ve been like, what on earth were you thinking? I’m so glad that I didn’t
click send on that. – That’s good. I don’t know if you’ve
ever been in a discussion or argument with someone and you’re sitting in bed afterwards or the next day and you’re
just steaming about it, you go, well, I should have said and you come up with the perfect thing you should’ve said, hours later, which is completely useless. So, give yourself that cushion when you’re writing your email. Same thing, guys. – Exactly, that’s a perfect
analogy, I love that. – So, instead of stewing about, oh shoot, I could’ve said. And I’ve done this, I’ll
say from experience, I’ve sent off an email and
then right after I send it I go, oh shoot, I could’ve
said this for my subject and I would’ve gotten more opens. So, give yourself a few
breaths to chew on it, write it in the evening, plan to send it off in the morning. Give yourself that time to digest it because you will come
up with better subjects, you will come up with better content, and if your brain can work on it. And there’s a lot of
science behind your brain analyzing things when you’re sleeping. And they actually have
done studies of people who are learning tasks
and doing different things one day and then they’re
automatically better at it the next day if they’ve slept because their brain is
processing everything that they’re learning and
everything that they’re doing and they’re sorting it and
making better use of it. So, I love that idea. Writing your emails in the evening and then coming back, reviewing them, making sure it is what you want to say before you send it. That’s beautiful. You should definitely star
that information, guys, that is gold. Beautiful, beautiful gold. Almost all of your sales come directly. You have different methods for traffic but your sales are really
email based, correct? – Mostly email, yeah. – That’s beautiful.
– They do the followup, they do the selling, the
salesperson for my business. And it’s all automated as well, it’s like having a full time salesperson closing, closing, closing. – That’s beautiful. And that’s six, seven, eight,
nine figure earners, guys. What are they doing? – Email marketing. – Email marketing. They’ve got all sorts of
sexy things for traffic but once they’re on that email list, they’re closing their sales through email. So, I hope you truly take this to heart and you start implementing this because it’s obviously so valuable. Brand new six figure earner, right? He’s new into this industry, guys, and he’s done it ’cause he’s learned a very, very important skill
which is email marketing. So, where can people find you, James? – People can find me on Facebook, so James Neville-Taylor on Facebook, I also have a YouTube channel
called the Builderall Nomad. I’m gonna be rebranding that very soon to Taylor Your Best Life, that’s gonna be my new.
– Oh, I like that. – And that’s T-A-Y-L-O-R, so
that’s a play on my last name. – Good, I like it. Good, good. So, we’ll find you on
Facebook and up on YouTube. Folks, if you don’t have a process yet to get people on your email list, I just created a really, really good video to teach you how to do that.
How to set all of that up. So, in the upper right
corner of your screen or at the top of the description you’re gonna find that video. Click on that video, watch that one next, so you understand how to
get people on the list and then you can start emailing them and making sales 24/7, becoming a digital nomad and just building a business around your life and not building your
life around your business. It’s beautiful. – Absolutely. – Thank you so much for your time. – Thank you.
– Again, guys, watch that video next. This is LeahRae from and I’ll see you soon.

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