Nexpo – Retail Tech Pop-Up Store with Karen Millen

Hi welcome to NEXPO. We’re working with a
number of partners to bring you the latest in store technology available for you as a
retailer. So one of the first things is a people counting and demographic profiling
technology. Non-Intrusive technology allows you to understand
and profile the visitors in your store. This is a RFID adhesive label, bringing additional
media to your store environment. We’ve got an RFID tag on the bottom of the product,
place it on a smart surface and it brings in additional information which you might
have online. When they go into the fitting room, if they want another size they can simply
scan the product, then they can ask for help. I know as a customer that help’s on the way,
I’m not left there waiting. Say the customer is happy with the fit of the skirt, but they
want it in a different colour; what they can do is use the endless aisle tablet solution
to look at the global stock pool and then simply have that delivered to an address of
their choice. The customer walks away getting what they want and the retailer doesn’t lose
a sale.You could use a delay mirror to simply take a photo of yourself, you could also film
yourself, so you might want to strut your stuff, doing a bit of a catwalk. Then share
that with your friends or email it to yourself, or get it straight to your phone. People stand around the technology, talking
about the technology; and they can tell you then, how you might use it. The things I haven’t seen here in anything
else, so yeah for certain retailers and experiences there’s definitely some awesome things here
that could work. The things I’ve seen here today that I can
imagine will be fantastic in department stores, or very very high turnover big chains. But altogether it’s been a great, great experience
for the customer. We sign onto the Point Of Sale system, there
are a number ways which we could identify the customer, at this point we can add items
to the basket and complete the transaction to a tender such as cash or cards. We’re using the Merret tablet on a daily basis,
it’s in constant use. The whole system’s totally mobile so we’re totally free, we can do it
on the shop floor, we can be in the stock room, we’re not tied to one place. We collect data from the physical stores,
we can use this data to actually make adjustments to the store so that the customer experience
improves, sales performance improves, which is what retailers really want. I’ve heard some very positive comments from
retailers and other technology companies that have been along as well. They want to touch technology, experience
it, to talk to us. So it’s been a great experience. It’s been really good fun, I think people
are really engaged, people are really interested. At the end of the event, there’s been so many
questions, and people really want to hear what we’ve got say about the technologies.

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