Nicki Minaj as a Retail Worker

– [Nicki] Attention shoppers. I have an announcement to make. Spill on aisle four. Spill on aisle four. because I’m spilling all these rhymes that you’ve never heard before. You can shop till you drop because the sales never stop low prices stupid items,
clothes that come in all sizes. We got deals you can’t dodge. I’m Nicki Manaj. – Can I check out now? – I’m not a cashier. (birds chirping) – Do you need some help? – Yes. – Damn it. – What was that? – I said, what is it? – Can you show me where
the televisions are? – Do you have eyes? – Of course. – Your vision is 20/20. – Yep, I have perfect vision. – Than how the (beep) don’t you see all these televisions in front of you? – Ugh, they were right there all along? – Yes. – So, do these televisions
come with a screen? – Yes. – Do they come with a remote? – Always. They always come with a remote. – What’s the price? – For which one? – Just in general. What’s the price? – You have to tell me which one. Otherwise, just check the tag. – I’m on a budget so if you could just give me a general price. – Check the tag. – Could you check if there
is some more in the back? – Sure, let me just check
our warehouse in the back. (snoring) I looked everywhere and I
saw no other televisions I’m so sorry. – Are you sure you looked everywhere? – Yes, there’s only these TVs. – Okay. Do they come with a remote? – Yes! – What about that one on the right? Does it come with a remote? – Would you like for me
to show you the remote? – I’d love that. – Ah! (glass shattering) – Toothpaste. – Excuse me? – Where’s the toothpaste? – No, no. When you approach me
you say, “hello.” First. – I’m sorry. – Yes, you are but continue. – Where can I find the toothpaste? – Did you try looking for the toothpaste first before you asked me? – No. – Go look. – Can you– – Go look. – Well I don’t know. – Now you’re just
wasting both of our time. Go look. – But I– – Bye. (baby crying) Where the hell is that baby? (baby crying) Is that your baby? – Yeah, she’s four months old and– – I don’t care. Ma’am, you need to leave. – I beg your pardon. – And I beg you to keep that baby quiet but that’s clearly not happening. Goodbye. – I’m going nowhere. My baby loves the supermarket. – She clearly doesn’t. – I believe in letting babies cry freely. – No one want to here all that. – Everyone will just have to deal with it. – Don’t be that store mama. – What? – Don’t be that store mama everyone hates. – You’re attitude is appalling. – Listen, get a babysitter, a granny, a sister, a brother, a cousin, a friend get somebody to watch that
loud ass baby at home. You have 20 seconds. (dramatic drone) Hey! You plan on paying for that? (footsteps) We got a runner! (intense drum music) You have officially been banned. (birds chirping) (chewing) – We don’t get free food. (Air whooshing) You’re gonna pay for that right? (chip bag crunches) (foot steps) (air whooshing) – If you wanna see Nicki
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me as a flight attendant or click on this other video
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100 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj as a Retail Worker

  1. "Do you need some help?"
    "Damn it"
    This is literally me every time I offer to help my mom to appear as a considerate and caring daughter but I secretly hope she says no cause I don't feel like getting up

  2. Nicki went out of her way to stop that man who didn't pay for that drink and then ate a bag of chips she didn't pay for. LOL

  3. They are actually making me like Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians, like are these people wizards, cuz my mind is being chaaaaaanged

  4. Absolutely no one:

    Nicki Minaj: "Spill in aisle four, spill in aisle four
    Cause I'm spilling all these rhymes you've never heard before
    You can shop till you drop cause the sales never stop
    Low prices, stupid items, clothes that come in all sizes
    We got deals you can't dodge
    I'm Nicki Minaj "

  5. 1:55 THIS when I used to work retail and have people come up and ask where something is and I'm like * looks up at sign above their head *

  6. "Listen get a babysitter a granny a sister or brother a cousin a friend get somebody to watch that loud ass baby at home"!

  7. I'm not sure if it's because it's almost 4 am where I'm at, but I'd high key love to see more retail workers like this.

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