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Hey guys and welcome to a new Flightreport! We’re in São Paulo again in our favourite Terminal 3. Todays flight is with Swiss in their Business Class… …not TAP Portugal? – No, it’s Swiss. With the 777 300ER Business Class to Zurich. It’s an 11 hour flight and I’m very excited because we haven’t been on Swiss Business Class for quite some time now. And this time we fly Business Class for Economy fair – I’ll explain how that works during the video! But first, let’s go to the lounge! Whenever we fly Swiss, which is a member of Star Alliance we can access São Paulos Star Alliance lounge which is pretty new and modern, tasty food – we really love it there! But today we are going to try another one, with our American Express Platinum credit card we can access the American Express lounge – just behind you! Alright, we just rescheduled: While this is the AmEx lounge, it’s also a normal priority pass lounge so many other airlines have access. So it’s pretty packed and we rather go to the Star Alliance lounge. That’s the biggest benefit: with this card we can choose which lounge to visit, otherwise you have your business class ticket or the status you don’t always have a choice you just have to take the one they offer. This over here would’ve been a priority pass lounge as well just as the one over here. Last time we booked British Airways and still choose this one with our priority pass, because the food simply tastes better. I’m almost as good as Quatar Airways! – You have to leave this much air up top… Well this one is yours, you don’t need the air! We’re super excited right now, maybe you’ll understand but in this Star Alliance lounge there is some type of really tasty beef stew – but last time it was all gone already! I won’t be walking through the lounge as much, firstly there is quite a lot of people here already and secondly we’ve been here so many times you can simply check out our Swiss First Class video, as well as our TAP Portugal video and there should be another video with Turkish Airways where I started from here just as well. So we visit São Paulo, in this lounge pretty frequently. And especially with British Airways, as I said, we went to this lounge as well. – True! Alright, that was it from the Star Alliance lounge, we are now on our way to gate 310, so that’s Terminal 3, Gate 10 and then we’re off with the 777 300ER! I’m very excited, maybe we’ll get on board quickly so we can show a little pre-boarding to you how the cabin looks when it’s still empty. But if not, then we won’t. Unfortunately the weather isn’t as good today and I believe we take off after sun has set because that’s starting right now, it is about 6pm. There she is the HB-JNA That’s our plane today to Zurich. Most of the 777 by Swiss are pretty new, We just had one that was only one year old how old this one is I’ll show you in the overlay. Alright guys and we received a Swiss pre boarding, which means we can, in comparison to the other passengers, board about 10 minutes earlier. As you know that’s something that you can’t have, so for this segment we will show “product placement” although we did pay for this ticket ourselves of course! Alright guys so we made it on board Swiss 777 300ER! You probably know the plane, we just flew First Class with it, now today we’re in Business Class which contains two compartments: the bigger one is located in front of Economy and a very small Business Class compartment is located just after First Class. It’s only two rows so the large cabin is here in the main compartment. There is 62 Business Class seats here and as you can see at the windows they are alternating: So one, that is basically the “throne” as you say because you sit on your own, and then two seats if you like to sit together as a couple just as in the middle: always two seats together. Let’s have a quick look in Economy which is in a 3-4-3 configuration in two cabins. As always I would suggest, if you can to reserve a seat by the emergency exits: look at this leg space! So always consider that when checking in. Besides that you can basically choose, the cabin is really big, every seat has its own entertainment system, which means screen, tray table, a pillow, headphones and a blanket. And if you’re lucky, if you reserved a seat further down in the middle you might have one row just for yourself so you could lay down flat over here. This is the really small Business Class cabin right behind the First Class and just before the second Business Class cabin, only two rows but it’s supposed that the best seats are all the way up in row one where you have the so-called bulkhead seats so you can put your feet in there – that’s pretty personal. And here comes the First Class which you already know from my video if not, check out our First Class flight with Swiss to Zurich, also from São Paulo via the “i”. Alright boarding starts in two minutes, but we saw much already, now everybody else comes on board. But I want to show you one last thing: the seat! So this is the flat bed, this time first up, because there is no people on board yet. As said, it’s a flat bed, 180° bed area, pretty soft, as we tested on the way here already. The controls are to my left and as always I’ll show you the details in a little overlay. I’m sure I’ll sleep well here! If you travel as a couple, this seat is perfect. If you travel on your own, you will prefer this seat, because there you’ll sit on your own, very privately. Water! – Good from time to time! Thanks! Perfect, thank you! (Dear guests, one additional info: a film crew is present on this flight to shoot various scenes on board so they can be used and aired publicly, passengers who do not wish to be filmed please let our cabin crew know. Thank you.) Alright so don’t be confused: we were able to switch seats we first sat in row 17 A and B, now we’re in row 17 as well, but to seat K which is the so called “throne” and that definitely is the best choice for single travelers! There is a few seats like this, but they are not as easy to reserve in advance. In case you have a status with Star Alliance, you can simply call Swiss with their Senator Hotline and reserve the seat through them, otherwise it’s probably best to ask at the check-in desk. So which features are there? It’s quite a lot! Here we have the menu, which we received at boarding with our welcome drink. It’s in german, english and french. Furthermore we have the amenity kit, stored by the seat, it’s a hard case this time, so it’s basically a metal box. Last time, on our way here it was just a bag and there is another kind of the Swiss amenity kit was well, which is a fabric bag as well, while this one is, as said, made from metal. Besides that there is a blanket at the seat, as well as a white and pretty soft cushion. To my left there are the headphones they are noise cancelling as well as a coat hanger where you can store your jacket or coat and then it’s taken somewhere to the plane to store it. And finally a bottle of water. On the seats, for example in the middle, or on the single seats there is pretty big compartment and if you open that here you can see that is really spacious. Besides that there is a lot of space up top as well for example here, I can store the case for my headphones, or over here to store a bottle of water and also here underneath the monitor! That’s a little disadvantage of the single seat, here this space, the compartment underneath the monitor is pretty small. At the double seats it’s bigger so it fits a lot more stuff. But there again, I don’t have the big compartment down here. So then the monitor, we have criticised United and other airlines as well here you can tilt the monitor! One the first glance one thinks “why would I do that?” but its really simple, because once you lie down I’m way underneath the monitor and since it’s one of those that are meant to be looked at straight you can basically only see a shadow… It’s really tough to watch a movie that way. But once I tilt the monitor down, it’s way easier to see the monitor. To my left the tray table is located, which can be opened out with the press of a button. So you pull it out, fold it down and then adjust it just the way I like it. Also to the left there is all the controls for the entertainment system the so-called controller. Very innovative and personal, I can use this little touchscreen to select everything I want: I just pick my movie and then it’s displayed on the big monitor. For me, the variety is very good. If I like I can also just select that I’m only shown german or english movies, and there is other languages like portuguese, italian, french. And if I select that I am only seeing these movies or shows. That’s pretty cool. Besides movies of course I can also watch various shows there is games for the kids and and finally the flight map, I like very much where you can basically watch the entire route. So I see right now the flight time is almost 11 hours to Zurich, we will arrive at around 10:30. The seat can be configured via this panel here there is shortcuts as well as the single switches. Besides that there is this little compartment here. And I can also configure the seat hardness as well as the massage function, whereas the massage function is a little weird… I don’t really notice anything there. I’ll take the beef, I’ll try it. I showed you the Economy Class before, the 777 300ER features three classes Fist Class, Business Class, Economy Class So Swiss owns, as known, 10 of these planes and has also ordered two additional ones. And I know that in the near future that Swiss will start a fourth class: the Premium Economy! After that, Swiss will be the third next to Lufthansa and Austrian, except there is other airlines as well, but it’s the next airline to feature Premium Economy Class. I’m very excited about that. And there also is another rumor, maybe it’s true I don’t know because Lufthansa Group has ordered various A350 and Dreamliner, 787-9 so maybe Swiss will receive a few of those too. I would be really happy for Swiss. We are now here because, as I told you in the beginning of the video, that we booked Business Class to Economy fare. We actually only payed 800€ per person. For a flight from Moscow via Zurich to São Paulo and back. You probably think now: “Moscow, who wants to fly from Moscow?” Well, it’s actually a little tricky, but that’s why it was so cheap as well, probably because it was a Swiss offer for Russia, but we still took it and we simply went from Germany to Moscow first, only stayed in the transit zone and immediately continued our trip. That’s also the only way this works without applying for a visa, that’s very important. Say we had a feeder from Switzerland to Moscow to fly back to Switzerland it wouldn’t have worked. There probably would have been somebody at customs or boarding saying “No way, that’s not possible” Because they handle it just like China: you can only come from or travel to a third country. So Germany-Russia-Switzerland is possible, or Germany-Russia-wherever, but not Germany-Russia-Germany, or Switzerland-Russia-Switzerland. That’s very important to know. Everything that is about tipps, tricks and travel hacks, as well as deals and what status is, that’s really important too, or credit cards, how to get a flight with miles only all of that we explain in our Travelhacks on our website – just check out the “i” to visit GlobalTravaler.TV and there you can find everything you need! We also just created a flight search where you can find a specific flight, or maybe we have a deal online, you can find and book these specific flights right on our website. Which is very important as well, because while there is momondo and others, which lead you to so called “OTAs” which stands for online travel agent but they are often based abroad and don’t offer the best customer service. And while we did book there as well we never experienced any delays or cancellations, but if there was any, it’s getting tricky because you can often only reach them via the phone and if, it’s only english or very, very poor german. Via our websites flight search you get transferred to a german travel agency. Which sells the tickets and are also there for if there was any issues or flight changes. And it’s also much easier: they speak german and offer german service, so in the end they have the same service as in a regular travel agency. Alright so the first drinks are being served, you could choose from various drinks. This champagne, which was also served for boarding as welcome drink as well as a small bowl of nuts it’s walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts… …put no almonds, that’s interesting! But I don’t like almonds anyways! Within the Swiss amenity kit which is the metal one you can find the usual: sleeping mask, lip balm, tooth brush and tooth paste earplugs for sleeping and the red socks. Swiss unfortunately doesn’t offer slippers or pyjama on night flights. Unfortunately you would have to bring that yourself. With Swiss you get a questionnaire for your choice of breakfast it’s being collected later and you can pick whether you would like to be woken up for breakfast and of course what you would like to eat. I picked already and now I’ll give this away. This time I don’t want to be woken up, in case I sleep, otherwise I’ll have breakfast anyways. Because we arrive in Zurich and I’m excited to check out the new Senator lounge in Terminal A where we have 2 hours time to eat, probably very good breakfast. You probably wondered because everything was a little different this time. In this case that’s because we officially asked Swiss whether or not we could film for legal reasons and we then got a permission to film with extra obligations. And so the obligation was that we can not film during boarding if there is any announcement. And so nobody said something about not wanting to be filmed. Besides that we always blur the faces of passengers. And the crew has no problem with us filming, so we show them. So that’s the reason why everything is a little different today. I just used this new “toy” of mine which is a phonometer. Right now it’s showing a dBA of 75,8 – in comparison that’s quite high. But I have to admit, we are above the engines, and right above the wings therefore. If I was sitting further up the plane it would probably be 3 dBA less, because usually it’s about 72/73 dBA. And behind the engines, back in Economy it’s definitely even louder. So for your notes: Swiss Business Class, seat 17: 75,8 dBA The power outlet on the right seat is located on the left, pretty central and easy to reach. And there also is a USB outlet. If I go up front, between the two Business Class cabins on the right side there are two restrooms on the other side there is probably two as well I didn’t check but they’re probably there. They are both pretty large, but they could be bigger, but I don’t want to complain here. They are pretty much standard size. But on the upside there is a whole lot of amenities! I especially like these little lotion tubes here! So this one is face lotion, they probably wouldn’t care if you took one or two, they are just perfect! And there is many more, for example there is face spray which is basically just a refresher because the air is so dry on a plane, as well as another lotion. Here we have some wipes, some paper towels as well as water and cups of course. So just recently someone commented: “Why do you only wash one hand?” Well, how else would I do it when holding the camera in the other? I agree, it looks a little weird though. So this was your mandatory bathroom scene. I tried leaving it out, but you were against it so now it’s staying in. So by the way if you have any other feedback, please tell me in the comments down below. Do you miss something, or maybe you would like something else, or something is just too much? As said, I look forward to your feedback in the comment section. You don’t have the dark bread any longer right? You don’t have the dark bread, that’s probably from Switzerland… – Yes unfortunately, this is all stowed in Brazil. This is the appetizer, there is two to choose from: fish or meat, or rather ham really. A fresh salad with it, oil and vinegar as well as pepper and salt of course and the little cheer plater. Looks very good! Now this is the main course, what’s interesting about steak in a plane it’s very though to hit the desired doneness. If you go to a restaurant you can say alright I would like it medium, medium rare, rare… But you can’t do that here because it’s all pre cooked, it’s just being heated in the oven. She tried her best and hopes it not too rare because she probably only heated it a little – alright, let’s try it! So it’s definitely easy to cut, and it’s even a little pink still on the inside. Looks very good. Perfect! It’s not too dry at all, it’s very tender! I’m surprised, Swiss can actually offer a really good steak on board a plane. On the side we have vegetables and potato gratin, which is basically what I would order in a steak house. Maybe it’s missing the garlic bread, but I even heard Swiss used to have a really good one – but not today. Alright so that was really tasty, I’m super surprised how good the steak was! Now I’m only left with the cheese and then I’ll be really full, but there will be desert of course: vanilla panacotta with berries which is my favorite desert, or rather one of many, but this one I like especially. As well as Swiss chocolate of course. And that’s it but after you’ll have to roll me over. Would you like a coffee or tea or espresso? – Can I have a tea with it? Thanks! Is everything else okay? – Yes, perfect! Oh yes please. How was your food? – Perfect, the steak was really good! Can I take two as well? – Yes, of course. Alright, then I’ll take three. So here we have the Swiss chocolates, but there is different ones: there are differences between Business and First Class! But anyways, I love Swiss chocolate! Alright so I also just had my main course, before that also ham, as Stefan, which was fantastic as well as my main, which was cheese tortellini were very good, better than in some First Class without calling them out. There really wasn’t anything wrong about them, maybe the cheese, which was served on the side but… But that is complaining about first world problems, really. Besides that I’m very satisfied! I’m going to sleep now, I just got two more pillows from Swiss so I’ll say good night and until tomorrow! By the way, I did not order to be woken up, I don’t know about Stefan, if he wants to be… Anyways I didn’t check that box so yeah, let’s see if we’ll have breakfast or not. Usually I would show you now the restrooms, or the seat, but I showed you that already! Which means now it’s bedtime, I am very satisfied, the food was really good, service is also great, the crew is really friendly. But that’s just Swiss, I never really had a bad experience with them! No bad service, no impolite crew, never, and we fly Swiss frequently. Alright so now I’ll chill for a little bit and watch a movie and then we’ll have another 8 hours flight time to Zurich. So I’ll sleep a little and then we’ll see each other in the morning! Good night! Good morning guys! As always with Swiss, had some really good sleep in a very soft and really long bed. Unfortunately way too short. We now have 1,5 hours left to Zurich. Perfect thank you! Breakfast is ready! We have another hour to Zurich. So yeah, you can tell there is different breakfast options, comparing the catering from Switzerland and now on the way back, the catering from Brazil. It’s something different! I was excited for the tasty, Swiss croissant, but here it’s just a regular wheat bun. With that we have cereal, fruits, normal yoghurt and smoothie, which is very good with Swiss, I really like it I think it’s orange juice with beetroot. Alright, good morning guys from me too! My little conclusion of this Swiss, well partly night flight: I have to say it was quite a difference compared to the way to São Paulo. But that was probably, as they explained to me, that after 22:00 they are supposed to wrap up quickly, so they leave out the aperitif for example. Which was not the case this time, so there was a choice of nuts and the apperetif and also the drink service was pretty frequent too. So from São-Paulo the noodles I had were perfect, the steak Stefan had was also pretty good I heard, anyways. I was pretty satisfied over all, to try it out again after two years, it was a really good experience, especially on this “throne” so to speak where you sit all by yourself. I really don’t have anything to complain about. The only thing that bothered me a little was Whenever you put your arm down there, with your elbow like this, you change the seat settings… But that’s the only thing and also to be honest, just put your elbow elsewhere! Besides that, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Alright, see you! I forgot to show you one important compartment: here you have a lot of space for things like a laptop, or camera. Whatever you want, so there’s a lot of storage here on your seat. Alright, we have almost reached our destination we just flew passed the Swiss alps, just had a perfect view on the “Matterhorn” maybe I can show you the footage… So we are close to landing in Zurich, Switzerland and I can already say I am very satisfied with this flight. Was everything alright? – Yes, everything was perfect! Could you sleep? – Yes, a few hours, but that was just enough. Alright so now we’re here, it was a very nice flight today! As always, great service, great bed, great plane the food was really satisfying, as Dominik probably said already. Thank you very much for watching and hopefully until the next Flightreport! Oh and by the way, we did not have to go around this time, the last time we landed here with a 777 we had to go around and it was even the same pilots! So it was all good this time. Look at this, that’s how well I slept, 1:19h deep sleep – that’s unusual for a flight! See you next time!

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