Non-Profit Business Plan

Hi, Tina Williams here from
and chances are you found this video because you were looking for a non-profit business plan.
I want to ask you are you really asking you for the business plan or are
you asking for how to open your non-profit and more importantly, I thing, how do you get funded in your
nonprofit so that you can pay yourself, pay your employees and actually afford
help the people that you really want to help. Well to answer the question of where to start in your
non-profit business plan I would say the first step is to file
your nonprofit articles of incorporation with your state. You can use your
state’s preformulated articles of incorporation for a domestic nonprofit but
you must make sure that the three clauses that the IRS requires in your forming documentation to
become tax exempt are present. so those are going to be the clauses about dissolving
your company and make sure that the money goes to a good cause. Those three clauses need to
be in your forming documentation in order for you to be tax exempt and being
tax-exempt I’m gonna stay is the most important part of becoming a nonprofit
organization also the most important step in your non-profit business plan. The next step in your non-profit
business plan is filing your form 1023 or 1023 EZ. This is the form that
you need to file with the IRS in order to become tax-exempt. Form 1023 EZ is a shortened form of form 1023 but you
still need to have all the documentation for 1023 to file Form 1023 EZ, so I say even
if you want to file form 1023EZ you still need all of the supporting documentation and
attachments that are required with form 1023. I would have you filled that out and
prepare form 1023 anyway. This will make things a lot easier in the future for
grantmakers and banking. Once you are tax-exempt things get a lot easier because people
can get a tax deduction for giving you money and making grants to you. Now the
next step in your non-profit business plan is to find a funder that wants to
help their target that you want to help. There over five million grant makers and
most have requirements to pay out at least 5% of
their assets annually so this step should be an easy one. Then you would submit your grant and donation requests to those funders
and get your business funded. The final step in your non-profit business plan is to get
customers that you want to help. You will actually need to help the people that
you promised to help when you made your grant and donation requests to those funders. And that’s it… you will
repeat steps 3 and 4 forever. If you found this video helpful please like the
video leave a comment and if you would like some free training on how to open
your nonprofit and get a non-profit business template you can go to and
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20 thoughts on “Non-Profit Business Plan

  1. Thank you! great information. I want to change my business to non profit… but I have no idea what to do and how to get paid. I will check out your website.

  2. Thank you so much. This information has been very helpful. I wish you had a class tht myself and others could attend where you can walk us thru it. You seem like a person that's committed to helping those tht need assistance. Thx

  3. this has been a vision and heart desire for as long as i can remember i am needing to get my 5013c asap !also do i need to carry insurance if i host an health fair and community awareness day it will the first of many im doing this to raise money to purchase the first New Beginnings house i have no ideal what all i need to do but i do thank you for sharing i i will continue to watch i must think of the five people , can they be out of state ? i am looking forward to becoming a help in a community of a dying race it will change many will go home all im asking in Jesus name will return back to Him if you would please send me info on what all i need to do thank you

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for nonprofit organizations! I've been wanting to start one for awhile now. So thank you! Blessings ❤️

  5. Hey Tina…Thanks for sharing such a useful information…Recently our company consulted for reframing our business plan and that has really helped us a lot.

  6. My goodness. Idk if queen said her name but i used this video a couple months ago. Now we're up and running. Damn. Thank you!

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