Nonprofit Business Plan Strategy

what we’re going to be discussing are
several elements of a non-profit business plan and why they might be
important for your success and starting a nonprofit organization hi I’m Eric
Nasalroad I am the COO here at Aplos software here at aplos I am an expert
in entrepreneurship I’ve written a textbook on the subject and I help
people start businesses and nonprofits I have a passion for helping people start
organizations nonprofit and social good companies and I’m part owner of several
social good companies and believer in philanthropy and so it’s been a lot of
time helping other organizations be better at what they do and giving to
those organizations in many different ways so a non-profit business plan is
essentially a document that helps a non-profit entrepreneur put their vision
on paper so that one they can record all their ideas in a systematic way but two
they can share that vision with other people so that other people would
understand what they’re trying to accomplish I think there’s a lot of
misconceptions about what a business plan is and what it’s supposed to do
there’s many people think you need a business plan to go get money from a
bank which doesn’t usually happen especially with a startup most of the
time if you need a business plan to get money from a bank for your nonprofit or
for your regular business it’s after you’ve been in business for a few years
so an initial like you’re starting a non-profit why would you do a business
plan it’s it’s really so you can gather all of your thoughts and be clear about
what it is that you’re trying to accomplish it has nothing to do with
anyone else except for you it’s really about making sure that you’ve thought
through all the things that you need to think through so that as you’re
launching this you know this organization that you’ve thought of all
the details so that when you actually physically go file your paperwork with
the state or with your city or you start providing services for people you’re not
caught off guard by something that you may not have thought of depending on the
organization there can be several elements in a non-profit business plan
one essential piece that’s specific to nonprofits is some sort of fundraising
plan whether that’s a series of events and you’re gonna have golf tournament
fundraisers or car washes or you’re gonna rely on volunteers and you’re just
coordinating events for providing services the fundraising aspect of a
non-profit has to be thought out how are you gonna pay your own salary for
example or are you going to start a non-profit as a side thing and you have
your regular day job and then hopefully if it grows big enough then do you pay
yourself so a fundraising plan would be in there a service plan or some kind of
something that identifies what your cause is and how you try to solve it so
from a planning standpoint the cause really is the problem that you’re trying
to solve so maybe it’s homelessness and you want to fight homelessness so what
you would do is you would identify you know how many homeless people are in
your area what are their needs how specifically do you plan to help because
there could be several nonprofits one may just want to feed homeless people
another may want to provide housing for homeless people so your solution to that
problem is your specific cause so there would be some kind of outline of how it
is that you want to attack the cause or help the cause and and solve for those
needs so those would be specific and you’d want those in there you would also
have some sort of financial pro formas projections it’s not because you want to
go get a loan or anything like that it’s simply so that you make sure your bills
are paid in the future so if you have your fundraising plan that’s essentially
your income and then whatever your cause that you want to serve you’re gonna have
things that you serve those cosmic so maybe you’re running events that cost
money maybe you’re providing meals for almost people that cost money so you
just want to make sure that you’ve planned for that
coming in when are you going to need it and make sure we have enough of that and
so a financial plan would be part of that some nonprofits will include a
marketing plan that’s just really it’s more about launching the nonprofit to
the community it’s for the benefit of those who would receive care and it’s
also for the benefit of people who would want to come alongside that nonprofit
and maybe be donors maybe be fund raisers maybe but be volunteers that
believe in that cause so some kind of marketing plan would be relevant to most
nonprofit business plans and it doesn’t have to be a paid for advertising plan
it’s it could literally be I need to go print a bunch of flyers or I need to
have all of my friends over for dinner and tell them about what I want to do
and it can start that simple but it could be if we’re going bigger to be
even more dynamic than that typically most people want to help most people are
really good when it comes to the idea generation with helping and starting a
non-profit and we love bouncing ideas off of friends and this is all a very
important piece of starting a non-profit but you we almost want to make sure we
go to that next level of writing it down thinking how does my marketing plan a
line with my fundraising plan or my fundraising events at the right time of
year for when I’m going to need the money to actually provide for this cause
so it just helps us to see it as a whole from a you know top level view maybe
30,000 foot view to make sure everything works together because one-off things
sound great and often are fine but sometimes when we have this thing going
over here and this thing going over here and we haven’t thought of them together
they’re not gonna work out and so having that plan will help us to have more
success and that you know means serving more people really you

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