Norwegian Premium Cabin, London to New York – Business Traveller

(gentle music) – [Tom] Well, here we
are for our Flight Check of Norwegian Premium Cabin from
London Gatwick to New York. This is on the new 787-9 from Norwegian, that’s been reconfigured. It’s a beautiful sunny after
a lot of rain earlier on, now just getting ready
to get onto the aircraft, and have a tour of it. There’s the distinctive tail finns that Norwegian puts on all it’s aircraft, short haul and long haul. There’s a shot of just how
beautiful this aircraft is. Can’t wait to get on board
for this eight hour flight, but first of all, let’s
have a look at the cabin. This is Economy on the
new Norwegian 787-9s, the ones with the extra
number of business class, I’m sorry, Premium seats. So these are the two economy cabins. This is the new Premium cabin
of the 787-9 from Norwegian. It’s what they call Heavy Premium, which means it’s got more Premium seats than was previously the case
on the 787-9 Dreamliner. This one has 56 seats in total, in a two three two configuration, which is A-C, D-E-F in the
center, and G-J on the sides. That runs from row one to
row eight at the back there, it’s just one cabin of Premium, and then you have two cabins
of Economy further back. The seat pitch, that’s the
space between the seats, has been reduced, so it now is 43 inches as opposed to 46 inches,
so you are getting slightly less room than you did before, but there’s more seats in the cabin. And the reason for Norwegian
adding more Premium seats is they’re doing better at selling them, than they thought they would there, they want to go after, I
think, business travelers. And business travelers want
more frequency on a route. So, as well as adding
frequencies to certain routes, they’ve just added a third frequency to this Gatwick-New York
route that starts in October. You’re also adding more Premium seats, which is why you’ve got
a larger cabin here. – And out, which is good
to lean in, you know, then you’ve got this switch, pushes all the way back
to here, lock here, and then the foot rest comes out, like so, and then you can push that down, and there’s a little
button, which is here, so, it’s a bit stiff, you need to, – [Tom] Yeah, but you
push it down and then, – Yeah so you push it down
and it goes all the way out like that, so you’ve
got a bit more of a fuller, – [Tom] And what’s it
like when this seat’s reclined as well? Do you think there’s enough room, or? – I’d say it’s a little bit pushed, but, it’s not impossible,
obviously it would work better if they were all flat at the same time. – [Tom] Yeah. Do you do
anything about stopping people, like doing that if I’m having a meal or do you just let them go? – Generally, if it was meal time, yeah, I would make sure that,
I think most people especially on a day flight, are awake for the meal service anyway,
so they would be sat upwards. – [Tom] Yeah. – So it’s not very
practical to eat like that. – [Tom] Yeah. – And then obviously, you’ve got a screen, which comes out, like
that, and the tray table, which you then adjust, and come over. So right, I think it’s
quite easy to navigate your way around, and then
obviously on the screen, I can’t show you right
now, but when it comes on properly later, you’ve got
the, you can do the lighting, and everything from that,
and then your call button, and you’ve also got it on the seat itself. – [Tom] Well, thank you. These are the headphones. – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, please sit back, and we’ll tell you
everything you need to know about the service on this
Boeing 787 Dreamliner. – [Stewardess] So we have three
meal options for you today. We have lamb rump in a rosemary jus, with roast potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a mint pea puree. We have fried hake, so white fish, in a ver blanc sauce,
which is sort of a buttery, vinaigrette sauce, with peppered cabbage, tomatoes and wild rice. Or we have roast chicken
breast with potato gratin, grilled spring onions and
a smoked red pepper sauce. Yeah, of course. And in the box we have a kale slaw salad and a chocolate dessert. – [Tom] So we’re about an hour away from landing in New York. I
haven’t been able to shoot that much video while on the flight because the flight is busy, and obviously, you don’t want to be
filming other passengers, but generally, the flight
has been very, very good. Nice and smooth, seat
belt signs on a few times, good communication from the Captain, and fantastic service from
the flight attendants, right the way through,
they’ve worked really hard, bringing drinks, and people
ordering through the IFV system, but also just bringing
around trays of water when people need them, so, I have no problem recommending
Norwegian, I think Premium, it’s a really, really good service, and an excellent value for money. (gentle music)

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46 thoughts on “Norwegian Premium Cabin, London to New York – Business Traveller

  1. primitive meal Service plastic well knives forkes. no champagne no german sekt no spanish cava MEALS IN A BOX narrow seats well obviously only cheap Prosecco available. Sorry no choice for me

  2. Excellent review. Obviously, this is not business class, but really a high end premium economy. No escape from reclining seat hell.

  3. Flew this route premium the other year. It is a good product, I paid around £550 for none flex ticket. Plus you get your points. IM not sure when these cabin changes took place but I remember it having less seats. I enjoyed the flight, good food drinks etc although seat pitch is less than on some other PE offerings. I may use them again this year its just Gatwick for me which is Norwegians hub in the UK is a Pain in the ass to get to. Think the lowest price you can get for LON = JFK is around £499. And good video thanks 🙂

  4. Do all the Norwegian premium cabins have more seats now?…I flew them premium in January from LGW-LAX and that was in the original premium configuration which was excellent so bit disappointing they have squashed more seats in now…

  5. I think if I could, I would prefer BA since they have a better service ( bed is fullsize moveable) and as business man it is important coming to a meeting relaxed.

  6. Nice video, but that recline looks to much for comfort to be honest. Just the thought of someone in front of you reclining fully..

  7. Hi, dunno why 11 neg feedbacks, I found exactly what I was looking for on your vid and only your vid'. Most vids, if not all show only 5 rows of premium seats, but if you make a booking now, the seat plan shows 8 rows, so I have searched to find a vid of the new config and yours shows new config in great detail, Many thanks

  8. Undercutting competition by having their flight crew (both cabin crew and pilots) on shitty wages and making them stay in Days Inn level of accommodation on layovers. Next time you’re on a long haul flight would you prefer your pilots and crew to be well rested or would you prefer the airline you’re flying on has put them up in a shitty 2/3 star hotel? Norwegian are utter scum and are a cancer in this industry.

  9. Their premium is not business class, it’s competitive with premium economy. Modern business class should have flat beds, aisle access, seat shells to create privacy and storage.

  10. I flew Norwegian last month to London.. I may never fly long haul with Delta again.. I flew in the premium cabin.. Everything was perfect as far as I am concerned and I am on the road 1/2 the year

  11. Flying this class on Norwegian is a good value westbound, not so eastbound. It is impossible to get out of a no-aisle seat without asking the aisle seated fellow traveler to wake up and get out of his/her seat. That makes this class economy with slightly wider seats. In summary, daytime flying can be tolerated, not nighttime.

  12. Seems a pretty good budget option, we were thinking of trying them next time. BA seem to be downgrading their business class standard and aren't particular good at the budget end. We usually fly Virgin although their planes are a bit tired.

  13. I did get kind of a claustrophobic feel when looking at that seat when the seat in front of it was reclined aswell… I'm a big guy, and all I could think was that if I needed to get out of that seat at that point, I wouldn't make it.

  14. flying premium Austin to London – 2 days. wish me luck…. is alcohol unlimited? I need to knock myself out lol

  15. Great value, not the best but really good. And another great vlog. I could watch the FA position the footrest any day.

  16. Hi Tom, Im about to book Norwegian Premium seats. Can you confirm if Row 8 (last row) reclines as far back as the others. Also Row 1 – is there as much leg room as the seats behind and are the toilets a bother for this row?

  17. for a relatively quick hop across the Atlantic this makes great sense. I've flown their economy a few times and enjoy the product

  18. I will be flying in Premium Economy from Gatwick to New York on the 6am, flight. The cabin is empty as in November, where is the best seat to be in on the Premium Economy cabin in your opinion please?

  19. I flew Norwegian Premium recently from London Gatwick to JFK and back and to be honest I cannot recommend Norwegian for a number of reasons.
    I am disabled – I call it walking wounded. The outbound seat on the 787 was pretty bad for the disabled. Unless you have an aisle access seat it is a struggle to get out as there is not enough room. The person with the aisle access has to stow their inflight entertainment screen. Then the two people in the row in front have to unrecline their seats. Otherwise you cannot get out of your seat. The crew was great, but my inflight entertainment did not work. I couldn't order any of the extras as a result.
    The return flight was on the top deck of the Airbus A380. The business class seats were great but the services was really bad. The inflight entertainment was extremely limited and unlike the outward bound flight this return plane did not have any earphones for Premium passengers. The crew member informed me that I should have supplied my own earphones. So no inflight entertainment. There was no inflight map available and there were no extras available to order as on the outward bound flight. My pre landing meal had a small fruit salad and the fruit was clearly moldy. I had ordered wheel chair assistance for both of my flights. The return to Gatwick was fucked up so I had go down the steps to board a bus on the tarmac and walk up a long flight of steps to reach the Connecting Flight desk to ask for assistance. The lady behind the desk did not have the right phone number and I had to flag down four disabled assistance vehicles to sort myself out. By the time I reached her I was in screaming pain and livid and she was of no use what so ever.

    I paid around £1400 for Premium, I would say the outward bound flight was slightly worth it bearing mind the seat access difficulty. The return flight was a disaster and was the deal breaker for me as the whole return flight experience felt like a total rip off. I cannot recommend Norwegian to anyone.

  20. Liked how the flight attendant actually showed how the seat, tray table, foot rest, video screen, seat recline, worked on this new 787-9 Dreamliner, specially when it actually showed the reduced pitch between seats 43" (aka heavy premium) vs 46" , that could be a problem with the front passenger in full recline…..prepares you quite well if you fly this route on this aircraft.

  21. The customer service which they provide through their Norwegian phone number 1-888-324-1990 is top class. they helped you in booking process, cancellation process or anything related to booking.

  22. Thank you for showing how much room you get when the person in front of you reclines! That is exactly what I was interested in.

  23. To get these premium business class booking here its gives you best to chose the best offers to reserve your seat its flights are providing best seating arrangement and its services to get this all easily by visit this official website-

  24. 2:22 Love the girl, the nice and friendly way she explains! Congrats Norwegian for the Great Staff you got onboard on your flights!! Norwegian might be a low cost but you never feel you're flying a low cost carrier! Hope they Keep Doing Great! Nice video!! 😉

  25. This rubbish meal box is a 'Premium Class' standard (?) – that's a shame! It looks even more horrific than the worst Economy Class meal at AIR KORYO of North Korea.

  26. Нayчy 3ара6атывать50 дoллapoв за сyтки. Подро6ности на кaнaлe.

  27. Having flown with Norwegian today, I can honestly say the seating arrangements needs to be re-examined. If you are sitting at the widow seat is virtually impossible to get pass your fellow passengers. Once the seats are reclined there’s is no room you’re boxed in and given this is a long haul flight I had to wake the passenger next to me and he too had to wake the passenger sitting in the row in front because his seat was pushed back so no room for either of us of get up from the seats.
    List of faults why I am considering cancelling my return ticket:

    1. The food was over cooked. Served in paper box and plastic cups.
    2. No goodie bags( no socks, toothbrush toothpaste etc)n this is a long haul flight so most of us look forward to freshening up before we land. I have cold feet too so was looking forward to getting some cheap socks to wear during the flight.
    3. The blankets are so thin, I had to ask for another.
    4. Snacks are sold not complimentary only main meal is free.
    5. Vodka and other spirits are sold not complimentary ( wine is and general refreshments are served thorough out the flight but really cheap wines)

    The overall experience felt more like general economy with priority boarding.

    I would recommend Norwegian for its short haul flights but in my humble opinion its service is similar to Emirates or Virgin general economy certainly not premium economy.

  28. Excelente vídeo!!!!!! Gracias por compartirlo, vaya pájaro!!!!! Y que pedazo de motores!!!!!!!! En configuración 3×3, una low cost bandera, pero en riesgo de quiebra desde hace un par de años.

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