Not Your Typical Dealership Marketing: The Naked Lime Story

We know what you think
other marketing agencies look like. Something just flew into that window and it scared me.
(Background laughter) We know what you think marketing agencies look like and what they sound like and
you would not be wrong. With the typical agency, you get a bunch of style
over very little substance and a whole lot of prepackaged marketing solutions. Let me tell you a story about an atypical agency. One that started way back in 1866 as a printer of
general business forms, for Abraham Lincoln, I think. Or someone else at the time. Who was
that guy with the neck beard? Hannibal Hamlin. We became an exclusive provider of dealership forms, a pioneer in dealership computer
services, and a DMS powerhouse. When the world wide web came about in 1991,
we were already researching how the digital age would impact car buying.
Our first dealership website platform was born in 2003. But what good is a website if no one can find it? So, in 2011 we leapt out on our own
and made a huge splash as Naked Lime Marketing. Yeah, Naked Lime.
Naked, because it’s more fun than the word transparent, which is a basic principle of all of our services.
And lime, for the fresh twist we put on marketing. Since our debut, when dealers didn’t know what to make
of the new kid on the block with the funny name, we’ve continued to invest in research, product
development, acquisitions, and qualified people. All to build a complete automotive marketing agency. You see, we didn’t just swoop in to save the day when there was money to be made
from social media and smartphones. We’ve been here all along.
And the original DMS? Our services are built as one, big, happy family.
Only better than family, because it all communicates reliably, safely shares
information. We’ll never ask for your HBO Go password. Naked Lime was born because the people who
revolutionized dealership management realized that sales processes didn’t really matter.
Not without customers to serve. We grew up in this business, we are still growing,
and we want to help you grow, too.

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