NRF 2017: Digital Transformation in Retail

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Tracy Issel and
I’m coming to you from the NRF, National Retail Federation Big Show
2017 in New York. It’s super exciting. There’s a ton of people here,
and we are happy to be here. The big themes this year that
Microsoft is showing in our booth are all related to
digital transformation. So how do we better
engage in our customers? How do we empower our employees
to deliver fantastic service? How do we make sure that operations
are optimized and mature so that we can drive cost out of the
business and better harness data? And then how do we improve
our products and services, and transform those to
delight our customers? This is very exciting because
we have a lot of retail customers here who are very mature
and trying to serve their customers. So we need to help them visualize
and see what’s possible. I think the most exciting thing
is at the start of the tour, in the Microsoft Technology Center
where we show an end to end customer journey. So in this show, we’re all about explaining how the
Microsoft platform at large helps enable the digital transformation
our customers are embarking on. So when we think about our platform,
we obviously have the platform supported by Azure,
we have our Dynamics 365 platform. And we have all of the platforms
that our partners layer on top of those services. So if we think about,
for example IOT, we’re showcasing at Nordstrom rack. What is possible when you combine
IOT, Insights, and then the customer journey inside the store to do
things like create an endless aisle experience where when the customer’s
shopping in the shoe area they can actually see what the inventory for
shoes is online at The Rack. So we’ve talked about IoT,
we obviously have a lot that we’re showing you around
the end-to-end customer journey. None of that is possible
without empowered employees who every day have the tools and the
insight that they need to deliver the best experience to the customer. Also important is innovation and
when we talking about digital transformation, we’re
talking not just about the technology innovations,
which of course we showcase. But what is required to drive
innovation as an enterprise. [MUSIC].

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