Odoo Website & eCommerce (Tour)

It’s easy to create beautiful and
professional websites with Odoo. First, I select a theme
from the Odoo theme store. Then, with a simple drag-and-drop,
I create a stunning website – and all of that without the hassle of
a traditional website builder. It’s incredibly smooth. Plus, my website visitors have a seamless
web experience, no matter the device they use. Above all, I have great marketing tools. I’m impressed at how easy
it is to attract web visitors. My website has a better ranking on search engines,
thanks to the search engine optimization tool. I have a modern eCommerce
website for my company, with full featured product pages and Smart Call,
to actions to help me increase my revenues online. I use Odoo upselling features, to suggest
more expensive alternatives of a product, but also cross-selling features, to suggest
accessories or options for any product sold. Thanks to Odoo, I create
a successful online store in minutes, with an in-line experience
for my web visitors, making it easy for them to purchase
online from anywhere, really, anywhere! My Odoo eCommerce website is fully
integrated with shipping services. Any new order creates
a deliver order automatically. Plus, I can sell my products
on Amazon and eBay, too. That’s amazing! Straight from my Odoo account,
I can publish on these popular eCommerce platforms. Odoo website and eCommerce are
great and fully integrated aps. Start creating an awesome website now!

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