Office of Small Business Utilization Holds Small Business Match Making Event

The General Services Administration’s Office of Small Business Utilization held a special matchmaking event for individuals and companies. The “Making Connections That Count” seminar was filled with useful Information from the people who maintain the guidelines when it comes to doing business with the federal government We’re looking for an improved return on investment and the return on investment that we’re looking for is to actually have people meet and create meaningful relationships between businesses small and big and then we’re also looking at challenging the system currently of how we can improve the numbers in subcontracting. Attendees were able to spend time with prime representatives during the matchmaking sessions. This provided meaningful connections and conversations between the two sides Giving each the opportunity to set themselves up for future success. They were so friendly so proactive in making me a part of this event today I feel better equipped, better aware and I have a great resource that I can rely on it was like today it was like going to a master class. You had the people in-charge tell you how did you keep the stepping-stones of how you can actually get involved? now you actually profit from getting contracts and being a subcontractor and how the way of how to get into being a subcontractor. The matchmaking event was free to attendees and is one of the many resources the Office of Small Business Utilization is using to gain more visibility and reaching out to prospective clients. The most important resource we have is our office, Our office and the people that work for me are helping. That’s their mission. They want to help small businesses. So if you have questions You should be contacting our offices so that we can help you. GSA’s OSBU program is just one example of the work the agency does to deliver value and savings in real estate Acquisition technology and other mission support services across the federal government to learn more visit

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