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With Omnichannel Commerce, retailers can engage with customers and boost sales on every channel. However, updating correct data across channels can be hard and time-consuming. This, is where Magestore comes in, and power you up with an Omnichannel Solution… …so you can get seamless integration under the same control and continue your business journey. Magestore Omnichannel Solution is a centralized management system, for online to offline business. It is native on Magento platform and scalable to assist retailers with their growth. Omnichannel Solution focuses on a fast and powerful Point-of-Sale, and covers the most important functions of an online-to-offline business. This includes: Inventory Management, Sales and Customer Engagement, Order Fulfillment, and Supplier and Purchase. These modules seamlessly integrate with each other. Hence, stock is instantly updated on all channels whenever there are changes. This means less manual process for you… …and faster order fulfillment for your customers… While everything is secured in your Magento backend for access in clicks. Customizing for your business needs is easy: no need for third party integration. You can do it yourself… Or ask for our help. Just one message… …and our dedicated support team will ensure you get what you want in no time. Now you have a seamless online-to-offline system to deliver personal shopping experience… … that everyone loves. Contact Magestore now and see your dream Omnichannel Solution in action.

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3 thoughts on “Omnichannel Solutions for Retailers | Magento-Native by Magestore

  1. Amazing Content Omni-Channel Shopping Experience Maximize your sales and foster long-term customer retention by creating a seamless synergy between your bricks-and-mortar stores.Learn More

  2. Purchased your omnichannel POS extension just under 2 years ago, now no support and no updates. is this the kind of life time support and updates you promise your customers? Companies invest in software to use for a long time. you offered me to purchase your updates software. You even stopped replying to my emails.. NOT RECOMMENDED at all.

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