On Company and Coats – A Moonstone Moment – The Moonstone Web Series

Arthur (OS): Paul. Oh, hey Arthur! I didn’t expect to see you here. Just swinging by to see if I
could catch you. Have a minute? Yeah, do you want
to step into my office? This is fine. I wanted to make you
aware of a new development. Oh, with Greyson’s app. Yeah, we
already ducked that deal, thanks to you. No, with Donni. What about Donni? She’s been upset. Very unlike herself but still trying to get the Moonstone back. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know what you’re getting at – – She was drugged the night of the Gala. Given
sleeping pills without her knowledge. Yeah, wait, how do you, how do you
know that? Candi owned up to it. It wasn’t intentional. She doesn’t, she doesn’t do
well with sleep aids. You may be one of the only people here who knew that. So what? She she stole the Moonstone under the influence? That’s the working theory or
hypothesis, I should say given the impending experiment. She’s going to
recreate the night of the Gala, take sleep aids, try to steal it again. What? That is crazy. What… Is someone gonna be there to watch her? She shouldn’t be alone. I agree so? So what? No, I’m…I don’t think I should be there. I called her a thief and a liar and if
this experiment doesn’t work it confirms that. But if it does work? It means I was wrong. Then you were wrong. Make it right. Do you think she’s telling the
truth? That she she didn’t steal it on purpose? Did you know I left this coat
last year at Josette’s Memorial? No. I did. I didn’t realize it until I got back
to my summer house but obviously I wasn’t gonna go back to Josette’s to
get it. I just flew back home to New York. And it was freezing. A few days later, a
package arrives at my office. Your coat. Inside was a note that said:
“Don’t get too cold. – Donni” After all I did, she sends my coat. You know that there are a lot of things in my life that served as wake-up calls and
that was one of them. In terms of the Moonstone, I’m not a wronged party but if I can give Donni a
second chance to prove herself, I will. Yeah, I uh… This is a little odd talking to you about this. You have no idea. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m gonna be there. Think about it. Watch the vlogs.
Let me know what you decide.

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12 thoughts on “On Company and Coats – A Moonstone Moment – The Moonstone Web Series

  1. Ok they both like donni and Arthur is literally setting this up so Paul can get back with her, putting his own feelings down and making donni happy

  2. So, when you guys release a new episode, I attack it the way I do good chocolate. Gone in an instant, no time to delicately balance against tastebuds.But every Friday, when I get together with my friend to read (did the Moonstone, now on Jemisen's Fifth Season , yay), we also watch the past week's two episodes. (Also, a week's worth of Breaking Cat News at gocomics — I love Fridays but I digress) So I have a chance to savor and notice what I didn't before. Such as the amazing job with sound (editing) for this past Monday. Now I'm going back to savor Friday's plot advancement, woohoo! (I **knew** Arthur had something to do with Herncastle's losing the contract, I just don't know/can't remember how I knew.) Keep 'em coming. I need my fixes.

  3. Unspoiled opinion here: I’m still calling Candi and Greyson being In cahoots on this.
    Ahh I wanna go read the spoiler. Hurry up Screen 14!!!

  4. I am reading and LOVING all these Arthur comments, and I'm VERY HAPPY that I am not the only one in my alternate universe 😉 haHA!

  5. I have to say that hands down Author has surprised me so much. His character development has been surprising but great to see. I like who he's become. 🙂

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