On-Page SEO Title and URL Customization (SEO Basics part 5 of 17)

So one of the on-page SEO criterias is to
set up your title and URL web address and I’m going to show you how to customize all
that in this video. Okay so now that you’ve gotten a quick introduction on what on-page
optimization is let’s show you how to do it. One of the first things that you do on your
WordPress blog is to set your title and your web address so that way Google can find it
easily. I’m going to go the Google search to really explain to you why this is significant.
So my keyword that I’m targeting is “podcasting a to z” if you see right here this keyword
“podcasting a to z” is in my web address and if you also notice Google kind of slightly
bolds this word in comparison to the other texts and it’s also slightly bolded right
here as well and what that is telling you is Google says “a-ha! you’re looking for podcasting
a to z, i have an article that is about podcasting a to z” because obviously it’s in the title
and its in the web address. So obviously this is an article about that subject. So, here
is how you set this all up so it shows up just like this. If you go inside your WordPress
and you’re writing a blog post or blog page the very first thing you can do is you can
create a title. If you notice my title is strategically named “Podcasting A to Z Review
an Insider’s Perspective From a Recent Graduate”. The web address is also named exactly the
same, you can’t tell right here but it says ‘Podcasting A to Z’ but in the event that
your web address or your URL is not correctly set you can always click this edit button
and then change it. If it’s not already here you basically type it in and as you can see
I typed in ‘podcasting a to z’. Here’s another trick that I am going to show you. I don’t
have to set this web address, it automatically generates it for me. How I did that was basically
I went to my ‘SETTINGS’ and you’re going to go to ‘PERMALINKS’ and you’ll want to make
sure you click on this button called ‘CUSTOM STRUCTURE’. The reason so is you create this
it automatically generates that your web address is going to be an extension of your post name.
In order to set this if not set already you would just do ‘/%postname%’ or you basically
set it right here, click on this tab and call it ‘POST NAME’. WordPress has already set
this up for you to do so. So either one of these structures is going to basically auto
generate your web address to your exact blog post so make sure you do that otherwise its
going to generate something like this where the ‘DEFAULT’ is ‘?p=123’ Google doesn’t know
what that means so you want to make sure you set it up just like this and click save changes.
Okay so now that I’ve explained to you how to set up your title and your web address
in the next video I’m going to show you how to structure your blog post and place your
keywords for more on-page optimization.

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