ONE Website Tweak That’ll Grow Your ENTIRE Business

look at this pretty Purrie! hello friends it is
Allison from and welcome back to my colourful corner of
the internet today I want to share one simple website tweak that will help you
grow your audience your email list and ultimately your revenue oh yeah it is
most definitely as exciting as it sounds because fact you have literally got just
two to three seconds to grab someone’s attention when they first land on your
website and if you don’t do that successfully then you are missing out on
loads of new followers email subscribers and customers so your website and
grabbing someone’s attention immediately is super important but before we dive in
if you would like to see a regular doses of business growing awesomeness then be
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them and now what is this mysteriously simple website tweak that can have a
huge impact on the growth of your business it’s this showcase your who
what and how Hedlund above the fold you need to clearly communicate to people
who your website is for what its gonna help them do and how they can take
action without needing to scroll down a little side note above the fold is that
area of your website that is visible without meaning to scroll down so for
example if you go to my website wonder last com then on the main home page
you’re gonna see my who what and how headline above the fold who do I help
overwhelmed entrepreneurs what do I help them do create the plan they need to
grow the profitable online business that they want how can they take action by
grabbing their free online business roadmap which also gets them on my email
list and just why is having this who wasn’t how headline above-the-fold so
important because not only do you have just two to three seconds to grab
someone’s attention when they first land on your site but if someone is confused
over who your website is for or how it’s going to benefit them then they’re gonna
leave and they’re gonna leave fast plain and simple most people nowadays have the
attention span of a chimpanzee and they want to browse a website that is going
to benefit them in some way so you can encourage the right people to stick
around on your website and to get on your email list by clearly communicating
who your website is for what specific benefit it will provide them and how
they can take action above the fold fun little fact a good headline can increase
your audience retention and email list growth by as much as 20 100 percent yes
you heard that right 20 100 percent right speaking of growth if your
business growth is feeling a bit stagnant then I invite you to check out
my brand-new and free master class all about the three changes I made in my
business to go from four hundred and sixty eight dollars to eight thousand
five hundred and twenty four dollars a month and beyond yep I quite literally
share how I went from five years of stagnant growth and zero income to
successful full-time business in less than twelve months so if you would like
to check out that free masterclass and I will pop the link for that in the
description below this video so you know just look in the description and click
the link if you’d like to check out that masterclass and hang out with me more
and that’s it that’s the simple website tweak that you need to make if you want
to see more growth in your audience your email list and ultimately yo revenue got
a question then leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you and now
it’s time to go for a like outside like a beautiful Bambi you know like the

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7 thoughts on “ONE Website Tweak That’ll Grow Your ENTIRE Business

  1. Happy 4th of July for those in the U.S. who celebrate! Is anyone doing anything fun today? ? ? I hope you all find this video helpful. Let me know if you have any questions below! ⬇️

  2. Hehe, nice animal references! ? And great tip! This made me realize I have wayy too much text above the fold that only implicitly covers those three questions. Time to take some action ? Also, happy 4th of July to you!

  3. You are the best. I hopped in and fixed my above the fold content immediately thanks to this tip! I'm sure I'll tweak it 80 more times this week, but really clarifying tip! Thanks.

  4. So very helpful, especially the great example! Quick question. I know how to make a CTA box like that on Canva, but what dimensions? Thanks for awesome content!

  5. I reviewed both of my sites. One of them already had everything about the fold, the other however was lacking a WHO. Thanks for the reminder to have this important information above the fold!

  6. Thank You for this great tip!!! I never realized how blah and uninspiring my home page was until now. Fixing it asap.

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