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I came from a family with behavioral
health problems depression anxiety substance abuse. And in the middle of
Nebraska where I grew up there were very few resources available. So my whole life
has really been dedicated to trying to reduce mental health disparities and
make effective behavioral health more accessible to people.
TAO Connect provides a suite of tools for providing online mental health
therapy. We use artificial intelligence to create practice tools so that people
can practice with feedback throughout the week any therapist will tell you
that their clients that make the most progress are the ones who do the most
homework between sessions what TAO does is to first of all make
doing more homework entertaining and interesting and easy so more people do
it the other thing is there’s accountability clients know that their
therapists can see what they did and when they did it and so they’re
encouraged to actually do more what we found is that our outcomes using the
online system are actually better than traditional hour long weekly face to
face therapy we have over a million people of access to our behavioral
health tools today there is so much development that has happened that we
would not have been able to do without NSF it’s just been huge.

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