Online Business from Home | How To Outsource Your Business

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3 thoughts on “Online Business from Home | How To Outsource Your Business

  1. You and Todd put out a ton of value. The two of you working together is envious. I have outsourced some things but my business is nowhere near at the level of where you and Todd are at. And…I can tell from listening to both of you that you are very sharp people. I do hope to get there, and I do work on it. You were able to invest heavily in the beginning. That helped I think.

    I will look for ways to outsource when I can. This video reminds me of another video Eric Worre made referencing the fact that if you want to make 1 million per year, you need to do 1 million per year tasks and let the smaller stuff like cutting grass and other things go to somebody else.

    I have part of that covered. I travel a great deal still and work alot of over time. My 15 yr old is cutting our grass. That is dry humor by the way. I get the point both you and Eric are making and I am striving for that lifestyle.

    At some point, I need substantial commissions. I'm in different programs now, but I do like the value you put out.

    The two of you do some very complicated stuff but you both understand it I think, and I think Todd's IT background helps him figure out alot of tech stuff behind the scenes.

    I like your channel. I like the value you put out in your content. I'm going to stay subscribed and stay on your list. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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