The one thing that has grown my business
this year is getting out of my comfort zone. So getting out of my comfort zone
means doing the things that normally makes me feel uncomfortable. And the reason why
I’m continuing to do things that make me feel uncomfortable for my business is
because you cannot grow as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, as a person,
you cannot grow if you are constantly doing the same things over and over
again and then refusing to do the things that make you feel uncomfortable even
though you know that those things will help you to grow. So when you identify
the things that make you feel comfortable to do for your business, as
an entrepreneur when you identify those things, you write them down and then you
try to strike them off your list by doing them one by one. And the
key to doing all these things is consistency. The more you do the things
that make you feel uncomfortable, the more you do the things that get you out
of your comfort zone, the less uncomfortable you get about them. So
here’s my example of me getting out of my comfort zone. I’m actually pretty
afraid of going on stage, talking to a huge crowd of people. And if I let that
fear stop me from you know applying for speaking gigs, going to conferences and talking to people, running workshops and so on, then I will
not be able to grow my business and get my brand name in front of more people
right? So I have to get myself and my mind out of that comfort zone and start
to speak to more and more people. So if you want to be a speaker, if you want to
you know have opportunity to speak on stage at conferences, but you’re afraid
of speaking publicly in front of a lot of people, then what you can do is to
start small. So that’s what I did. I started small. So apply to speak
at a small conference, at small event that has much smaller number of
people and then start from there start small. Start building up that confidence
of speaking front of people and then you’ll get better and you’ll get more
and more and more opportunities to speak to more people. And eventually you keep
growing a brand and getting more clients through these conferences. Now another
thing that I had to do to get out of my comfort zone is getting on videos. I know
a lot of you guys struggle with getting on videos, doing this type of videos. It’s
actually quite intimidating for some of you guys, but video marketing is
one of the most important marketing strategy out there. And if you’re not
going on videos, you really have to look into this because people need to know,
like and trust you, just like how you are getting to know who I am right now. You
have to go on videos so that your target audience get to know more about you and
getting on videos it’s not as easy as it sounds. it’s easy for some people but for
me, it was a struggle in the beginning. And so the more videos I start doing, the
less uncomfortable I feel about getting in front of the camera. So if you’re
uncomfortable about getting in front of the camera, if you’re uncomfortable of
anything that you know it helps your business, it will help me grow as an
entrepreneur, then you just got to go out there and do it consistently day-in
day-out, week in and week out. And eventually, you get to a point where you feel less
uncomfortable about it and eventually totally comfortable with it. So let me
know in the comments below: what are you uncomfortable about and what do you plan
on doing to get out of your comfort zone? Now if you want to work with me and my
messenger marketing agency Chrys Media, I want you to click on link below to
schedule a free 30 minute strategy call with me. And if you want to learn more
about Facebook Messenger marketing, I’ve got a free masterclass in the link below.
So go click the link in the description below for more details.

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  1. Work with my Messenger marketing agency, Chrys Media by clicking on this link to send me a Facebook message right now to book a free strategy call with me:

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