Online Business How To Start Again When You Want To Quit

– Ugh, starting a business is hard. Seriously, everything takes way
longer than you had planned, and it’s all a lot harder than you originally
think it’s going to be. Is it really worth it? Or are you getting signs
that you should just stop now before you dig yourself in too deep? Hey, it’s LeahRae from and I get it. I can’t count the number
of times that Todd or I, or both of us, have had that feeling. Creating your own online
business, while it may be simple, it’s definitely not easy. – I know this isn’t easy, so. – So in this video,
I’m gonna give you some specific questions that
you need to ask yourself. And some advice so that
you know if it’s time to throw in the towel,
or what you need to do to be able to move forward and reset. Now, if you’re new to our channel, we are here to help you
online entrepreneurs, learn how to create time freedom, create the leverage that you
and your family truly deserve. So if you’re looking for that, make sure you subscribe and hit
that bell for notifications. – This is hard! – Yes, building an online
business can be rough. There isn’t a manual to follow that’s going to guarantee your results. You are continually
having to try new things, hoping that they’re gonna
work, bringing you the traffic, the leads and the sales that you need. But even the best strategies
don’t always work as we hope. There are a million
different variables at play, and frankly, you can find yourself in a run of very bad luck. Where your ads aren’t working for you, where you can’t get ads approved. Your organic traffic and
growth is just way too slow. And then, maybe on top of all that, your ads account then
gets shut down altogether. – This sucks! – Yes, we have been there, and it sucks. You’ve been working hard
putting in the time, doing what you should be doing, but it feels like karma just came and slapped you in the face. – That is a real slap in the face. (audience laughing) – Maybe this is just too
hard and you should quit before you dig your hole too deep. Maybe this is a sign telling you that you’re going in the wrong direction and that you should quit. Maybe it’s just a test to
see if you really want it, and you need to keep going. Your brain can start spinning in circles, really out of control. You’re frustrated, exhausted,
and without direction. Not a fun place to be. So how do you get clarity
and create a path forward? – What am I supposed to do now? – The first step is to
understand that all, all successful entrepreneurs
have been in that same place. Seriously, at one time or another, it has felt like we were
hitting nothing but walls and all the doors were closing. This is where the rubber meets the road. And you need to make a decision
on how bad you want this, and if you are willing to keep going. In order to really evaluate this, you need to be crystal
clear on what your why is. Why are you building an online
business in the first place? If it’s just for some
extra cash to play with, that probably isn’t a big
enough reason to keep at it. For Todd and I, it was our kids. We started our online business so that he could stop traveling. We only had our first son at that time, and his little heart was
breaking every Sunday when we went to drop
daddy off at the airport. Todd was flying across the
country every single week, coming home late on Thursdays
or early on Fridays, and it was way too hard on our family. It was hard on both Todd
and our son, but also as me, I was forced to be a single
mom for most of the week. It really wasn’t the life that we wanted. We wanted more. We wanted to create time
freedom, to be able to give our kids parents that
stayed home with them. – I wanted to protect my
family against further hurt. – Our why was very strong,
and we knew that it was good. It wasn’t just some selfish desire that would only benefit us individually, but it would benefit our
entire family and more. So even when we were down in the dumps and it felt like everything
was just falling apart, we stuck with it. Why, because we didn’t
accept the alternative of Todd being stuck traveling forever. We felt like even if we really wanted to, quitting just wasn’t an option. So what did we do to get started again, to turn things around? We innovated, we thought
outside of the box. Now there’s a million different ways that you can build your business online. A million different ways you can reach full-time income online. So take the blinders off, get creative on how to
get where you want to be. – We must get creative. – Some of our most successful
strategies and decisions that we’ve implemented in our business, happened as a result of
one of these low points. We couldn’t keep going with
whatever we were trying to do, so we had to get creative
and solve the problem just a different way. And that is where the magic came from. And we created some beautiful things that really moved our business forward. How do you actually innovate? How do you pull yourself out
of one of these low points? Now we’ve always done it one of two ways, so let’s start with the first and the most optimal option for you. Number one, live events. Attend in-person industry
events with leaders who have created the results
that you’re looking for, along with others who are
striving to do the same. There isn’t a better, more
creative type of energy that when you get in a room full of people on the same journey,
people you can talk to, see what they are working on, be real about your struggles
and get their advice. These are great brainstorming
sessions where you can come up with some ideas you would’ve
never thought of on your own. Plus you can get really wild up. You can get the energy and
the excitement that you need to get back up on that
horse and to get it done. – This is so exciting. – This is definitely the best option for creating a different
way to reach your goals and to get re-energized
about your business. It’s our first suggestion by
far because the best ideas and the things that have
changed our business the most, have come from these
types of in-person events. Now the second option that
you can do if attending a live event isn’t really
something you can do right now, is connecting and networking
with others in the industry by phone or over web conference. Now by attending live events, we have built up relationships
that we have continued once we got home. Now, if we run into a low spot or are struggling with the
what next steps to take, or where do we go from here, we have a network of
successful entrepreneurs that we can talk to, get
feedback and advice from. – It’s nice to have someone to talk to. – And on the flip side,
we’re happy to do the same. Now if you’ve been in
really cutthroat jobs or industries before, you may be wondering why we
would help each other out. Don’t we compete with each other? Well, sometimes we do, frankly. But thinking that way comes
from a lack mentality. The idea that there’s only so much money and so much success to go around, so focus on you and just
screw everybody else. Well, heck if they fail, the
more likely you are to succeed. This is ridiculous, and
a horrible way to live and run a business. Instead we live in an abundance mindset, where there’s plenty for everyone. Instead of trying to get
the biggest piece of the pie cut for ourselves, we work
to help to make a bigger pie where we can all work
together to better each other, to grow in our businesses and help impact more people’s lives. ♪ We’re all in this together ♪ – Now the final component
that I would suggest if you are a spiritual
person at all is prayer. Because getting support and
ideas from others is great. But the goal really is to find the two p’s to help you keep going. P number one is passion. You need to find passion
again in your business. Some idea or concept or purpose that really gets you excited
and revved up to get to work. And P number two is peace. You need to be at peace
about your business. Now these other things will help, but personally I believe that
we are all spiritual beings, and if we miss this part,
we’re missing something huge. Now for myself, I would
also pray, maybe fast, read the Bible as a way to
check in with the man upstairs. And I found that when
I’m on the right path, His path for my life,
it usually doesn’t come in a big thundering voice from above. But instead as peace, as
immense peace in my heart. – Here you too will find peace. – So when you’re
floundering, you’re scared, you’re frustrated, worn out, just worried about your business, then you need to fully understand
your why behind it all. You need to connect with
others who can support you and help you get creative and innovate. And you need to truly find
your passion and your peace. Doing so is gonna light a fire deep inside and help you not only to
create a better business, but a better life for you and your family. And hopefully a better
world for all of us. Now at the upper right
corner of your screen or at the top of the description, you will see the video to watch next. At this point, it would be very
helpful for you to mull over some ideas of new strategies
that you could implement in your own business. So this video will lay out for you the top eight most automated strategies that will help you create leverage, and create that time freedom that you and your family truly deserve. So click on that video,
upper right corner of screen, top of the description,
and watch that one next. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and I’ll see ya soon.

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