Hi there. It’s Carolin here and today I want
to talk to you about what it really takes to start your online coaching or consulting
business so you know what you’re getting yourself into right from the start. Make sure you stay
all the way until the end of the video, because I’m also going to talk about the most common
misconceptions and the most common mistakes that people make when they’re launching their
online business. All about helping you go from passion to profits
in your coaching business. There are so many people in today’s society
that want to become their own boss and launch an online business. And so many of them choose
coaching or consulting because it’s one of those professions that is high paid and it
also allows you to feel really passionate and excited about the work you do every single
day. Not only that, coaching and consulting is also something you can do from home. You
can travel, so you can take your business with you and it doesn’t even require special
certifications or skills for you to get started. So is it really that easy? What does it really
take for you to launch a successful online coaching or consulting business from working
with thousands of coaches and consultants over the last couple of years, we know what
it really takes to launch and scale a highly profitable and successful business online.
And today I wanna share with you what it really takes so you know what to expect. Let’s start by talking about the elephant
in the room right off the bat. Do you see the elephant? Is it here somewhere? What is
it? Financial resources. A lot of people ask us, can I launch my business for free? Can
I do this all myself? Can I make money first? And then reinvest the money into my business?
And the answer is always no, no, you cannot. If you go out there and you ask any successful
business owner in any industry, they will always tell you that starting a business takes
financial resources. What you invest your money in depends on what exactly you want
to do, but there will always be an initial up front investment into your business so
that you can get everything off the ground and start it the right way. So I want to tell
you about this idea that you can launch your business for free and try to figure it out
on your own in the beginning and become profitable because that for most people simply does not
happen. And I say that because I want you to be realistic
and have the right expectations when you’re going into business for yourself. What will
you spend your money on? Most likely you’ll be investing in a business coach or a mentor.
Most new coaches and consultants need a business coach or trainer because you were most likely
not born an entrepreneur. So you don’t know how to build a brand. You don’t know how to
build a website, how to create offerings, how to market yourself and how to gain clients.
And that’s not your fault. You need to learn those things to get started. You may also
be investing in a photo shoot, a brand, a website, later on your online systems and
tools. Then later on, some online advertising and marketing and more. How much will you
be investing? I always tell my clients approximately $10,000. Now know that this is a very generic
number, but I want to give you a benchmark to look at. If you have about $10,000 to invest, you have
a financial cushion to invest in the support you need to get your business off the ground
and then actually recoup that investment and make the money back in a couple of months.
When we work with clients, it usually takes us approximately four to six months to get
them from zero where they’re just starting to growing full time in their coaching or
consulting business and earning a nice profit. The next thing I want to talk to you about
is your mindset, and when I talk about mindset, I’m really thinking about your commitment.
So let me ask you a question. How committed are you really right now to launching a successful
business? On a scale from one to 10, where 1 is just thinking about it and 10 means I’m
as committed as they come, where do you stand? Really ask yourself that question, because
what we know is that in order for you to grow your business, overcome challenges, face fears,
and put yourself outside your comfort zone. To succeed, you need to be fully committed.
You need to be 100% in. When clients ask to work with us, we always ask them, how committed
are you right now? And if they give us anything less than an eight out of 10 we usually don’t
speak with them. Why? Because we know you’re just looking into it. You’re just dreaming
about it. It’s a great idea, but you’re not 100% committed. In order for you to be successful
as a business owner, you need to be 100% committed. You need to be a 10 out of 10 so ask yourself,
are you there right now? And if not, maybe now is not the right time for you to get started. Next, let’s talk about your expectations.
There’s so much marketing and so much hype out there nowadays, and my mission is to set
you straight and get you into business with realistic expectations so that you don’t get
overwhelmed, frustrated and disappointed with yourself. A lot of people say, you know, go
into business and next month you’ll be making $10,000. There’s marketing out there that
says 10K in 30 days and seven figures in three months. And all of these things are maybe
possible, but not realistic for most people. So what we want you to do is be really realistic
with yourself when you’re getting yourself into business, and look at what’s feasible
for you, what are your income expectations, right? So how much do you want to earn and
how long do you, this is going to really take you? What we know from experience is that
most new coaches and consultants will be earning between five and $10,000 within four to six
months. Now this is not a guarantee or a claim or
anything. This is what we have seen from our experience. You can be earning a lot more,
but you could also be earning a lot less. There are no guarantees in business, so you
need to be ready to get in business and do the work and have realistic expectations and
even keep going if you’re not making the money right away, and if you’re not gaining the
clients right away because why? If this is your passion and this is your dream, this
is what you need to do and there’s no giving up. You also want to think about realistic
expectations around work and how much time it will take. Now we have clients who are
working full time jobs. They have an hour, maybe two at most every day to work on their
business. We also have clients who work on their business
full time. They can spend eight to 10 hours every single day working on their business.
So what does that really mean? That means that people will have to go at their own pace.
You are not like everybody else. You have different skills, a different personality,
a different mindset and different goals. So don’t expect to be like everybody else. You
have to go this journey at your own pace, right? So it may take you three months, maybe
six months, maybe even 12 months, to have a fully functioning and profitable business,
but what matters the most is that you get started right now. Because the other thing
I know is that life is never perfect. There might always be children or things happening
in life, or maybe you’re moving right now. Maybe your job isn’t quite stable. Whatever
it is, life is never perfect, but you only have one life and you only have one dream. So what matters the most is that you get started
right now. Go on this journey and then set realistic expectations and don’t give up on
your way to having a successful business. The last thing you need to expect when you
get into business for yourself is to be really passion and love driven. What do I mean by
that? Well, I’ve seen people get into business for themselves and do it for mostly the wrong
reasons, right? We all want to be free. We all want to be financially independent. But
if you’re not driven by this desire to really help people to really make a difference, if
you don’t have that passion and that fire in you, it will be very hard to eventually
overcome challenges and sustain your business. Launching a business and running a business,
to me, is really like a marathon. It’s about being persistent. It’s about how long you can carry it for,
not how much you can carry, right? So it’s about you knowing why you’re in business in
the first place. So think about this right now. What are your main drivers? What’s your
big why? What are you so passionate about? Why do you want to help people? And what’s
the contribution that you want to make on the world? If you know these things, you can
use them to fuel you, to give you power, motivation, and strength every single day, no matter what
happens in business. And that’s your ultimate key and secret to success. And now I would
love to hear from you. Let’s have a conversation. What is holding you back from launching a
coaching or consulting business right now? What are some of your fears? What are some
of your concerns? What do you think is unknown for you right now that is stopping you from
taking action? Is it time? Is it money? Is it confidence?
Is it vision or clarity? Let me know down below in the comments and let’s have a conversation.
And now I have a very special invitation for you. You want to build a successful online
coaching or consulting business, correct? If that’s so, I would love to support you
on your journey. We would like to invite you to join us in Brand Your Passions, our six
month mastermind. That is a complete hybrid program to help new coaches and consultants
go from zero to having a full time business in as little as six months. Now the program
includes videos, modules, templates, and workbooks to help you build and implement everything
step by step. We also offer you full suite of support, including one to one coaching,
group coaching calls, a community email access, and so much more. Now the program is not easy,
but it’s designed to give you the results you really want. The program is also not cheap, but it’s priced
appropriately based on the results we know we can deliver for you, and it’s not going
to promise you money overnight, but it’s going to give you everything you need to build a
full time profitable passion based, online coaching or consulting business in the next
couple of months. To find out more about Brand Your Passions, simply go to
or book a call with your Team Soldo coach and we would love to talk to you about where
you are right now, where you want to go, how to bridge that gap, and what your next best
steps are towards your dream business in the next couple of months. To book a call with
our team, simply go to and we’re excited to talk to you in just a
couple of days. Now you know exactly what to expect when you’re
launching your own coaching or consulting business online. And now it’s time for you
to stay focused on your goals because I believe that you are meant to bring your passions
out there to the world. If you like the video, give me a like below. Subscribe to our channel,
share with your friends, and then don’t forget to come back next week. Thank you for watching
and take care. Driven by financial things, they were driven
by significance. They were driven by, you know, making a lot of money and hold on. That’s
not good. So that you know, you will know, you know, you know what you know. The next thing I want to talk to you about
is your mindset. And we have noises again…uhhhhh crap.

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  1. Thank you so much for watching! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you learned in this video – see you next week!

  2. Great video Carolin. I love the balance between ambition and dreams alongside sticking at things and realistic expectations.

  3. I’ve started but it just takes so much time and patience and focus so that’s the phase I’m going through right now.

  4. I love all your videos Carolin and you have helped me become a better Transformation and Business Coach. Also I love this blue on you and your hair color is beautiful.

  5. The online coaching market is surging right now. It generated $35.6b in revenue in 2011. It was projected to reach $107 Billion in 2015, and it did. Now, Research and Markets, a market research firm, projects that the online coaching market will grow to $325 Billion by 2025, a triple of 2015 revenue.

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