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7 thoughts on “Online Marketing Degree Program, SNHU Testimonial

  1. The video was recorded via webcam. We certainly agree the quality leaves a lot to be desired, but hope the first-hand content makes up for it!

  2. Thanks Benny for your input!  I wish you continued success and wisdom in your life and the lives of your children! -Benita Hubbard.

  3. Hello Benny,
    I applaud you! It is never too late to continue your education! I completed  two Masters Degrees later on in my life and I am so glad I did! Best wishes!! 

  4. i guess it is a small world.  Not only am I attending SNHU, I'm currently in the military (everything you're saying about SNHU interacting with military members is true), I also have children (not in college, pre-k and middle school), and above all…I'm from Baton Rouge!!  I'm usually a skeptic with the whole online university stuff but I honestly feel that i've found the right place to help me finish a long standing dream.  Admittedly my study habits need some work, that happens when being out of school for more than a decade.  Its not easy but I'm trying my best and my advisor is always there to help me when i need it.  Thank you SNHU!!

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