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online marketing tips
either rich in Mathura and today wanna
talk about on prospecting specifically those if you that use the
technique could make it individual connections online so Facebook Twitter Linkedin whatever you a
platform that you choose no going out there reaching out to
somebody who you like the look of %uh who is your target market same hello common talk to me on the
trying hopefully bring them into your business we’re looking at right from the start to
bring them into business what’s the mistakes that you makin white people not responding to you why
than other to hear info why did not join when they have all know it to be found message in again now let’s address those
kind of issues for your own you know let’s see some results crisis
is a technique that does get a little results I’m not bill a a large portion my business
from this technique and know probably love you doing this for
the same reason I am the fact that you know if you working long hours when I first
started on full-time now say when I first started it marked in no I worked on social hours I couldn’t
come home after 60,000 week & Co people 11 p.m. at night it’s just not a great start a
conversation hey sites get you outta bed you out of business doesn’t work does it so know this is
between very popular method so what I wanna say first I’ve lost on
the basics and then this movie so too soon all those kinda little tweak says if there is no secret know I love you I
know maybe unit of financial spa a new one in the fast this way to get a
sign what I say today richard what what some ninja secret that I can
just say this message in the oldest twenty people comment on business
doesn’t happen guy yes sir ji guys you searching for you
know something that is just a mirage to that that doesn’t happen okay so I just wanna if you being sold
training right now from my house a lot of Facebook marketing out that some
great some terrible if they’re telling you that use this one
message inside 20 people up today you stay around the train in you know if
they could do that they wouldn’t feel the need to sell a course they be signed
up twenty people a day and they would hire 10 people and pay the minimum wage in
some 200 people day so some courses so no just be aware
anyway so what are we looking up right from the
start your profile sort it you know he should have a target market
that is the type of people he going for if they look at your profile is
attractive to them what are they gonna think think about
when someone messages you what’s the first thing you do you click on the name you look at the
page to the profile wherever you are and you weigh them up is this someone
who’s have interest to me either gonna be a value to me
online marketing tips other than picks me on the sales a you
know if this company info although via site right now take it down on your own profile people and connect
with people they don’t wanna be pushed or pressure to cajole them if they feel
us what you’re gonna be like they’ll stay clear view for definite so
if the objective step but few know you just requested yourself you click on
your profile page what do you think what do you think when
you look at the photos on the that the the comments you’ve got on there okay
addressed %uh first if you’re not getting responses to messages that’s where the problem lies in the
profile cause the clicking on the clicking away so then we won t love them in specific
first messages be a real person you know don’t talk
business never put links in them in this is basic
stuff guys book just be a real person look for some familiarity some commonality on on that wall the the same
with you you know what he got in common what what might you have in common just
be a real person to make an introduction An ask them you know what’s up with you
what’s new what’s new and exciting how you what do you do anything that ass a question to get them
to come back to you and then the conversations gonna follow a real big important piece of advice
that I wanna give you is you really moss and you may have
heard this before but I hope the way I say so direct hits home you’ve got to put out of your mind sign
in the mop not a peace at me then our prospects yet you might not want to work with that
person they might not want to work with you they might pay your company you might
pay what they stand for you might be choking cheese don’t from square one thing however in
this person to my business because my sis slowest way to do it to
get lazy anything ’cause give a link are you get
lazy think any the sign of noms gonna tell about my company’s the second
message in life throw it up all over them such is the slowest away to bring the
anti-business see making a mistake is the quickest way
to show them what you do I’ll give ya is also the quickest way to
put them off and the slowest wait to bring them into your business they don’t always live is excited about
your company as you are just because you put in front
of them doesn’t mean they’re gonna see what you see the set to use a person hide work in
business the benefits how they feel they would do with these
are all the more important question the specific companies because it was a
choice out that a las Ocho serve wraps within your
company issue that counts so you take a little bit I’m this
technique is going to take a month to to start getting the sign-ups but when
you do if you hit in 10-20 connections a day those people circumstances are gonna
change maybe they don’t enjoy your business right now maybe they don’t trust you right now
once you’re connected on the social media platform they’re gonna stop seeing ok day said in
a sealable you to Israel they gonna see your real person what you
stand for if you do it right they gonna get curious then the money thinking okay let’s look
into this person a bit further at the time did you first message them
perhaps they were in the right place a joint meeting new people change
companies know steve is doing this in a shop in three complete before I to success you
know there was a certain time when I would have considered move in and a time when I was ready to move I
went to the people that I fell offered me the best chance of success
why would work best with what connect and mouse with who provided
the most value if you’re a passive aggressive and when they don’t join you get
aggressive with embassy need to pay bills not a problem you know you really horrible to the US
nothing you don’t carry on the conversation show no interest than anything what an idiot one idiot
I’m never gonna talk to the person again that is to anything the top guy if you had nice to
them if you try make a connection if you
touch base with them now and again when that person is ready to change if
there ever ready to change company or not something to the mix do you think the chances are better or
worse that being you the person who they come to
online marketing tactics happens all the time for me all the time
something comes out a 000 people become aware of my company
because I put so much value out that every single day to people without a
signed up all the time people say hey I like the look at this
company I heard you were in it hell I so this a Philly offer this
product I heard you were in it too that’s what happens on provide value
people will actually see something and then search other people who they
know with a trusted with like me to become that person even if it’s
for 10 people gonna come to you final point before
before I am can allow him he gonna implement these
things is you look at the mine for love you posture you know I know posture is important
notes love you misunderstand the point for me posture
is about maintain your course in terms of if focused on what you doing don’t be
swayed from that you believe in it believe in yourself you don’t care for
approval that’s posture you know I think this
rich mom whatever you know I would do it anyway house posture soon love you do a posture
is not but she’s pretend that you’re far more
successful than what you are and I know it because I still hit twenty thirty
people maybe even you a prospect like this all the time the
key for me is I’m not prospecting making connections much wanna be a friend of yours you know
I’m not looking to sign somebody’ll but the the problem love you come back
with is I’m doing amazing I’m so in this most part I’ve got this
much I’m doing this which I make this much money I just google you in a minute
tumbleweeds and I know you lie don’t let that be you because there’s
not a single word is gonna cry your mouth that I was gonna believe after that you
lose all credibility you know when you sell someone you’re a
superstar fear superstar they’re gonna find you on leaderboards they gonna find
you in your local community doing good or it
with your own products or at least on company events or something they’re
gonna find some trail of breadcrumbs right orson is nothing and that hurts you partly so don’t be over the top with the
posture just be real talk about what you going to do talk
about we connected with talk about the team the with so you take yourself out of the equation no
don’t put it all on you if you’ve got no resource show there is
also the people in let them connect with your personal side
that’s gonna work well as how business is a bill to this industry so not come along the video today but I
guess we’ve covered a lot you know a lot of information or coaching really consider what you try to achieve
when you click the Send button to that person if you live in your hands together
what’s in it for me not gonna work a little bit a shame on you as well that’s a person that a piece at me look
to make connection and then decide if the someone who is worthy of your time in business and
we feel well that we could actually help solve a problem in their life if it’s not don’t be silly about it
don’t be aggressive we’re all grown-ups put rosa release liza find the next
prospect bookkeeping talk to a person and be kind be a friend they might continue in the future know
the things that I’ve covered as well and and a final point but a strange one
can go in a different direction here and I just got to go wit to Rome with my
wife and that my daughter know the following nearly one a few
years ago didn’t have chance to no I think we’re pretty much the hotel
so to book you know am restaurants attractions that kinda
stuff and if you’ve been often if you well upon this kinda thing
I travel a lot but I’ve never been to rosso now let me know no common than anything
or email now gonna get in touch with me I’m open to it to hear in your
restaurant see favorite places you know we like the outdoors we like good food like good people like havin
fun all I can the stuff so be interested if any good suggestions
for miss out that’s something for me if you can do that for me if not you know
it’s no problem you know I wanna be cautious about my holiday I’m going
anyway so how they got some value go okay today
that counts guys and I’m gonna see on the next video soon hope this helps
online marketing tips

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