Outstanding Retail Small Business: Pip & Grow

( ♪♪♪ ) Pip & Grow manufactures
the Smitten Sleep System, a bassinet box designed
to reduce the risk of SIDS. My business partner,
Amber Kroeker, is one of the country’s leading
safe sleep experts. She got a baby box from Finland. We put together a panel of
pediatricians and packaging experts to Americanize it
and improve upon it. We’re sitting around the table
and Amber looks up and says, “Girls, I have an innovation grant
and I have a prototype and I don’t know where to go
from here.” And Kate and I stepped up and said,
“This is an idea that we have to support.” We seem to have most sides of the business covered between the three of us. We fill the gaps
with our SCORE mentors. One of the things
that has taken off for her is the convenience of the product
for the new parents to have the baby next to them
when they’re doing things. She is very creative
in terms of her online retailing. LAUREN HUGHEY:
Being able to clearly state why
your product is different or better, what benefits it brings, that’s something that SCORE
helped us identify and talk about. There are a million decisions
that go into opening a business. But the one that I am most proud of
is making the right choices. We’re really set on
creating an ecosystem that supports safe families
and healthy children. We wanted to be sure that we were providing American parents with good jobs. It’s a baby product.
So we wanted to be sure that the people who we partnered with
were good people. We don’t want anything funny
in our ink or in the cardboard. They’ve had big success
to this point. Even greater success to come. We’re all motivated
by saving babies. What’s better than that?
( laughing ) ( ♪♪♪ )

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