Owning My own Business For 2 Years / Would I do it Again? / Should i quit the job i don’t like ?

yoyoyo was goody with it I am super
proud to present this video hold on I know is it label as a AFB is that label
accounting for beginners it’s not accounting for beginner so if that’s
what you want to watch click off now it’s fine this is only my own business
for two years whoo still here baby still be paying our
rent I had a client come in this year and I was doing a personal tax return he
said it’s like the friends parents they might be watching so I just saw you last
weekend what up he’s my friend’s parent he’s like 65 70
years old and he’s awesome he’s he’s a he’s a Jonathan Doran supporter so he’s
one of the few of those around so I got mad love for the guy and his liver
starts all his videos off with yoyoyo and I’m like how do ya like bro howdy oh
my god he doubled I started real up with he’s like whoa subscribe click I will
leave a comment in dogs totally off thing but this is this video is owning
owning my own business after two years and what it’s like so I went back at
first I was like this is kind of weird for a visa but you usually do a cutting
for beginners I’ve been just those are you before I talk about it I talked
about the accounting I love accounting and people watch those so it’s like
those are the easiest for me to make and they get the most views by far right so
every idea when I watch I would such as actually I made a video – I made a video
owning my own business two months in just watch that then a year later about
a year later actually was last October 22nd
Oh first first onto my own business I made was two minutes two months in it
was like August 2015 then like 14 months later it was owning my own business
after one year and that was in October 2016 now we’re just about August 2017
let’s just say another year later I’ve had my business right now uh for about
two years I think August 1st 2015 was like my last day of work I gagging my
two weeks notice for the first time ever felt like a big guy you know like I
wanted to come back the person out who who gave me my CPA license so as you
notice I got my subscribers right there I’m super passionate about the YouTube
that is part of my business and it’s been able to flourish because I left my
job and I’ve been owning my own business so I’ve been able to grow my youtube
channel without fear of somebody saying I don’t like that I’m not I’m not paying
you any more you got to change it because as someone says I don’t like it
no way I’ll give up that y’all will curse a little bit on this one this is
not in kind for beginners this is automotive business this is what you see
are coming for beginners is like CPH strength you know that’s that’s a
character of mine um you know I’m Jonathan Dorn CPA that’s who I am you know I think yeah I used to be a
rapper my Rattray mjd blaze so jumpy left Iraq that’s my my little Slugger
personas J dizzle z’ my machismo best everything I’m saying most money best
women best clothes said so you’ve done for six minutes and you haven’t really
talked about what your business is like in the second year old well let’s go I
watch the first two I watched the first two videos I watched the first two
videos I made about automotive business at first I was like I don’t have to have
those a lot I did because I watched I watched the first one and I noticed from
the first the second one and hopefully I made progression on this just my my
camera presence just the way I’m talking in my cadence it was very hard for me to
watch the first one and I thought it was such trash I was very happy that I made
progress on my second one and I hopefully I make progress on this one
which I think I will because I’ve been filming a lot lately and the only way to
really get better my opinion filming on camera is just to do it just to practice
practice practice practice like hitting up the team I used to play baseball bro
– but that’s what I came to you know lots of practice and hard work they
don’t hit up a tee one thing that caught me by surprise
Oh anyways the gentleman you keep it the gentleman came in who watches my youtube
channel says hey he’s been here for two years you must must be successful at
some degree because you have to rent you’re paying the rent I’m thinking you
know what brah you’re right you right you know I’m saying
despite everybody despite the world try not to let me be great I’m the great
over it’s been great over this know me be great okay I lost two subscribers since I’ve
been talking to you man life is crazy you just gotta keep going I noticed
everything’s everything’s temporary you know you get high man that’s going to
but you’re going to be um below so just try to when you’re really hard to try to
be humble you know try to be humble to try to be nice to everybody and when
you’re low when you’re feeling depressed just just try to get through it try to
be home to try be humble try be nice to everybody and you know just try to get
through it because you’re going to you know you’re gonna be happy again it’s
fine just ride the wave what up I know remember I don’t even care because my
accounting pregunta social structures is supposed to be fun but one of the main
things I said in my own my own business for two months video in 2015 and I would
guess I would know back then I said I was miserable going to my job every day
and I wanted I had I had a passion I was miserable I was miserable going to the
job even though I was making a lot of money I don’t only make much money now –kavitha I’m 40 and I live with my dad
and it is a struggle so in a few years when you’re like Daymond you know he
didn’t in Harry he’s he just ranch in a desert anymore Ackerman man let me tell
you I put other things out of the way I’m in my office I’m in this office like
12 14 hours a day and I love it I love it so I was miserable for and I love it
now I wake up before my alarm at five o’clock half of my days now half of my
days I get up at 3 4 o’clock and I’m just like I’m just so excited about my
day so that’s a that’s a win right there in itself you know was it worth it over
in my own business you have yeah yeah who cares how much money I
mean yeah money’s only thing that matters I mean yes but it’s like money
is the only thing that matters but it’s like are you enjoying getting it that
matters too I mean is that me of all he does a person so check I was miserable
before when I didn’t know my own when I didn’t know my own job check I wanted I
had a passion for YouTube power lifting and accounting and I said hopefully I
can combine all those and make a living you know what it’s two years later and
I’m doing that and yeah the only the thing is so YouTube is my new is my just
new passion I wake up I learn better i love youtube I don’t know if independent
anybody I did a whole process by myself from the idea to filming the idea to
having the furnished product on YouTube I don’t have to wait for anybody on
confer with anybody it’s just however hard I want whatever the work I want to
put into it is the results that I get and I haven’t really found too many
things in life like that cpa test yes so i was miserable before when i was those
before and i have passion for youtube account and power listener i want to
combine all those well yes i’m doing that because if i used to most of my
youtube is teaching accounting and accounting for beginners and so and no
my now my youtube is about a third of my monthly take-home as as much as my
regular business so the youtube’s growing and i’m so passionate about that
and i get to talk about I love accounting and passing road so
thanks to the third one powerlifting well paraffins taking a little backseat
right now because I really just want to make I really just want to grow my
youtube channel in essence make more money so I can afford to kind of get out
of this office get out of my dad’s house and just have one you know a nice place YouTube studio / house / everything and
that’s what I’m working towards everyday and I’m just I’m just so happy I know
this was kind of a roundabout way but a roundabout video I just I feel like
making notes for it I did just want to catch those the facts that call you by
the first ones like I was saying you know the reason why I made a change in
everybody am I going to follow my face or I had no idea two months in I was I
had about a thousand dollars in bills a month and I was making I don’t know like
two or three hundred a month so I was so upside down how do I get clients that’s
that’s what someone will you know how do you get clients how did you get the
money coming in well I’m consistent I get up i I never missed anything when I
first started I answered I answered every phone call and know half of it was
trash every Facebook message every every everything every everything I answer
every email every you know I followed up with everything I said what I would do
I went above and beyond a little – I was a little cheap you know I he every oh
you’re too cheap you’re too cheap well I would rather
I wasn’t doing anything I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs and I have
bills I’d rather be doing something you know honing my craft sharpening my
skills you know games play GP you know referrals for a cheaper price instead of
nothing you know like I would rather I would rather charge somebody 150 bucks a
month to do a bunch of things they think that’s a great deal and they do it as
opposed say oh I need $500 a month and then not find anybody or but I guess I
went artificially low then I turned to wait people last year’s oh so busy and
now now next year or from from now on where I don’t need any more clients
because I’m paying my bills making a teensy bit of money now the price will
go up I only taught this is 16 minutes long generally talking about on my own
business for two years but if maybe I’ll have a better maybe I’ll have a better
video next year some more precise or something like that but you’ve even
talked about the business fine I mean I guess I guess I did the feeling the
feelings of it I think you know I think the main thing is I look back and that
was I made that video the first video two months in you know two months I’ve
quit my job I worked at that job for about two years
hated it hated it hated it yeah and so those were all my job you spend most
time at your job you have so much time at your job so as visible my job
miserable my life now can’t I love my job I can’t wait to get up in the
morning so that’s a win till next time till next year deuces

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19 thoughts on “Owning My own Business For 2 Years / Would I do it Again? / Should i quit the job i don’t like ?

  1. So people can make money off utube? I was always wondering if its worth trying a utube channel for like 2nd income eventually.

  2. Hello sir , if you really want to grow your channel, first thing you need to do is improve lighting, camera , and audio. Then use some marketing strategies.

  3. Maybe take some notes before the video so you stay more focused on the topic. Question, does most of your income come in during tax season? Or is it spread out pretty well thru the year? God bless you!!

  4. Was it like living in a femdom BDSM dungeon, working the other Job? Trying to imagine the nightmare from the current environment.

  5. Great Video I had learn alot by watching your videos. Good Job! on a 2 year year owning your own business.

  6. Congratulations! You inspire me. I'm one class from finishing the Master of Accountancy program. Then I will start the CPA exam process. I want to have my own tax practice like yourself one day. Keep it up my friend.

  7. Класс видео. Купи просмотры. Почувствуй себя Крутым на ютубе #hapnihaipa

  8. Yo man, you and I are so much the same. I'm working on my CPA right now. You're the type of co-worker and office atmosphere I would love to work at to get my requisite 2 years experience to be signed-off on!!! Too bad I live near Chicago, but Florida is one fun place to live for sure.

  9. Hey man! I'm in graduate school right now and trying to teach myself some basic life skills. Your videos have been extremely helpful! I'm glad to hear you're making progress and I'm looking forwards to your Year 3 video!

  10. I'm not sure where the best place to post this question is, but it's more career advice than an accounting question. I'm currently working on my Accounting II course in the Bookkeeping program (online). I will later be taking Taxation I and II. I am CONSIDERING taking an H&R Block course in Sept to get some experience under my belt (and hopefully a paycheque) while I work on my regular courses. A few questions I have that I can't seem to get answered are:

    1) I don't know how intense the H&R Block course is. What's chance of a meltdown if I do that while I'm doing my Accounting II course?

    2) In your opinion, will I simply be repeating the H&R Block course when I later take the Taxation courses? I've contacted my college and they suggested I compare the descriptions between courses, which helps me exactly fuck all because I currently know little more than exactly fuck all about taxes.

    3) Even if it does repeat a lot of content, I feel like it would be good experience and a good resume beefer upper…what are your thoughts? Is it worth it?

  11. Honestly, I've learned more with your first 5 part videos than any other video or class I've taken. You are the BEST, thank you. I just just about to give up and I you taught me DC ADE LER, thank you!!!

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