Pamela Adlon Revisits Her Bobby Hill Voice from King of the Hill

-I got to say congratulations
because I saw this. You’ve just become
a British citizen. -That’s right. And that’s Freddie Mercury
there. I brought him with me. Yeah, because my brother and I
were born in the ’60s, and so our mother’s English. And so there was this whole
thing that they would not let the kids of that time
become dual citizens. And then they finally,
like, revoked that. So my brother did it
like 10 years ago. And I started to get nervous. So, I was like,
“If I have the opportunity to have another passport…”
-‘Cause that window might close? Yeah.
-Yeah. -That’s kind of cool, though.
Collect as many as you can. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Why not, man? -So I was like, I think this
would be a great thing. My mother became a citizen
when Clinton was President. And she was sworn in with
thousands and thousands and thousands of people. And it was extremely emotional. And they played
“I’m Proud to be an American.” -Sure. -♪ Proud to be an American ♪ And everybody —
Like, I was bawling. It was insane. And then I go to this little
office in Century City with like 19 other people
who came in from, like, Las Vegas or whatever. And there was this guy
and he looked at me. He goes, “Pam!” And I was like, “What?” And he was like — It was one of the writers
from “King of the Hill.” And, like, you can’t, like,
find a consulate anywhere. But he and I applied
at the same time. So it was kind of
a random English awakening. -I don’t know if a lot people
know that you are the voice of Bobby
from “King of the Hill.” [ Cheers and applause ]
-[ as Bobby ] Yes, sir. -That’s amazing.
-Yes, sir. Yes. I can’t believe
I’m on “The Tonight Show.” I’m in Hollywood.
[ Cheers and applause ] I got the Roots and Questlove. -[ Laughs ] Oh, my God. I mean, what an unbelievable,
really, career you’ve had. -[ Normal voice ] It’s like
a weird — It’s a weird career. -How do you get
into the voice thing? -I started doing voices
when I was younger. I would imitate cartoons. My mother would, like,
put me to bed. And she would do accents with
me, because she’s English. So she would do,
like, any kind of accent. -Yeah.
-Tell me stories. And, you know, like I would
watch, like, “The Wacky Races” and “Snagglepuss” and I —
-“Snagglepuss.” -“Snagglepuss exit stage left. We’ve been ousted, dismissed,
defied even.” [ Laughter ] But I remember that —
-I love “Snagglepuss.” -Nobody remembers.
-It doesn’t matter. -We remember.
-I remember. It’s the best. -How old is everybody?
-I love “Snagglepuss.” -Whatever.
[ Laughter ] But yeah, it’s something that
was — I was able to pay my rent, put food on
my table doing voice-over. And I wasn’t getting — I
couldn’t get arrested, like, on-camera or any kind
of acting job. -Well, you’re definitely getting
arrested now in a good way. -Thank God. -“Better Things.”
-Yeah. -You won a Peabody Award.
-Yeah. -I mean, this is, like,
seriously this — It’s a great show.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You don’t know what that is.
-It’s a great show. It’s a great award, by the way. It looks cool.
That’s a cool award to have. -That was an amazing place to be
because we were in a room with like — Ava was there, and,
like, all these CNN heroes. And I was with
these war correspondents. Like, it was important. -But how are you doing all this? How are you writing
all of this and directing and producing
and starring in it with keeping the quality up? -You know, I mean, I’m in it. So I’m there already. So I figure I might
as well direct it. And then I figure might as well
write it and run it. -I’m sure. Yeah, might as well. Yeah.
-You know? I mean, it’s not —
it’s not as hard as being a single mom
to three girls. So that was kind of
my boot camp. -There you go. Yeah. -Yeah.
-Absolutely. And it is based on your life. -Yeah. Right?
I have the English mother. I have the three girls. And it’s been kind of
an incredible thing because I’m a journeyman actor. Like, I have been kicking around
since 11 years old. And so I would have actors
come on my show that I love, like Diedrich Bader and — you
know, who I’ve been working with for years in animation studios, doing voices
and things like that. And so, I would keep them
in the back of my head and say, “One day if I’m a boss,
I’m gonna put you in my thing.” And so, I have these people
come on, and they’re like — They walk around the set. They’re like, “Yo, Pam.
This is you?” And I’m like,
“I don’t even know. It’s us.” So it’s like —
It’s really, like, one of the regular guys kind of. -Winning?
-A little bit. -Good for you.
That’s a great story. Yeah. -Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Pamela Adlon Revisits Her Bobby Hill Voice from King of the Hill

  1. Pamela is fine as hell. Actually a majority of voice actors are actually better looking and have more personality behind them than a majority of actors in Hollywood.

  2. In a million years I would never have guessed that she did Bobby Hill… every time I watched that show I could never figure out who did his voice.

  3. ???? I just found out right now that the voice of Bobby is done by a woman…. ??? My favorite character was I think his name was Dale who had the Indian son and was paranoid about everything ??. I think the dog ? was called lady bird. I recall an episode where Bobby had to grow roses in the closet because his dad wouldn’t let him grow flowers ? at least I think that was the reason and he had special lamps to grow the flowers ? better. ✌??

  4. She is a riot. This is a woman that even sitting down for a coffee with would be HILARIOUS. Her Snagglepuss was SPOT ON. AWESOME. She really is kick ass.

  5. I'm almost 23 and this just made me realize that every show and cartoon that raised me were voiced by women

  6. Poo in a can. Remember that creep Pete Shelton? The "wet willie" guy? A little dab of this on his chair and let's just say his new nickname is Peter pantload" Bobby hill

  7. dont get me wrong, i like her Pamela. i have for a long time. but i really dont like the way she just Louis CK after his scandal. she has been around for decades and done a lot of things, BUT its Louis putting her on his show and then using his power at the time to launch her show that put her in a spot where she is doing talk shows and so on now. now she is actually a recognized star rather than just a voice actress whos identity no one knows. regardless of what Louis did she should still have been his friend and stood behind him rather than just instantly distancing herself completely and talking bad about him. ive actually never cared much for Sarah Silverman, but at least she stood by her long time Louis even though it got her a lot of crap from people.

  8. I love how every time I watch KOTH and everytime I hear "Hey dad.." or the words "Prop Comedy" I can see her face doing the bobby hill voice

  9. Bonus mind-melter:

    James Avery (Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) voiced Shredder in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.


  10. And I am the old GenXer who says ! “Hey, Dolores from Grease 2!!” … And then I mention she was also on The Facts of Life. ???

  11. i closed my eyes when she started talking in her Bobby voice and it was surreal hearing him say “The Roots and Questlove”

  12. I know her best as Lucky from 101 Dalmatians: The Series and Andy from Squirrel Boy, both very underrated cartoons. She’s one of my favorite voice actresses, same for Kath Soucie! ♥️

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